February 6, 2010

on being a hermit and stuff like that...

I'm slowly but surely returning from my self-imposed blogging sabbatical - short as it was.

On a side note, I must admit that I realized just how closely my thoughts and tweets are almost completely synchronized. Mostly because I stayed away from it all week - and while it was freeing, it was also slightly maddening. I found it difficult to not immediately type out every emotion. I was all, "But who else am I going to tell about eating an entire box of spiral macaroni and cheese? Or about how my calves are becoming strikingly toned, whereas my belly remains the consistency of a marshmallow? Or about how I had another one of those traumatic dreams where my teeth fall out and it was so realistic that I had to check my molars in the mirror when I woke up?"

Mostly, it was nice to cater to my hermit-like tendencies and just crawl inside my head for a week. I'm the type of person who thrives while alone. Odd, right? It's a good thing I got married, because if too much time had passed I'm fairly sure I would end up alone in the woods somewhere. (Well, as long as the woods had internet access and was within ten miles of a Target.) I guess that when I have time completely by myself, I'm able to connect with my thoughts more. And see things with a clear mind. As much as I adore writing and the social aspect of blogging, there were a few things going on this past week that rendered me completely apathetic to it all. But I'm glad that I listened to myself and simply took a break. It was refreshing.

And it gave me some time to reevaluate things, too. Which is good.

The week itself was filled with watching a bunch of movies, cleaning, falling in love with First Aid Kit and City and Colour, adding a few new items to the shop, many phone calls with a sister, the usual shifts at work (opposite schedule than my husband had this week, which was tough), a ridiculously sweet care package that made me giddy, an entire day spent at home being emo, several amazing runs (one was three miles!) that made me feel like a superhero, several glasses of wine, more tears than I'm proud of, worry that made me break into a thousand tiny bits and love that swallowed me whole.

Yes, indeed. It was quite the week.

In any case, I'm back. And ready to rediscover a bit of goodness and hope. All while keeping my chin up.

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