November 13, 2010

on who I am (at the moment)...

at the moment.

I am...

...wearing the cutest necklace in all of humanity. Mustard yellow and fabric rosettes pretty much own my life these days. Find even more goodness at Allora Handmade!

...giddy about seeing Mae in concert for the fourth time. It's become somewhat of a tradition between my best friend and I. Whenever Mae is in town, we basically have to go and act like giggly teenagers and jump around to our favorite songs until our hair is a living nightmare and our voices are tired from screaming.

...also giddy about seeing Zach Braff at a film fest party last weekend. I literally let out the biggest gasp ever and almost peed a little. (Have I mentioned I am a little ridiculous when it comes to celebrity sightings?) If he hadn't been walking by with some tall, blonde non-Mandy-Moore model (boooo!) then I would have totally walked up to him and given him a hug. (Have I mentioned how lucky I am that my husband could care less about my celebrity crushes?) I also saw Benjamin McKenzie (who refused to make eye contact with me, probably because I looked like a stalker) and he was tiny enough to put in my pocket. LOVED IT.

...presently searching for a new place. As in, Jay and I are potentially looking into buying a home/condo/whatnot. I've never felt so grown up in all my life.

...a little depressed about having no time for creativity these days.

...ready to put up my Christmas decorations, like NOW. need of a slight intervention when it comes to looking at adorable baby photos on Flickr. You don't even understand. Have you seen this photostream? HAVE YOU? It's like she wants my uterus to spontaneously combust. I am not kidding. It will happen.

...obviously experiencing a bit of baby fever. Hold me.

...proud to report that I finally managed to convince Jay to watch Twilight with me. It was, needless to say, highly entertaining. He has even tried to woo me with lines from the movie, but it never happens to go as planned. Jay: "And so the lion fell in love with the - BAHAHAHAHA!" Me: "Um, yeah, nice try. Now go chew on some ice and try not to laugh next time you quote Edward Cullen around me, mmmkay?"

...attempting to not be overwhelmed by everything on my plate these days.

...reminding myself that perfection is not the goal.

...ready for something great.


  1. What a great post! You have some exciting things ahead of you :)

  2. AHHHH!!! RYAN FROM THE OC!!! AND JD FROM SCRUBS!!! Two of my favorite shows!!!

  3. I love your picture and your post!

  4. Uh oh, haha, don't go look at my Michigan post, then. I went to visit my cousin and her new baby, and he is ADORABLE.

    (Although if you had actually been there, it might have helped temper the baby fever, because his adorableness was a mask for his fussiness.)

    Yay Twilight movies! I actually had a marathon of all three today (while I worked... I wanted white noise to tune out... no, really...) and they were both better and worse than I remembered, hahaha.

  5. I bought that exact necklace for my bridesmaids :)

  6. I am with you on baby fever, feeling grown up, and Christmas decorations. My sister has been texting me quotes from A Muppet Christmas Carol, so clearly, she's jumped the gun :)

  7. You have baby fever, I have boyfriend fever. (Although, that sounds more wrong than baby fever. Hmm.)

    Sounds like your life is about to take some pretty exciting shifts and turns! I wish you lots of luck and happiness and peace with that!

  8. That necklace is lovely, & WOOOO, BUYING A HOUSE! Exciting! Something great, indeed.

  9. You're too cute! And how exciting that you guys are house hunting! Look at how your hard work has paid off! I cannot wait until we buy our own place...but for now I'm in the wedding plans process! And getting getting married is exciting too! :)

  10. Woah! Big news buying a place!!

    Buying a house actually scares the CRAP out of me because it's such a commitment (says the girl who got married at 22 and had a baby at 25...I'm weird.)

    Also, I fully support baby fever, because then you can join the Poor But Happy Club with me. :) Who needs financial wealth when you have a sweet wittle babbbbeeee??

  11. You saw Benjamin McKenzie?! SO JEALOUS.

    And yes, that necklace IS adorable... :) Almost as adorable as you! Good luck on the house/condo hunting... buying a place is QUITE the experience!

  12. I am so incredibly jealous you saw Ben McKenzie. And yes, I say Ben... because I'm sure if we met he'd tell me to just call him Ben. I handle myself pretty well with the celebrity sightings we see here in Nashville, but mostly because it's usually country music artists. I was inches away from Taylor Swift one day, which was cool. Seeing Nicole Kidman has probably been the biggest "Hollywood" type sighting out here. I can't imagine seeing more actors/actresses... I'd have a hard time not staring, especially if it was Ben. Hottie.

  13. I'm so ridiculous when it comes to celebrity sightings too.

    Best of luck with looking for a house, and thanks for the link to that lady's photo stream. I'm always on the lookout for photographic inspiration :)

  14. Good luck with searching for your dream house/condo! Hope the process won't be too stressful though.

    By the way, I love your necklace!!

  15. I too can't wait to put up Christmas decorations!! I'm so psyched!! Good luck with the house hunting :)

  16. Ummm I NEED that necklace!!

  17. Thanks for the linky love! you are the cutest spokeswoman ever :) good luck with all the lovely things life has to offer right now!

  18. I want to move, too. So badly!

    Good luck on the house hunt! :)

  19. ehm, i clicked on the link and basically felt my ovaries screetching from the cuteness. wow. and i can't believe i'm saying this but i'm actually ready to put up christmas decoration, too. *gasp*

  20. oh how i love a good celeb sighting, yay!

    also, ADORE your necklace, seriously so cute and just so Kerri!

    and house/condo shopping? so exciting. i hope to do that soonish, maybe? but yay!

  21. Love-- And I swear I've been obsessed with all things mustard yellow these days as well. ♥

  22. Ahhh I do loveeee your necklace. Also, I know how you feel. Not about babies or even really being particularly grown up... but I am overwhelmed and have major celebrity crushes. MAJOR. I stalk, my friend.

  23. You are absolutely lovely.

    & you & your hubs make me giddy you're so funny & adorable. :)

  24. Go for the house or condo or whatever you decide on! Having your very own place feels so wonderful. We did it this year and it just feels amazing. Good luck!

    Also, kuddos for introducing your husband to Twilight. I am still working on mine. ;)

  25. I thought this was a neat craft and it reminded me of you!

  26. You are gorgeous and I LOVE that necklace. LOVE.
    If you figure out how to not be overwhelmed by life I'd like to know too b/c whoa do I know that feeling! But lately I've had a few "Jesus Take the Wheel" moments where I've stopped and prayed and felt so much better...until the next time haha.
    Good luck with the house hunt!! I can't tell you how smart it is to buy before you start a family, I wish SO many times that we had but I know one day we'll get there :)

  27. LOVE that necklace; thanks so much for the reference to her shop! too bad she's all sold out for awhile, planned on purchasing some goods this weekend and headed back there, poof! all gone. oh well. BTW: mustard yellow is SO your color, lovelove.

    your film fest party stories totally made me smile. you're too adorable for words. <3

    keep me posted on the home-hunting!

    the jay + twilight story put a big smile on my face. SO CUTE. officially the most adorable couple in history. :]

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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