January 22, 2010

on my life in photos (part one)...

Here I am, finally getting around to taking some photos from this photo request post last month. (See? I told you I'd get around to it. Sooner or later. But probably later because I procrastinate.) Anyway, here are a few of the requests that I took care of this afternoon, between the following activities: feverishly cleaning our duplex (early "spring cleaning"), having a mild melt-down because apparently I have issues, eating two plates of delicious curry and being thrilled by how much it has rained here in the past week.

Kerri (my name twin) wanted to see my favorite earrings, and although I haven't really been wearing earrings much as of late (my obsession comes in waves) these are my current favorites. Actually, since I purchased them a few days ago, I haven't taken them off. When I saw these twee, turquoise birds I simply knew I had to have them. How adorable are they? Seriously.

Cassie requested to see a photo of the pillows on our bed, which I think was such a cute request! I always love to see how people set up their beds. If that makes me creepy, then so be it! I also wanted to take a moment to show you guys the new shelf I somehow convinced my husband to hang yesterday. Cute, right? I'm kind of obsessed.

Above are the pillows on our bed - nothing too exciting, but I love the color combination of the pale blue and red pillows along with the green of the duvet cover. It's calming to me. (Also, the red Ikea pillow was used in Liz Lemon's apartment on 30 Rock, and whenever I saw it on TV I was all, "PILLOW TWINSIES!" No, really. I actually said that. It was kind of weird, but I couldn't help myself.)

Kage wrote that she wanted to see my favorite piece of decor in our duplex (if I could decide!). And because, quite frankly, it was impossible to decide (and because I've already posted enough about the chartreuse vintage style tea table) I thought I'd take a photo of something random. These candlesticks were one of my absolute favorite wedding gifts - I believe they are from Anthropologie, which excites me even more when I see them. (The only other things we own from there are two mugs and a spoon holder. I know.) Amidst our cleaning this week, I found them in a cabinet and thought I'd bring them out again! Now I just need to get some candles for them. Obviously.

Bluebelle nearly didn't get her photo request taken. You know why? Because my jewelery box is presently A LIVING NIGHTMARE. I almost didn't want to show you a sign of weakness, but figured it was due. See? I'm messy. And it hurts my soul.

(But I do win the prize for Most Random Item in a Jewelery Box. Say hello to Steve.)

Adore Design Studio mentioned she'd love to see a photo of my wedding ring. So, I took a photo of what looks to be the hand of a freaky ghost child. Or something. Anyway, I love my wedding ring - it is white gold, and the large part of it is actually four smaller diamonds in a square. Sneaky, right? This is actually the second ring I picked out after getting engaged. The one Jay proposed to me with had a weak setting and one of the diamonds kept falling out. So, this was my second choice. But I must admit I'm perfectly content with it! It's perfect.

Bellanote requested to see the inside of my medicine cabinet. And because that request made me giggle, I thought I'd give you glimpse into the glory of what is behind the mirror in our bathroom! I kind of wish it were more exciting. Or that there were a bunch of prescription medications that would freak you guys out or something. But, no. Instead you get to see a huge container of my off-brand contact solution. Enjoy.

And last, but not least, Victoria and Laura wanted to see what is inside my purse! I'm currently in love with my Made by Hank tough ruffles purse - I've had it for about a year now and can't get enough. It is one of my favorite things ever. (As well as my new plaid shirt that I have worn for the last four days in a row. DON'T JUDGE ME.)

Clockwise-ish from the top: Burt's Bees champagne lip gloss, Kiss My Face peachy chap stick, Cover Girl powder, a pretty mirror from Danni, a random thing of contact solution stolen from the medicine cabinet at work (shhh, don't tell), a paper clip and five bobby pins, my adorable new wallet, some directions scribbled on paper, my car insurance papers and ticket stubs for Up in the Air, a crumpled up post office receipt, four (favorite!) pens, a Twilight key chain from my younger sister (yessss!), ear plugs stolen from work (hey, I was taking them home for when Jay snores at night), my .99 planner and a cute coin purse from Made by Hank. I'm actually surprised there isn't more garbage in there. Nice.

And that is all for now, my friends! Stay tuned. I'll hopefully get through most of the other requests in the next few weeks. Hurrah!

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