January 29, 2010

on being here and there...

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I can hardly believe it's been a week since I last posted. I hardly have any real reason, either. I guess that some days I just end up tucked inside my head and simply don't have the motivation to write. Which is odd, because I'm honestly always "writing" things in my head. I'm constantly writing things out in my mind as I experience them.

Which makes me sound like a horribly awkward, female version of Rain Man (or something to that effect?) but I've grown to accept it.

For some reason, most of my words have managed to stay tucked away this week, which sometimes I think is okay. Whenever I sat down to write, nothing sounded quite right - and even as I'm writing right now, I'm resigned to the fact that I'm doing it because I feel like I should. Which isn't always the best thing, but perhaps that's what I need right now? Well, that, and hot chocolate. And a forehead kiss. And John Mayer. Obviously.

In any case, life has been good this past week.

I've been busy, which seems to be the general theme lately. Granted, my version of "busy" may not sound busy to some people, but it is for this girl.

I've kept busy with forty hour work-weeks and all the time before and after, during which I spend hours planning and dreaming of a job that doesn't take me too far away from my pajamas and front porch. (Actually, I'm not cool enough so have a porch, but saying "cricket-infested front step" sounded slightly less appealing.)

I've kept busy at the gym, actually, while rediscovering a ridiculous amount of motivation to run for miles. It is still an incredibly unfamiliar feeling when I realize I've been running for over two miles and I feel like I could keep going without crumpling into a pile of bones. Even though I've been running on-and-off for the past two years, it's like it isn't even me or something. I'm all, "Seriously, legs? Where have you been all my life? I haven't nearly given you enough credit. I promise I'll love you more."

I've kept busy catching up on writing in my paper journal and sending out bits and pieces of snail mail. I've been creating new items for the shop (that I have yet to list!) and working on invitations for a lovely friend's bridal shower. I am also rediscovering my obsession with scribbling down my favorite quotations on notebooks, receipts and sticky notes.

I've kept busy meeting up with friends for fondue nights, wine-fueled games of Go Fish, and handmade peanut butter cups. I've organized the duplex and danced around to show tunes while vacuuming and dusting and feeling generally domestic.

I've started re-watching all my favorite DVD's (Elizabethtown, Little Miss Sunshine, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Marie Antoinette and Garden State, to name a few) and fell in love with the characters and lines that I'd forgotten about since last seeing and hearing them. I've also been watching some classic movies for the first time and pretty much wish it were possible to be Marilyn Monroe for at least a day.

I've taken more photos, discovered new favorite songs, worried horribly about someone I love, felt healthier (despite eating an entire box of spiral macaroni last night; Lord have mercy) and missed Jay too much, considering our schedules have been completely opposite lately.

So, there's that.

In other news, I was thrilled (beyond all reason) to have been the winner of two 20SB awards! To be honest, I shied away from posting much about it while voting and nominating were going on - mostly because there was a lot of negativity and silliness swirling around it all this year. It kind of sucked the wind out of me and made me want to go hide in a corner or something. Which a little ridiculous, because it's because of you that I was even nominated and it's because of you that I managed to win!

So, thank you. Very, very much.

I know that awards aren't the focus and that being recognized isn't the point (especially because there are so many brilliant bloggers out there who haven't yet received half the praise they deserve!). But all of that aside, I'm honored and giddy about having won Most Sincere Blogger and Blogger We Wish Would Blog More. It means the world to me that any of you would nominate and vote for me - and I couldn't let any more time pass without thanking you from the bottom of my cheesy little heart.

You are all ridiculously lovely in a million ways.

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