January 30, 2011

on a weekend filled with happy...

better together.

This weekend was perfection. Filled with happy moments and family time. I finally got an updated photo of Jay and I that makes me warm and fuzzy (thanks to my sister!)...


Enjoyed three days filled with sisterly goodness (Disneyland, shopping, chatting, too much delicious food, rocking out to boybands in my car, etc.)...

my sister and her hubby.

As well as quality time with my fantastic brother-in-law (who felt the need to hijack my sunglasses for the above photo)...

this little nugget is growing up too fast.

And many moments of snuggling and laughing with this little nugget. How is he already two? I feel like it was just yesterday that he was this little wisp of a thing:

Jesse & Landon.

The past few days were exactly what I needed. It's tough being so far away from my family, especially because it means visits are so few and far between. I love when at least one sister is in town and I can sneak in some moments and memories to help me get through the months until I see them again.


  1. LOVE the new picture of you and Jay! you are so cute its ridiculous. seriously.

  2. Awww, gorgeous photos of everyone! It's amazing how a family visit can fill you up to the brim with happiness. Most of my family is fairly close by, but we still don't see each other that often. When we do, it's pure bliss.

    My niece will be FOUR in about 3 months and I just can't believe it. Time sure does fly. Your little nugget is so dang cute!

  3. I totally (!) know how you feel... with my family living over 6000 miles away, those moments you get to spend together are extra precious!

    I am glad you had such a lovely weekend with your sister and her little family


  4. Aw, you guys are all so beautiful. I especially like the sister-sister photograph; you guys are both gorgeous!

    Grown Up Rachel

  5. Aw!! Kerri this looks like an amazing weekend & like a beautiful time spend resting in exactly what your heart needed <3

  6. That picture of you and Jay is perfect! And you and your sister are so ridiculously pretty :)
    I remember you posting about visiting your sister when she had her son, and it really doesn't seem like that long ago! Kids grow so fast.

  7. I love these photos! I know exactly what you mean about family time. I live far away from my family too so any chance I get to spend with any of them just warms my heart. I am glad you had such a good weekend! <3

  8. That little boy is the cutest and I want to hug him!

  9. Great photos! And I love that your new one with Jay is at a playground. How fun. :)

  10. I can't believe you can just, like, GO to Disneyland, NBD. I WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND.

    (PS: These photos are beauuuutiful.)

  11. You two are adorable!! Sounds like you had a wonderful family weekend...

  12. This is so precious, and the photos are BEAUTIFUL. I am so glad you got to spend time with your family, its so important. I feel homesick a lot back at school.

  13. aw you are seriously adorable! love the new pic of you and jay. and the family pics, heck i just love them all and their cuteness.

  14. Love the photo of you and Jay. I love getting a new couple photo that I really love!

  15. Couple photos are the best! I try to make room for photos of my husband and I more often these days. It seems like I take pictures of so many other (rather pointless) things like food or random sillyness (is that even a word?) rather than preserving us through a simple photo.


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