June 23, 2011

on the great couch shenanigan...

Yes, you can fit a sectional into a tiny duplex... Our pretty, new couches. Like butter.
So, this year, Jay and I decided that it was time to upgrade our couches. The ones we'd had up until this year, as seen here, were seriously thrashed (one was a Salvation Army find that was slightly shredded thanks to the cat we owned for a short time, and the other was found by my husband on the side of the road—no, I AM NOT KIDDING). However, they were both the most comfy couches you'll ever sit on/sleep on/melt into in your entire life, which is probably the reason we were fine keeping them for so many years. I actually wish we had a basement to put them in, because they're perfect "basement couches". Very comfy and best viewed in dim lighting so people don't judge you.

But I digress.

We searched all over for couches and finally decided on a sectional from Big Lots. It was in our price range and absolutely gorgeous. We lounged on it in the store and decided that it was perfection. Dark brown, cozy, a good material for the child who will most likely urp all over it hundreds of times in the next couple years, etc. We made the decision to buy it and placed our order that night, happily looking forward to a beautiful sectional filling the living room of our tiny duplex.

I wish that were the end of my story, but it's not. Let me share a few words of advice:
  1. Don't ever buy furniture from Big Lots. They're highly unorganized. And annoying. And will keep telling you your couch will arrive the next weekend for 6 consecutive weeks until you go down to the place in all your pregnant glory and give the manager the stink eye.
  2. Despite how perfectly you feel a couch (especially a sectional) is going to fit into your place (especially when it is quite small), deciding that measuring it is not really necessary is the actual worst decision you can ever make. Especially when it arrives at your front door and you realize that it is SEVEN FEET LONG ON BOTH SIDES AND YOU BORDERLINE PEE YOUR PANTS.
  3. If a tiny old man named Edwin arrives with your sectional on the back of his ridiculously small pickup truck, you should probably offer him a glass of lemonade (and maybe some asprin) along with the standard tip. Even if he accidentally destroys your screen door and spends a good fifteen minutes trying to fix it. Because that man should not be doing any heavy lifting at that age, for the love of all things holy.
Once the delivery man left, I found myself trapped in a living room filled with four couches. (We had yet to get rid of the old ones.) I spent a full twenty minutes trying to talk myself out of the inevitable freak-out, then finally broke down and measured the length of the sectional. After realizing that both sides measured 7 feet long, I wept. And then I moved all the couches around trying to work a miracle. And then I wept some more. And then I moved the couches once more, thinking that even if there was only approximately 1.5 inches of walking space once the sectional was set-up correctly, that we could make it work.

Of course, I soon realized that within a couple months I was going to be so pregnant that I wouldn't even be able to cross from the living room to the kitchen due to the gargantuan couches blocking the entire general area in all their massive glory, which meant no access to my fudge bars, which meant this was not going to work out at all.
When Jay got home he tried everything that I had tried to do, but to no avail. We finally decided to basically separate the sectional and just have one couch along each wall. (Which defeated our original idea of having a sectional to make more space.) Consequently, something that I thought was truly a (very expensive) disaster ended up being just fine. I fought my OCD and realized that our living room came out looking quite lovely:
Living room.
And we have already decided that the next place we end up getting will be based solely on whether or not this sectional will be able to fit correctly into the living room. Amen.


  1. I think they look fantastic! Also do I spy an IKEA coffee table??? I have the same one! :)

  2. Love them! They look great!

  3. Oh lord!
    I'm there with you sister. We were gifted a GIGANTOR sectional that barely fit in our living room, and once we did find a place for it, it could only stay in that ONE PLACE. FOREVER.

    Eventually, we realized that taking them apart was best, and now we have a strange corner piece hiding in our garage until we figure out who will take it off our hands.

  4. I want a sectional so badly, but our apartment is too small to fit one. :( So, for now, we have a pair of ugly forest green couches that make me cringe.

    Your apartment looks lovely, by the way. I kinda want to move in. ;)

  5. Lol. Well, all's well that ends well. They do look great!

  6. Before we bought our house, we had an apartment that was pretty open concept with big, airy rooms, and of course we bought big furniture to fill the rooms - a sectional, a big dining room table and bedroom furniture that would fit Shrek AND Fiona quite comfortably. When we started house shopping we actually had to say 'no' to some houses we otherwise loved because our furniture was way too big for some of the layouts and small rooms.

    Anyway, I feel the big furniture blues. That said, the couches look great!

  7. Um, should you be moving couches around by yourself missy? (Although that's totally something I would do...)

    They look lovely and I love your place. :)

  8. Funny story!
    Yeah, I would be so lost as to the size of the couch, and making sure it would fit, and all that!
    I'm glad the couch worked out though! And it looks great! Love the color. And the material of it.

  9. They look great! I'm sure all of the heartache was worth it for the comfiness! :)

  10. oh man what an ordeal, but glad you guys made it work, it looks so cute and cozy. also, i say this all the time. but your apartment looks right out of real simple and i truly adore it.

  11. Oh my gosh! This same thing happened to me and my husband! We bought a couch thinking there was no need to measure and we'd let the delivery people figure it out. That's their job, right? They're supposed to get it in your house, no matter what, right? Turns out, if they can't get it through the front door, they won't deliver it. And they'll give you dirty looks for wasting their time and being too dumb to measure it first. You get to go back to the two stores, drive 100 miles, pick out (and measure) a new couch, drive it home and deliver it YOURSELF, and still pay the original delivery fee! (This is American Furniture Warehouse. Maybe other stores are not so ridiculous).

  12. That sounds so frustrating, sorry you had to deal with some extra craziness!!! I love Big Lots furniture. In fact, most of our furniture is from there! But geesh, I agree that sometimes they can be really disorganized. Like the guy who tried to help us fit our futon box into the car and nearly scratched the leather seats. Urgh. ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your living room is BEAUTIFUL!

  13. That would have been super stressful for me--I understand the tears. Glad it worked out. Looks great!

  14. they look great! however im more interested in your curtains, LOVE!

  15. your place is SO cute. can't WAIT to see baby girl's little bedroom nook! :)

  16. I love the new couches! Your style is so pretty and calming. Will you please come decorate my new apartment? hehe

  17. Also, I'm doing a happy dance because I was FINALLY able to comment on your blog! Yay!

  18. It's true what Lauryn says, your house totally seems so calming! I love those couches, I really want to get a sectional when we buy a new couch one day. I have a friend who has a chaise lounge sectional and every time I go over I never want to get up from it, I need a chaise lounge in my life! lol!

  19. your home is just all around adorable <3

  20. Your living room looks great! I'm amazed at how much a new couch can change one's life, really.



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