February 21, 2011

on some simple pleasures...

simple pleasures.

...a stack of magazines waiting to be read — something I never splurge on! (Thank you, local Borders, for offering 40% off all magazines before you close your doors for good.)

...an extra day off. Even if I don't do much of anything aside from reading, resting, daydreaming, and grocery shopping.

...a Monday full of sunshine and fresh air.

...feeling much, much better. I think my second bit of morning sickness was short-lived and have been just fine for the past few days! (Even better? I've actually felt a little hungry lately. I am seriously looking forward to when the food cravings start because I hate this seemingly shrunken stomach of mine!) Although I'm still struggling with incredibly low energy levels, I hear that the second trimester should be much better. Cheers to that!

...encouraging friends who share wisdom, wit and words of comfort.

...fresh lemons in a tall glass of ice water.

...going shopping for baby items for the first time — with my dad. He flew out for a visit this weekend (to see his dad, as well) and although the rest of the family wasn't able to be here for this quick trip, it was completely and utterly refreshing to have some time with my dad. He's one of those people that just makes me so happy, cozy and loved.

...thinking ahead to all the wonderful traditions and moments I hope to share with the wee one someday. I truly had the best childhood and I can't wait for that to spill over into the life my son or daughter.

...realizing we're just a few days away from celebrating our fifth anniversary, and I love Jay more than ever. As cheesy as it sounds, it is still completely and utterly true. Our love has changed a lot, we've been through a lot, there are certainly ups and downs — but I still look forward to coming home to him every evening, giggle at the texts he sends me, and can't imagine life with anyone but him. Marriage is a pretty amazing thing. I know there are skeptics out there, but I'm here to say that it is what you make of it. What both of you make of it.

...catching up on life (slowly, but surely).

What are some of the simple pleasures making you melty these days?


  1. I loved Fit Pregnancy! Yay! And Ready Made is also fun.

    I'm taking pleasure in food. As always. ;) Tonight Mike made me avocado-refried beans-cheddar cheese burrito/quesadilla thing and it was AMAZZZING.

  2. This post makes me all kinds of happy. :) I do need to check out a Borders near me soon for some awesome discounts. :)

    I'm taking pleasure in my last semester of school, actually finding motivation and no senioritis here. Also, my cruise in May! I'm finding pleasure in making plans for that.

  3. Oooh, I've been meaning to try out Ready Made.

    I'm taking pleasure in watching my little boy grow up. Just weeks away from walking, if that!

  4. Ooo, this made me want to run out to my Borders and see if they're doing the same deal! Sad to see you close your doors Borders but greatly discounted magazines? YES PLEASE! ;)
    I've been wanting to check out Ready Made as well, I've heard such good things about it!
    These sorts of posts make me smile, I'm definitely feeling melty with every little baby movement that I'm feeling today :) It's so funny how you wait so long and feel nothing and then wham! One day the baby is so eager to say hello and you feel those little thump thumps all day long! I love it so.

  5. Agh! I don't have a Borders. :(
    I've been wanting to check out The Nest, now I'm convinced I must.
    I've been loving at home date nights with my husband and a large mug of Earl Grey Latte.

  6. What a wonderful post this was! Put a smile on my face. I too, am married to an amazing man who is my best friend. I love that we do challenge the skeptics! What true Love is is very possible this day in age:)
    I'm taking pleasure in planning my son's birthday party! He will turn one next month:)

    P.S. For morning sickness I sucked on preggie pops they really helped me.:)

  7. I'm taking pleasure in my citrus scented morning burst face wash that I use when my baby boy behaves in his swing and allows me to have a long shower. If you are able to, adjust your water heater so that you are able to have longer, hotter showers after the baby comes. You can thank me later ;)

  8. Sounds lovely! Can I say I am SO SO SO happy you're blogging again?! I missed you. Your posts are full of sunshine!

    I love magazines too, however I also rarely splurge on them! I love going to their websites though. ;)

    YAY for baby shopping!!!

    And I totally agree about marriage. We're still in the "honeymoon" stage and we've been together eight years and married for almost four! True love lasts! ♥

  9. There is really nothing better than spending a day inside curled up on the couch and reading magazines. I love it. Even better? Doing that while drinking cold water w/lemons. It's like my own mini spa experience.

  10. I love that issue of the nest! I can't get enough of Jayma Mayes, she is fantastic.

    Also: baby shopping for the first time is such an incredible and special experience! I'll never forget the first outfit, blanket, or toy that I bought for my daughter...just don't let yourself do it too much! I went a little crazy during my 7th and 8th month "nesting", and after the baby showers we had way too much stuff.

    Enjoy every single second of your pregnancy dear. I didn't while I was, and now I sincerely wish that I had.

  11. The beauty of enjoy life....Im loving sunny days, trees, coffee, reading more instead of watch tv...and thinking how lovely your belly bump looks.

  12. I just love Ready Made! and I've been enjoying the outdoors lately...spring is in the air!

  13. Just wait, one day you'll realize that you want to eat everything in sight! It's fun but hard to keep under control sometimes. :)

  14. Funny, I just blogged about this… One of the things I am enjoying most is walking my dog. That might sound funny, but now that I am working from home, I am able to walk him half an hour each time, two or three times a day. It's good for both of us.

  15. Ahhhh, I am loving this. How sweet that you went baby shopping with your dad! And those magazines look like lots of fun. I LOVE magazines :P Hehehe. Have a great rest of the week!

  16. My pleasure in life right now is watching the snow melt. This midwest girl wants some sunshine now! Congrats on your pregnancy! You'll be a great mom!

  17. My countdown (3 weeks + 1 day) to the ultrasound where we hopefully (knock on wood) find out the sex of the fetus :)

  18. ah gee, you're so much fun when you're pregnant! hehe. shopping! magazines! maternity! oh my :) when i think of the joy that's to come for you, i get all melty inside. so there.

  19. I love your simple pleasures. And shopping for baby with Dad is SO CUTE. My dad already informed me that when I get pregnant, the first thing he's going to buy is a bicycle with a little baby car attached so he can take my baby for a ride. I guess they didn't have those back when I was a kid, but he's always wanted one! I thought that was super sweet ;)

  20. Glad your pregnancy has been going well so far! Except for the morning sickness part... Hopefully when you start to get cravings, it'll be good cravings. Not like Rosemary's Baby and the raw meat! Hopefully I'm not making you have sickness again from reading that!

  21. I am becoming less & less certain that I'll ever get married. Or be in a relationship I'm comfortable in. Or... any of those lovely things. Instead, I shall live vicariously though, you know, evvveryone else.

    Oh, & BORDERS, DON'T GO!

  22. Lazy days with some good magazines are a delightful treat. Let's see, I'm looking forward to the simplicity of day to day life now that we are on the other side of our wedding and honeymoon!

  23. Your pictures always make me so happy! How do you edit them? They always seem so vibrant!

    As for marriage: I feel the same way. We will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary in just a couple months and I will so much love for my husband. I always look forward to him coming home from work - every day!

  24. glad i stumbled upon your blog. it's lovely! this post makes me smile. there's nothing quite like a stack of magazines and an extra day off to make me happy!

  25. Things that I am enjoying: you blogging more and this fresh box on Thin Mints. I might be enjoying the second one a little too much, actually.

  26. Cooking.
    My new lens.
    Watching Ina Garten.
    Dreaming about our "forever" house.
    Cheering on my brothers.
    Clean sheets.

    I LOVED that issue of The Nest. Emersonmade and Jayma Mays in one magazine? SWOON.

  27. I want to get that issue of the nest. I dont know if the issue is off news stands now or maybe its not sold in canada. Was it good? I love Jayma Mays. she's fab.

    I'm loving
    reading your blog
    the new movie Beastly coming out this friday
    Bethenny ever after starting tomorrow
    oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
    buttery pancakes

    I always meant to ask you...how did u like your joy plan? did u enjoy it? still haven't finished mine (opps) made a collage in it of people who inspire me and needless to say you were on it!!

  28. I've only been married a short time, but i really enjoy reading about you and your husband..and how you've been through a lot but you look forward to coming home every night to him--even after all this time!! Very sweet and endearing.


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