October 16, 2010

on a little shop update...

tiny notes.

I've somehow managed to update the shop a bit in the last few weeks, so I thought that now would be a good time for a wee bit of an update! (This is also evidence of my complete obsession with mason jars. If that wasn't already wildly apparent.)

tiny notes.

new felt wallet.

new felt wallet/gadget cozy.

a new felt wallet!

felt wallet.

scrap packs!

scrap pack!

scrap packs (filled with paper, labels and other ephemera!): $5.00

a bunch of gift bags.


I adore these envelopes.

notecard set.

sweetheart notecard set: $10.00

I feel like I have so much creative energy lately, yet no time to truly dedicate to creating. I'm really hoping that I'll be able to have a bit more time to dedicate to my shop in the coming months. Things are calming down a bit lately (although my days are still full beyond all hope and reason) and I dream of having hours and hours a week to just hide in my crafting nook and actually make all these things I have floating around in my head.

And also make-up with my sewing machine, which has been gathering dust and giving me the stink-eye for the past year. Makes me feel bad.

So, in any case, here's to some crafty resolutions! Hurrah!


  1. Ohhh, I love your stuff. If only I were employed...

  2. These items are gorgeous. I'm definitely planning on buying that cranberry wallet.

  3. So cute! i am so glad you are blogging again! I miss your whimsical posts! :-)

  4. wow what cute stuff!! that little pouch is adorable :) i love your whole blog <3

  5. Your felt wallets are simply adorable and so unique!

  6. Everything's really cute! :)

  7. You are so talented! Do you have mason jars that you use as glasses at home? My mom does that, and I love it!

  8. Oh hurrah for Mason Jars! I have a thing for them too right (I spent forever trying to find the perfect ones to put homemade cheese in...)


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