August 9, 2010

on five things you should listen to...

things to listen to.

1. Podcasts by How Things Work, especially "Stuff You Should Know" and "Stuff Mom Never Told You". I'm seriously obsessed with these podcasts! Every morning on the way to work I listen to a couple, and it makes my soul happy to be actively learning about something during my (exceptionally long) drive. I'm picky when it comes to podcasts, too, and I was thrilled to discover these! The people who host them are total gems and keep me giggling and pondering the whole time. Also, you can download them for free from iTunes, which is absolutely fantastic.

2. "Beautiful Naked" by Sofia Talvik. Before listening to the hauntingly beautiful lyrics of this song, I simply thought, "Well, Sofia gets right to the point now, doesn't she?" But I urge everyone to listen to it - both for her accent (which makes my heart flutter) and the story this song tells. I know so many girls who have put themselves in situations like this, never believing they deserve better, so the song really touched me. Favorite lyrics: He never told me he loved me; he never told me he cared for me. He never told me didn't, so I believed.

3. Jay Brannan, especially "Beautifully" and his cover of "Zombie". Since discovering him while listening to Pandora, I've been slightly obsessed. His voice is clear as a bell and his song "Beautifully" has been on repeat for the past few weeks! Also, his cover of "Zombie" is ridiculously fantastic.

4. "Kathleen" by Josh Ritter. I have no words for how much I adore this song. It makes me happy dance. Always.

5. First Aid Kit, especially "Hard Believer" and "I Met Up With the King". Have you seen the video for "Hard Believer"? Sweet mercy! I'm pretty sure when I first discovered it I watched it about seventeen times. (I tend to obsess over things like this.) Their harmonies are perfection, and I truly can't get enough of their music.

Have you come across any podcasts or musical goodness that you think I should listen to? Please share!


  1. Those podcasts are my absolute favourite! There's one .. I think it's in the stuff your mom never told you, and it talks about beauty magazines (especially Cosmo) and it made me feel roughly 32450 times better about myself! HAD actually found them for me and they are so fun to listen to- I'm definitely hooked!

  2. I saw First Aid Kit in a tiny venue where I live last year (York, UK). They're so young and sweet, but their melodies filled tho whole room, it was amazing.

    By Zombie do you mean the Cranberries track? This is one of those songs that makes me shiver, it's amazing - I must check this (and all of the others!) out!

    If you're into discovering wierd and wonderful music, see if you can download Guy Garvey's Finest Hour (I think it's available outside the UK, but not 100% sure) from BBC 6Music - I listen to it as I fall asleep every Sunday night, but regularly have to get up to write down what he's playing so I'll remember to buy it! ;-)

  3. ooooh...I love new musics :) Can't wait to give these a listen. Also love great podcasts--the husband and I have been listening to This American Life for two years and we're still completely obsessed.

  4. Thanks for the podcast tips. I love to try new things....

  5. "last leaf" by ok go is my new musical obsession

  6. Perfect Two by Auburn (this is my boyfriend and my song)
    Morning Lullabies by Ingrid Michaelson
    Beautiful Disaster and Indiana by Jon McLaughlin

  7. Thanks for the recommendations!

  8. Ah, I love hearing what other people listen to, can't wait to peruse some of these!! :)
    I just found Ry Cuming (Always Remember Me, Hearbreak and Harder to Say are some of my favorites) and I am IN LOVE. Seriously swooning over him, and his songs are Ok, I'm done (and obviously in serious lust ;o) ) but you have to listen to those. ;)

  9. such a great list. i'll have to check them out! thanks. xo!

  10. My favourite podcast is You Look Nice Today and the album I'm currently in love with is Nice, Nice, Very Nice by Dan Mangan (fave songs are Robots, The Indie Queens are Waiting, and Et Les Mots Croises.)

  11. I've long been obsessed with "Kathleen," though I don't typically like any other Josh Ritter songs! This one is a real gem. My best friend made me listen to it in silence, lying on her bed in the dark upon a visit to NYC. It made me so happy.

  12. On our roadtrip, 90% of our entertainment was provided by Stuff You Should Know and Stuff Mom Never Told You. I started listening to Mom Stuff only when it was my turn to drive (aka I'M IN CONTROL OF THE RADIO) but Joe ended up liking them so much to request them during his turns, too!

  13. Oh my fish. Josh Ritter: teh awesome. In July I saw him for the fourth time in concert. Met him the day after at a solo acoustic show in Portland. His new album is great. How about THIS, from Lantern:
    "Let's throw away those lamentations;
    We both know them all too well.
    If there's a book of jubilations
    We'll have to write it for ourselves.
    So just lie beside me darling,
    And we'll write it while we've still got time."

  14. thanks for the list! Apart from Josh Ritter, these are all new to me. (Well I've heard about podcasts but I don't have an iPod, which I know is super shocking.) I'll have to check some of these out on Pandora/YouTube!

  15. I'm just finishing "Stuff Mom Never Told You" and it is fantastic. Thanks for the recommendation!

  16. Flaws - Caitlin Crosby :D:D

  17. Oh <3, lady. Thanks so much for pointing out Jay Brannan - he's brilliant! :)

  18. Hi Kerri,
    I LOVE this subject! So, here is my list of favorites right now:

    Imogen Heap:
    ~ Glittering Clouds
    ~ Loose Ends
    ~ Just For Now
    ~ Hide & Seek
    ~ Have you got it in you?

    Sara Bareilles:
    ~ King of Anything

    Christina Perri:
    ~ Jar of Hearts

    ~ Soon We'll Be Found (heard this on The Hills, and love it)

    Sarah Mclachlan:
    ~ Song for a Winter Night (I know that seems random since its summer, but I just love this song!)

    Leighton Meester: (So, apparently she sings, and I really like the sound of her voice!)
    ~ Your Love's a Drug

    Jewel: (I love anything Jewel sings, but her version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow specifically tugs at my heart strings)
    ~ Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    ~ Mr. Roboto (This song rocks!)

    Daft Punk:
    ~ Robot Rock (I found this song while looking for "robot type" music to play at my son's robot themed birthday. It's really cool!)

    Mindy Gledhill:
    ~ Her new album "Anchor" just came out on August 5th, and I have been listening to it non-stop! Mindy is just magical!! Here is what one crytic said of her album: April Meeker, designer of Second Sister Jewelry, says of "Anchor," its "like looking up at speckled light shimmering through swaying branches. I think my heart actually leaves my chest and flutters around the room when I hear Mindy sing". I love every single song on this album, its one you MUST listen to!
    P.S. Her blog is a real treat too, check it all out here

    ~ River
    ~ February Air
    ~ Fall Back Down
    ~ Saviour
    ~ Romance is...
    * I first saw Lights ( a girl who legally changed her name to that) on the t.v. show The City, and was interested in learning more about her. So, I looked her up, and listened to her music which is pretty awesome. I highly recommend her!


  19. I have never heard those podcasts, but I will have to check them out. Thanks!

  20. I LOVE those podcasts. I discovered them recently and they're amazing. They make long car rides and work much more bearable!

  21. Amos Lee, Joshua Radin, M. Ward and Neko Case are on my playlist right now that I am loving. Sofia Talvik is a great find! Thank you!

  22. Hey yo, I am SO DOWN with all of these things.
    Plus, I am suddenly totally excited to basically read all of your blog. I stumbled across your blog because, well, I've seen you pop up as a favorite on a bunch of my friendly blogs. It's lovely to run across another passionate, strong, vibrant, creative, crafty lady such as your self. I think we have a bit in common ;)


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