February 23, 2011

on a crafting shenanigan...

crafting shenanigans.

Last week, a sweet friend and I decided to have a crafting/cooking evening. There is nothing quite like baked macaroni and cheese, pudding, chatting about life, and trying out a new craft. It was lovely! Except for the fact that those yarn-wrapped-letter tutorials I saw on a few blogs are SO NOT AS EASY AS THEY MAKE IT LOOK AHHHHH.

Now, from far away, it looks fairly decent. You will note the lovely shade of yellow. The strategically wrapped yarn. The few bits of white showing through. But, all around, it's not too shabby.

Except that, upon closer inspection, you'll see that there is actually a lot of white showing through:

the K.

And the stragegically wrapped yarn starts to take on a distinctive pattern I like to refer to as "random city" (which was the preferred pattern of someone who had been wrapping yarn for almost an hour and whose perfectionistic tendencies were being thrown to the wind):

I need yellow paint, STAT.

Have you every tried to wrap letters with yarn? Please tell me I'm not the only one who desperately needed a glass of wine and a pat on the back. (Of course, I had to forgo the wine. Don't worry about the wee one, people.)

Yeeeeeah. Not looking so hot.

However, after all was said and done, I couldn't help but display the piece of work with (sheepish) pride. My friend and I both pondered whether or not we could find Sharpies in the perfect shade to fill in the white space that was peeking through the yarn and decided to be proud of ourselves for trying something new. Whether or not it turned out picture perfect. I'm thinking this creation may not be attempted again, but it was worth a try! I am determined to actually try out more of the tutorials I've been saving but never seem to get around to. (I actually "glittered" some shoes that turned out to be quite adorable! I'll have to share those next time around.)

Care to share any of your crafting shenanigans that didn't exactly turn out as planned?


  1. It's kinda funny, in the first picture, I thought the letter was made of wood! Ha. I've tried to make the yarn wreaths before and it wasn't too difficult, but I can totally see how the letters would be super tricky. Even if it didn't turn out perfect, I still think your K is adorable!

  2. What if you strategically put a rosette on it? Draw the eye away from the peeking parts?

    Um...and all my crafting shenanigans never turn out exactly as planned. lol

  3. I didn't notice the white bits till you pointed them out, and even then its kinda cute. Go you for trying something new, too :)

  4. Aww I love this idea. i might attempt it with some left over yarn sometime. Although if it was as stressful as you say I may get fed up half way through haha! :) I think its still cute though! Plus with all that hard work you couldnt not display it! :) xx

  5. That's soooo much better than I would have done. Mine would have started all nice and neat, then I would have hit my "F it" point and just glued a few pieces on the bottom leg.....
    Good job!

  6. I think it looks great! Even better that it's not perfect, because it's proof that you made something, and you did well!
    The yarn work looks good to me, and this is coming from someone who knows nothing about yarn!
    That's a good idea to try crafts you see on blogs. Sometimes I see crafts I like, but I never try them. This is inspiration!

  7. I actually just made a "K" this weekend and wrapped it in yarn. I had no trouble with it (I will have to send you a picture). I just wrapped it around all over and then did the middle seperate. And adhered it with Tacky Glue.

    But, there have been many projects that I have thrown to the other side of the room, cried and grabbed myself a Starbucks.
    It happens to the best.

  8. You need a name that starts with an "O." :)

  9. I tried to wrap a rectangular frame in yarn once but couldn't get the corners to go right! x

  10. Gorgeous!!! I love your crafts. I think they're gorgeous and I love your letter idea!

  11. *rolls on floor giggling so hard it is intersperced with squeaks* You are adoreable! And I LOVE this recap! And, can I just say... my 'Y'... *cough cough cough* :) :) For the record, I was rolling around laughing in pure glee at the memory... OBVIOUSLY it wasn't your K that brought on the response, as it is completely adoreable. <3 More food and crafts and GIGGLES soon!

  12. just came across your blog! It's great! love love love the craft! xoxo

  13. this seriously made me LOL because I started a yarn wreath a few weeks ago (someone told me you could just wrap one while watching TV IN ONE NIGHT) and I don't want to look at it. Its 1/4 done! It takes forever, nothing covers, its not tight enough and "random" is a nice word to describe what mine currently looks like. I did read you could wrap it in colored ribbon first to hide the imperfections...

  14. I'm proud of you for finishing your crafts! I get in these crafty moods, get halfway through, then get distracted...only to throw my half-finished craft into a box with the rest of my half-finished crafts in the bottom of my closet...

  15. K is a tricky letter. I know because I am also a 'K' girl. It looks cool though. Maybe it's tricky because of the serifs?

  16. I love reading your blog, but this post may be one of my favorites. I read a lot of crafty blogs and everything is always perfect. I save a bunch of tutorials and never end up trying them for fear of not being perfect and embarrassed to share. You made this real, and brought me back down to where I realize just need to go for it.

  17. I agree that K is totally a tricky letter. I think it came out great for your first time though! Also, this post really made me miss the craft nights I used to have with my best friend before she moved to Boston : (

  18. too funny :) My crafts NEVER turn out just how I planned them. So excited for you and Jay and your family!!!!

  19. don't be too hard on yourself Kerri! i actually think your letter is super adorable and came out great! i think the tiny little "imperfections" of white space give it more character, kind of a like a vintage tee having uneven color.

  20. what an adorable craft! my cousin just had twins - this could be a cute project for the nursery.

    loving your blog - i'm your newest follower!
    til next time,

  21. I think it's the craft project that are on *this* side of perfect that make the best addition to a home... they have the best stories!

    Looks great, lady. Of course, I may be partial to the "K." :-)

  22. im new to your blog. i already love it!!

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  23. Is there anything you can't do? Love love love! You have a real eye for interior design. from the pictures you've posted of your place. it seems beautiful! You are so crafty. The wee one is going to have the best school projects ever haha and you can so much fun doing crafts together! ahhhh im so excited. serious you are going to be the BEST mom.

    I love the K I think you did a great job. Looks really good. Your photography is really good too. Do you practice alot? I want to start crafting but im really bad at it but I love it. My art teacher in high school said "you're really horrible" but i think it would be a fun activity to do when im not feeling too sick. What are some of your favorite crafting sites? You need to get your etsy shop back up.

  24. Haha, I feel like the grand majority of my craft projects end up in the trash! Probably because I fail to read the directions first most of the time ;)
    For my daughter's room, I spelled out her name with wooden letters (from WalMart) and painted them. Super easy and turned out lovely.


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