January 9, 2010

on the corners of my home...

hello, there.

I figured that it would be rather delightful to post some updated photos of our lovely little duplex. In the last six months I've been adding bits and pieces to our decor and there are certain things that are constantly changing (like certain shelves that I rearrange on an almost weekly basis). There were a few people who asked to see more of our duplex in my recent photo request post, so I figured that now would be the time to share some photos of some of my favorite things!

I uh-dore my new mirror!

I'd have to say that our living room is my favorite part of our duplex. The floating shelf was basically my nightmare to hang and is basically one tiny earthquake away from shattering our television, but I try not to think about it. However, it is the one thing in our place that is almost constantly changing. I love switching around the photos in the frames (the one on the wall is presently featuring some pretty scrapbook paper!), adding different flowers to the vase and switching the layout so that it pleases my every whim. Please note my glorious new (chartreuse!) mirror, purchased from Uncommon. It makes my soul happy. (It was purchased with a bit of my Christmas bonus. Don't judge me.)

hello, good looking!

My aunt gave me the above scrapbook-ish frame for Christmas last year, and I love changing around the photos and clipping up little bits here and there. The adorable mini-print is from an etsy shop called Persimmon and Pink (which has some of the sweetest prints you'll ever see). And the twee bird was a Christmas ornament that I believe I purchased from Target a couple years ago. It's far too adorable to be hidden the rest of the year, in my humble opinion.

pillow time.

Pillows! I love pilloooooows! When I saw the chartreuse pillow cover at Ikea a few weeks ago I had a mild freak-out of delight and knew I had to buy it. I love how inexpensive their pillow covers are - at $8 a pop you can change them up every now and again without feeling guilty. And the gray pillow was a great thrift store find - only $6 and it still had the tags from Target on it! I love this combination of colors, by the way.

a couple lotus bowls.

So, I'm pretty much obsessed with lotus bowls. Like, I spend a good chunk of time every week searching for them online. I was lucky enough to find some larger white ones for .25 each at a thrift store a while back, and now I wish I would have snagged them all! They are perfect tealight holders, candy dishes, and work well as little jewelry dishes, too. I picked up the above bowls in a set of six for only $12 from Seaside Vintage. Pretty much every room of our home has a lotus bowl tucked somewhere. Honestly. I like them almost as much as I love the color chartreuse and grilled cheese sandwiches.

a corner.

I've always wanted to add a couple plates to the corner of our dining room. (In case you can't tell, the dining room and living room are connected. Someday I'll to an actual tour and you can see what I mean by "cozy" duplex.) Instead of spending entirely too much money on two pretty plates from Anthropologie (which was my original plan) I picked up two different plates from Ikea. Each plate was less than $3 and the plate hangers were around the same price at Michael's. I'm delighted that I found a cheaper alternative to my original idea! Oh, and the pretty poppies in the vase (the vase was a gift from my sister for Christmas!) were purchased for less than $5 at Michael's. Sometimes fake flowers are cheesy beyond all reason, but these I liked. Aaaaand they last forever. Amen.

my favorite tea light holder.

This tealight holder is one of my favorite things ever. I had been eyeing it for over a year at a local boutique, and simply couldn't bring myself to spend the money to buy it. (I'm fickle.) One day I was in there and one of my best friends was all, "Um, haven't you wanted that for a year?" and I was all, "Pretty much," and then she was all, "SO BUY IT ALREADY!" I figure that if you've wanted something for an entire year, then it's probably worth $16. Am I right? It now rests upon an old copy of The Godfather on our teal shelf.

the cozy table.

The way the sunlight streams into our dining room this time of year is absolutely magical. Our tiny table is perfect for us, considering the fact that it's just Jay and I sharing dinner together (or breakfast, if we're lucky). I like switching up the cloth napkins every season, and since I only have to buy two, it is usually only around $5/set. (My favorites are from World Market!) Also, for the record, we never actually use the cloth napkins. I'm pretty sure if I saw Jay wipe his grubby hands on them I'd have a stroke. Yes, I'm one of those people. That's how I roll.

the bowl.

The cheapest centerpiece ever? A bowl of fruit. The end. (But look at the pretty napkins, too! Seriously! Love them!)

a bit of green.

I'm surprised at how much a tiny bit of green can add to a room. I bought this plant from Ikea (after I murdered the first one I bought; my green-thumbed dad is totally judging me right now) and put it next to the window so it will hopefully survive. I've decided I need more plants in my life.

the bedroom wall.

Our bedroom is tiny and kind of cramped, considering we have to fit our bed, our computer desk and a dresser all into a small area - but my favorite part is this photo collage to the side of our bed. I've framed a few photos of Jay and I, and the framed print was a birthday surprise I received from the lovely Gracie last year! (Seriously, that print had been in my Etsy favorites for over a year. It is ridiculously adorable, and from Seasprayblue.) The wooden "breathe" sign was purchased from William Dohman's shop and fits perfectly into the collage. I purchased it this past Autumn with some extra Etsy money!

a shelf in the bathroom.

This shelf is in our bathroom and is another shelf that is changed on a fairly consistent basis. Oh, hey! It's another lotus bowl! (I told you they were everywhere.) I used scrapbook paper inside both of the frames - seriously, one can do no wrong with a pretty stack of scrapbook paper. It means you get an adorable "print" for just pennies. I'd show you the rest of our bathroom but I need to figure out the shower situation, considering I never clean it and it was already kind of cruddy when we moved it. (Needless to say, it makes me physically angry on a daily basis.)

So, that's it for now! Once I get it organized (again) I'll take photos of the ever-elusive crafting nook. (It does exist. I swear.)

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