July 21, 2011

on a little shop update...

leafy felt garland.

I've been a busy bee over here, working on updating my etsy shop before the wee one arrives. I have exactly four weeks until my due date, so I'm busting a move on the craftiness! See below for some new items now available at the shop:

I want to cover my home in this garland.

leafy felt garland (3 yards), $15.00

a necklace named after my niece, Lillianna.

lillianna necklace, $14.75

love in a jar cards (with mustard envelopes!)

love in a jar notecards, $8.75

a bag of quotes.

bag of quotations (25/bag), $3.00

yarn wreath.

yarn wreath, tiny bird & mustard rosettes, $20.00

All this and more, now available at the good ol' etsy shop! Thanks for taking a peek, friends. (Other new items are on the horizon, too. Stay tuned for more crafty goodness! I can't tell you how lovely it is to actually have time to update my shop every week.)


  1. Those garlands are so lovely!

  2. These are all so beautiful. I adore that yarn wreath!!! And the garland is perfect for fall. And I want that bow necklace, AH!!!

    You rock, Kerri! :D

  3. Absolutely great pieces! I love those little note cards!

  4. Your shop is always so fabulous. Its one of my favorites.

    And I don't think I commented on the post, but I absolutely adore the name you've chosen for your wee one. Its beautiful.

  5. That wreath is perfection! I clicked over to the listing, soooo tempted to buy it, but it was already sold. So so SO cute!

  6. I absolutely love your creativity, especially with the wreath! But it's sold out! Looks like I'll have to try and attempt to make my own!

  7. That wreath is all kinds of darling. Such creativity. Love!

  8. You are so talented!

  9. I love the wreath! I tried making something similar, though without the bird, and my rosettes did not come out very well!


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