September 23, 2011

on some analytical goodness...

Now that I'm (sort of) back to (somewhat) regular posting on my blog, I thought I'd take a gander at some web searches that have led people (and creepsters, apparently) to my blog recently. Curious? Read on:

1. "my wishcake blob" (Would I be correct in assuming this is a typo? Otherwise, I'm going to need someone to bring me a plate of brownies ASAP.)

2. "should I feel bad for quitting Facebook" (No! Join the revolution!)

3. "cutest baby ever" (Well done, Eisley. Well done.)

4. "chartreuse pillows" (If you're going to have a pillow, it may as well be chartreuse. I mean, come on.)

5. "with a liberal guy" (What.)

6. "a monkey's wedding" (WHAT.)

7. "albino people" (Again with the albino. Can't a pale girl catch a break?)

8. "explain the colour of mandy moores hair" (I seriously get so many hits for searches regarding Mandy Moore's hair. Which is awesome, because she's my celebrity BFF.)

9. "people who look like monkeys" (Okay, that one made me snort a little bit.)

10. "italian greaseball" (I have no words.)

And as for the whole slew of people who seem to be spending way too much time online searching for photos of my lady bits, can I just say that you probably need to get a new hobby. Something like knitting. Or reading the bible.

Are there any odd searches that have led people to your blog recently? Do share! I find these things quite entertaining, obviously.


  1. Whaaaaat! Searches for lady bits? Creepsters make my skin crawl!

  2. I recently did a post about my weirdest search term.

    After I posted it, I got some other ones that were similar. I kind of hope it was the same person- I don't think I can handle more than one person out there searching for that.

  3. Some of these were adorable and so you (like cutest baby ever and chartreuse pillows!) Some made me go WHAT THE WHAT?! And um, searching for lady bits? Wow. No. Just... No. I feel like I should wrap you up in a quilt, along with Eisley and Jay and just keep you guys warm and cozy and safe, haha. (Does THAT sound creepy? I hope not.)

    (I'll even give you pumpkin spice cocoa...)

  4. Searches I've had recently:

    - screaming seagull
    - sexy chimney sweep
    - naked cop photos
    - abstract cat art

  5. I did a post on Mandy Moore's haircut back in eeeaaarrly 2008 and STILL get hits for it!

  6. LOL!! Thank you for this. Makes my slow morning at work a little bit lighter. :)

  7. hey! you definitely inspired me to do my own post on this - thanks for the laughs!

  8. The weirdest ones for me {I totally need to do a blog post}

    I am hurt
    colby donaldson bulge {SERIOUSLY, but HELLO}
    kristen stewart hot {um, no}
    and tons of various searches regarding Michelle Duggar and washi tape {both of which I have mentioned but never together}


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