November 22, 2010

on a wish list...

my holiday wish list.

Considering Santa probably doesn't want to bestow a gift upon my uterus or buy me a beautiful home with a fireplace and built-in bookshelves, I figured I'd come up with a more realistic wish list this year:

  1. Here and Now print by The Wheatfield on etsy.
  2. Wireless remote for my camera.
  3. Latte bowls from Anthropologie.
  4. Bamboo Doily Clock from uncommon on etsy.
  5. Friends season seven DVDs.

What is on your wish list this year? Any completely fantastic etsy shops I should be sure to browse as I choose gifts for friends, family and coworkers? Do share!


  1. I love Etsy, but haven't shopped there yet (sadly!)

    Here are simply a few of my Christmas wish list items...

    1. A pair of either knee high boots, cute wedges or a flats.

    2. Prima markers and/or pencils

    3. A bottle of Haiku perfume

    4. A few new LEGO or MegaBlok sets ^_^

    And of course, a lot more. :P I love giving AND getting presents. ♥ But as long as I'm with my wife and kitty and everyone's healthy and happy, I'm happy!

  2. Those latte bowls have been on my must-have list forever! Sigh. I love them so.

  3. I found that Domino book in Urban Outfitters London for about $20 cheaper than it would've been to buy in Australia. It's amazing. Keep it on your list no matter what!

    I'm working Christmas Day and Christmas Eve... for the third year in a row. I just can't find the Christmas Spirit yet.

  4. Excellent list! I want a camera remote too! Love that print, the clock, and I bet that book is excellent! Everything on your list is great, really.

  5. Great list. Im thinking of making my wish list too.

  6. aw, i have those anthro bowls and somehow they make a bowl of oatmeal a joyous experience. :) such a wonderful list. yay christmas!

  7. Those are latte bowls?! I've been using them to put salsa and sour cream in on taco nights...womp wommmmmp.

  8. Oh, you're too funny.

    I did a wishlist a few weeks but forgot to include this one: I WANT REMOTE START FOR MY CAR. Seriously, when it begins to snow, I'm NOT going to want to go outside in the early morning to brush of my Camry & get it going before I ever shower...

    PS: Your wishlist is adorbs.

  9. I received some of those bowls from Anthropologie last year and they are FABULOUS. We used them all the time. I kind of want more of them...

  10. Jimaie got me a few of those bowls as a bridal shower gift, I looove them. They are so colorful!

  11. Love those latte bowls. I have a set of 4 from Target and they are so useful! Great for taco night. The Domino book is a great, fun read. I miss that mag!

    On my wish list is The Pioneer Woman Cooks. My husband has asked me where to buy such a book....I think I may have a little problem!

  12. Ah! Agree with the wireless remote! It's one of those things I probably should have gotten while I was doing my 365, but now that I'm done? Want it, still :)

  13. hhahaha, I use my latte bowls for the same thing that Amy does, taco fixings just look so darn cute in them!!
    I am greedy and my wishlist is far too long to post without embarrassment, true story.

  14. Those bowls aren't too unreasonably expensive, either! Which is surprising, for Anthro.

    Also, that's cool how you can browse other posts you've tagged "wishlist" and see what you've wanted over the years. Ahhh, blogging. So nostalgic :)

  15. this is an AWESOME list. (i have 5 and 6!). love your blog and twitter (you're hilarious), esp the crafts and photographs. you're so talented. happy thanksgiving! xoxox

  16. Excellent wish list! I love your style. :)

    Gonna try & stock my shop a lot more before the holidays, but if you wanna check it out it's
    I found another one with the prettiest little trinkets the other day, but I can't remember what it was...

  17. So I was browsing (as I often do) checking out their ads for their Black Friday sales, and I saw that Season 7 was going to be on sale for $9.99. And then I had to search through all of my Google reader trying to remember who posted about wanting it! And the best news is that Seasons 1-10 are on sale for $9.99 each :) Yay for Target Christmas! (At least it is in my area... hopefully yours too!)

  18. Very cute list! I love those latte cups :)

  19. Random note- Season 7 of Friends is the only one I don't have. And those latte bowls are amazing.

  20. Just stumbled across your blog and have fallen in love with it. seriously. I love how your voice shines through when you write and you have a very real blog.
    My wish list includes time [because I never have enough], some organizational abilities, shoes, and something yummy I can eat.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend! XO.

  21. i really want those bowls but i'm pretty sure matt would kill me if i got any more bowls, we have bowl overload in our apartment, haha.

  22. You just have to get some of those latte bowls, they are AMAZING!! I have them in the kelly green and the seafoam colors. I also have the mini latte bowls from Anthropologie too. They are perfect for portion controlled snacks, fruit, or to use as pinch bowls. I really hope santa brings you some! Here are some things on my wishlist.

    1. Stacked Floor Lamp from Target
    2. Canvas Tote Farm Bag by MAKR Carry Goods
    (I actually just ordered this tote today,
    so I guess this doesn't count anymore)

    3. The Velveteen Principles Book
    4. Marc Jacobs Daisy gift set from Sephora
    5. New floor mats for my Volvo wagon
    (I really need these)
    6. Bathina "Take a lasts longer"
    by Benefit
    7. Nonstick Square Griddle from Crate&Barrel
    (This would make my life so much easier when
    cooking french toast)

  23. love your list! i want #2, have some of #3 and am actually giving away #5 on my blog! you should stop by and check it out :)

    my list is rather short this includes: the GorillaPod - so awesome!

  24. don't take this the wrong way whatsoever, but so happy to know i'm not the last person on earth to not own domino! lovelove that book and have librar-ied it too many times to remember. maybe this Christmas will be the Christmas we both recieve it, eh? ;]

    friends? <3 <3 <3 still watch re-runs every chance i get.

    still working on my wishlist and one for the blog, but will write a note now to send you a list via email of my favorite etsy shops; been finding some great treasures lately! <3


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