January 17, 2010

on work it out weekends: cleansing (thoughts & body)...

it's a new year of "work it out weekends"!

I've made a decision. I simply refuse to weigh myself more than once a month. It's one of those ridiculous things, but considering I'm truly attempting to get past the number on the scale (which isn't even bad, and I fully blame my freakishly-small, seventeen-year-old self for my present complex) I just can't focus on "getting healthy" when I'm worried about whether or not I've lost two pounds yet.

For some people, keeping track of their weight only motivates them further, but for me? When I work hard for two weeks only to step on the scale to see absolutely no change, it makes me want to eat a giant bag of Cheetos and a jar of peanut butter. Maybe even at the same time. And maybe while I heave my running shoes out the window into our nextdoor neighbors back yard.

The thing is, I have been able to look at myself recently and truly adore my body. Even the tummy pooch. Even the squishy arm-fat. It's been a slight revelation, and may or may not have been inspired by a few applications of my off-brand Essential Glow moisturizer.

Seriously, people. What is it about having that extra bit of color that makes me feel like a goddess?

In any case, I want to make sure I am able to keep any negative feelings at bay, and therefore have banned myself from the scale until February 17th. At which point I will definitely make sure I have Cheetos on hand. They will be celebratory Cheetos or sad-face Cheetos. But they will be Cheetos either way, which means I win no matter what happens.

So, I've been keeping busy with running/walking at the gym. I also have a girl-date with one of my best friends every Wednesday to go running in the park. I've been trying to be active every day, at least a little bit. Bike rides count. A walk around the block counts. Delivering mail to the fourth floor at work (via the stairs!) counts. I've been trying to realize that it's not a matter of being able to run four miles non-stop or getting rock-hard abs (to be honest, I don't even want the abs of Jillian Michaels, thank you very much). It's a matter of simply being more active. And the rest will follow.

My question for all of you: Have you tried any type of cleanse that you would recommend? My husband and I have been talking about doing a cleanse for ages, but we keep putting it off. Well, that and it's much more fun to talk about doing a cleanse as opposed to actually going through with one. (We like food. Don't judge us.) I'd really love to try and see if I can survive one, though - so, I'd love to hear about your own experiences! Tell me stories!

As for the week ahead, I'm hoping to avoid the scale like the plague, go running three times, try one new class at the gym and stretch every evening before going to bed. I feel like I'm doing well so far, actually, and am happy. Which is a good thing.


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