January 10, 2010

on (the new! and improved!) work it out weekends...

it's a new year of "work it out weekends"!

Okay, so, these Work it Out Weekend posts pretty much ceased to exist halfway through last year, and for that I am sorry. I've been wanting to start them up again (complete with a pretty, new banner!) and figured that January is as good a time as any. So, here we are! The 2010 edition of Work it Out Weekends. I'll be posting every weekend (hopefully!) about getting healthy/how I hate the gym/pretending to be a runner/body image/how I'll never look like Jennifer Aniston unless I starve myself but am slowly getting over it/etc.

Please feel free to join me in these shenanigans! You are welcome to snag the banner over here and use it for your own posts. My only request is that you don't modify the banner. If you'd like to credit me in your posts, that would be lovely! If you do decide to participate, please let me know! At some point I'd like to link to each blog that is taking part, and that way we can encourage each other and all that happy stuff.

So, now that all of that is taken care of, I suppose I'll give you guys an update on my current situation:

First of all, it's a wonder that I didn't turn into a complete potato following the holidays. I didn't work out once in about two months and felt the need to consume everything in sight. Like, everything. When I fall off the wagon, I fall way off the wagon. And then the wagon runs me over. And then the horse pulling the wagon stomps on my face.

Pathetic, right? I'm fully aware.

On a lighter note, I feel like the past couple years have really shown me what works for my body (and mind!) and at this point I really know what it's going to take for me to get back to my goal weight. If anything, I'm thankful that I have those experiences to lean on. I know that if I'm running a few miles, three to four times a week, that I won't need to restrict my diet as much. I know that my body image sky-rockets when I'm more active - even when I'm not losing weight. I know that I actually do enjoy salads when I take the time to add salmon, almonds or cucumbers. I know that I feel most comfortable when my weight hovers around 120.

Here are my goals:

  • Lose 13 pounds. Two weeks ago I weighed in at 133 and am aiming for 120 by my bestie's wedding in April.
  • Stop the late-night binging. It's a little ridiculous how many calories I sometimes consume after 9PM. Since I often stay up late crafting and writing, I need to make sure I make myself a nice cup of decaf tea to calm that craving instead!
  • Continue running at least three times week, and sign up for a 5k sometime this year.
  • Attend 1 - 2 classes a week at my gym (I've been eager to try some new ones - Zumba, anyone?).
  • Weigh myself no more than once a week. Because scales are the devil. Amen.
  • Cook more healthy, delicious meals!
  • Work hard on changing the negative thoughts I have and strengthen my body image.

Honestly, I feel very confident this time around. I just need to remember to be patient with myself and the results I'm aiming for will come sooner or later! I need to make sure I love my self to pieces in the process, so I don't get overwhelmed or too focused on the scale. That's my biggest challenge.

So, are you in? Are you going to get healthy with me, which will make going to the gym suck a little less? (You know you want to.) If so, please share your own goals in the comments!

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