May 15, 2011

on who I am (at the moment)...


I am…

…26 weeks and three days pregnant. Which means I am exactly four days from my third trimester. Um, what? That is insanity. Someone get me a brownie. With peanut butter incorporated somehow.

…feeling hopeful about many things. Big and small.

…hoping to have the corner-of-our-bedroom nursery fully complete by the end of next month. I have this brilliant idea of a frame collage to put above the crib and someone needs to keep me off Etsy because there is only so long a girl can favorite a bunch of items before buying them ALL AT ONCE AHHHHH.

…still not the shape of a blueberry, which is both surprising and delightful.

…slowly working on adding some new items to my shop. I have too many new ideas and am hoping to magically find a way to make them happen.

…in love with all my incredible friends. Amen.

…so thankful for my husband. I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm constantly reminded of how much he's really become just what I need at this point in life. We still have our ridiculous arguments and he snores more than is really necessary, but he has worked so hard to be my "calm". Which I really need right now.

…hopefully going to finish editing the photos from my trip to Virginia at some point in time. I haven't done much photography lately and it always feels good to sit down and play with Lightroom for a couple hours. Ahhhh, such peace.

…realizing that if I'm going to be stuck in the middle seat during a cross-country flight, I should always plan on being next to a person who makes poor snack choices. Like beef jerky. I mean, COME ON. During the flight to Virginia I had to mouth-breathe for a full four hours and that is just uncomfortable for any human being.

…eager for the day I live a hop, skip and a jump (or a short drive, at least) away from my sisters.

…freaking out (in the best way possible) because the wee one seriously never stops moving. If this is any indication of how much sleep I will be getting once she makes her arrival, I'm going to need to acquire a taste for black coffee. Or heavy narcotics. One of the two.

…in a constant state of head-in-the-clouds daydreaming. And who can blame me, really?


  1. I can't give you a brownie, but I can link you to a delicious peanut butter brownie recipe.

  2. Ah, I'm missed you. I know, you don't have to remind me that we don't know each other at all and that i'm just some strange blog follower but it warms my heart to hear from you again.

    Best Wishes,
    Crystal Maire

  3. I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant, and I know exactly how you feel about how quickly you are reaching the third trimester! I couldn't believe how fast it came.

    My little one moves around and kicks A LOT, too. It's crazy to watch my tummy thrashing all around!

  4. Sadly I am the one who snores more than is really necessary... But I think he's learning to sleep through it! Either that or I've been miraculously cured. :P

  5. such a sweet post :) i too am looking forward to the day that i'm closer to family to make trips home on holidays or just whenever that much easier :)

  6. That picture of your is gorgeous! And I totally understand the "favorite-ing = buying" phase. All me. All the time.


    brownies with reese' peanut butter cups. cannot go wrong.

  8. i love this photo of yours! you look like an excited, expectant mommy..:) happy almost-3rd-trimester to you!

  9. I have missed your blogging!!! I am with you on the whole Etsy thing. I haven't bought anything in a while, because once I start, I can't stop. :)

  10. That frame above the crib sounds like a great idea! I know what you mean about Etsy though. I haven't bought anything on that site since Christmas, but I always want to!
    You were in the middle seat on the flight! You're pregnant! You would think the person beside you would give you the aisle seat.
    You went to VA! Cool. I'm from there, so I think that's pretty awesome.

  11. Excited about the growing baby! So glad you are super happy :)

  12. seriously you are just so precious and i am just so excited for you two. i know you and jay will be lovely parents.

  13. I cannot wait to see what you do with the nursery nook! Knowing you it will be absolutely crafty and fabulous :)

  14. COLLAGES! Do you need help with making yours or anything? Because its not like its my favorite thing ever or anything. Or anything. just saying :)

  15. Your blog is adorable! Might benefit you to look at a very old blog entry of mine....

    Its about what you should bring to the hospital when you're going to have a baby (I'm a labor and delivery nurse). Follow my blog and if you have any questions you can always shoot me an email.

  16. Your blog is just darling! A new favorite of mine! You are a few weeks ahead of me (this is my second daughter on the way), so I have loved hearing your thoughts, cravings and fun pregnancy experiences and relating them to mine. Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy.



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