April 2, 2011

on some confessions...

There is one spoon that stayed in the dishwasher for a good three weeks. It had been in there so long that I'd forgotten what was even on it anymore. (I want to say avocado?) I kept thinking that each time I ran the dishwasher it was going to magically be clean. (It may have taken seventeen tries, but it did finally happen. Yes, in some very specific ways, I am the laziest person in existence.)

I kind of hope that when I get to heaven I'll discover that God looks just like that Allstate insurance guy. It would kind of make my day.

I'm really not a dog person. I always feel like I need to apologize for it, too. (Except when it comes to our neighbors. They have four dogs, once of which is a German shepherd I am convinced wants to break down the chain link fence every time I take out the trash, just so it can eat my face.)

When I was young I always wanted to get a nose job. It was one of those pre-teen insecurities, which is ridiculous now that I look back on it. I remember thinking, "I am a monster. My nose is so huge I almost can't handle it." I think it's important to note that I now adore my nose and would be truly upset had I replaced it with a tiny, button nose. So, young girls? The things you hate about yourself now may end up being your favorites. You're probably overreacting. I definitely get it, but be patient. Just give it time. You are quite lovely, even if you don't see it yet.

I still maintain that Sister Act 2 is one of the greatest films of all time.

I will forever want to snuggle with Taylor Hanson. I'm fairly certain that someday we'll both be in our 70s and I'll still be swooning over the guy. (It's okay; Jay understands this fact and has come to accept it to the best of my knowledge.)

I can't stand Glee, Megan Fox, green olives, or people who stop their vehicles a good six feet from the crosswalk at stop lights.

I may or may not have listened to an entire Amy Grant CD on the way to work this week. Twice.

I kind of think I'm having a girl. Either my intuition is finally kicking in or the extra waiting is making me over-think literally everything that ever happens to me (and has me fantasizing about pink tutus and baby headbands covered in flowers the size of my face).

I will literally never be caught up on my email. It gives me hives. I can't even handle it.

As of this moment, I have purchased only one item for the baby. (A sling, which is more for me, come to think of it.) After I received it in the mail last night I burst into tears and Jay was all, "Oh, lovely. You're silly. Wait…are you...seriously crying?" I just realized that I'm literally halfway through this pregnancy and all I have is a case of diapers (thanks to a lovely friend), a boy blanket and a girl blanket (my dad likes me to have options), and the aforementioned sling. I didn't even feel rushed until last night, hence the tears. Hold me.

As much as I dream of being a social butterfly, I will always be 75% antisocial. I think a lot of it has to do with how full my life is right now. I feel like I have to take advantage of any bit of doing nothing that I can. It's silly, really, but I require time alone in order to feel like I'm not completely falling to pieces.

Some days there's nothing I want more than to play in a pile of crunchy maple leaves.


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  1. You're precious. I just can't wait for you to be a mommy. Also, I can wait to touch that belly (creepiest! comment! ever!) in just a few months. Love you friend.

  2. i heart you. i can't wait to see the wee one! :)

  3. Don't worry, you do not need much for a baby. A crib, a carseat, and some diapers. Don't stress about that stuff too much. Your baby will be happy just hanging out in your arms :)

  4. Aww yeah...Sister Act II was on TV last weekend and all the singing made me cry. It would have normally just given me the chills, but you know, it's the hormones.

  5. I think you are having a girl too...

  6. love your confessions. :)
    a little confession of my own: whenever i hear the word confessions, i'm reminded of a song by usher where he has too many baby-mamas and needs to confess...or something. (there might have been an 'r&b/slow jams' phase in my life in the early 2000's. maybe.)

  7. Babies don't need a whole lot at first - some onesies, some sleepers, diapers, bibs, a place to sleep, a carseat. I bought so much stuff for Topher before he was born and we didn't even use most of it.

    And I remember that Usher song. It was kind of a weird song ... but catchy :)

  8. Girl or boy, I think you will be a fantastic mom and your little one will be so well dressed and accessorized. ;)

    Also, I know German Shepherds can look and sound scary, but they're just big cuddle bunnies! (Okay, I had one as a pet. I LOVE THEM as a breed. But I know big dogs can be scary! Or little dogs for that matter!)

    Also I hear ya on green olives, except I hate black olives too! Yeuck.

    Have a great day!!!

  9. My advice is don't rush into buying all kinds of stuff (as hard as that may be.) I'm sure between your family, Jay's family, work, and friends, you'll have a few showers and get everything you need and then some. Even up to a few weeks after my baby was born, all I'd bought for him was some diapers and a soother.

  10. Love these confessions. Kiiinda makes me wanna write my own! :)

    PS -- did you get my text message last week? xo

  11. I hate hate hate Megan Fox. So over people saying how "flawless" and "amazing" she is. Blech!!

    You're going to be an adorable mommy!! I know people say to not buy too much for the baby just yet, but I know it must be hard -- there are so many cute things out there!

  12. I'm still laughing over your second confession. Tehehe.

    I kinda think you're having a girl, too. :)

  13. Ahh! Thank you...I totally do the dishwasher thing too! Glad I am not alone. Is it totally creepy that I am anxious to find out if you are having a boy or a girl?!

  14. All I have purchased for my baby is a Halloween costume. I know I still have time but I'm not sure it is a good reflection of my priorities.

  15. "people who stop their vehicles a good six feet from the crosswalk at stop lights."

    Lol - yeah this one bugs me too! I just wanna lean out my window and yell at them to scoot up (don't worry, I don't actually do that)! ;)

  16. you are seriously the cutest, i love it. and now i am off to listen to "joyful, joyful" from sister act 2. THE BEST. :)

  17. I can't stand Glee either. I have seen a few episodes, but I just don't get the huge hype on it. That, and Robert Pattinson. And Justin Beiber. Then again, I'm not a pre-teen. Although Robert Pattinson is kinda cute in those 'Water For Elephants' trailers.
    People who stop really far from a stop sign...I've never had that happen to me, but I don't know why they would do that. Afraid of hitting the sign?...Although I hate when people stop their cars SO CLOSE to mine! And THAT happens a lot!

  18. The first one? So me! I am glad I am not the only one who washes crusty dishes in the dishwasher over and over again. :)

  19. SOOO happy I'm not the only one that leaves stuff in the dishwasher hoping "the next cycle will get it for sure" hahaha! Best confession ever.
    Don't worry about getting tons of stuff for the baby. I'm pretty sure I'm done with all things baby related, but IF I were to go down that road again, I wouldn't buy half the stuff I had with my first two. Keep it simple. Your pocketbook with thank you, and your kid will never know the difference!
    Right there with ya on the social thing. I also require lots of "me" time. Which pretty much entails mass amounts of Bravo TV.
    I don't have a ton of real friends because honestly I'd much prefer to hang out with my hubby and kids. Family is everything to me. And when I'm not with them, its time to re-coup and be alone.
    Oh and I don't get Glee either! What's the deal with that? People have told me if I just watch it I'll love it. Well, I watched it once and I didn't love it.


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