October 10, 2009

on some proof that marriage is nothing like eHarmony commericals...

me: I love so many things about you. I love your eyebrows. I love the shape of your mouth. I love the fact that your ears stick out just slightly. I love that your face is really tan right now.
Jay: Thanks, Lovely.
me: So…do you love anything about me?
Jay: (long pause)
me: You know, if you were John Mayer, you would have written a song about me by now.
Jay: I love…your nose?
me: Oh, never mind.


This was originally posted on my now defunct tumblr, which I've attempted to delete no less than sixteen times. It's kind of bothering me at this point. Does anyone else have this issue? Anyway, I was trying to delete my account again today, and came across the above conversation and it made me giggle. And I'm fresh out of ideas for posting right now, so, all you get is an outdated conversation in which I belittle my husband for not being a lyrical genius. You're welcome! (Sorry, Jay.)

Also, I swear I'm not a complete jerk to my husband. I guess that sometimes I would just like a little extra something to make my heart melt. You know how it is.

I'm not even telling you how often I ask my husband to kiss me with a mouthful of ice so it will be like making out with Edward Cullen.

(I AM KIDDING. Mostly.)

Happy weekend, lovelies!


  1. This is great! My J can be so incredibly sweet sometimes and then others he's just one big sarcastic, smartass wiseguy. I'm right there w/ you honey.

  2. I totally love you. Seriously.

    This is us. To a "T"!

    Marriage is . . . . interesting. HA!

  3. This cracks me up, because I've said so many similar things. And I'm obsessed with John Mayer. OBVIOUSLY.
    Why can't ALL guys be that romantic? Lame.

  4. gah. i can't get rid of my tumblr either. i keep trying!


    maybe i should ask about ice cubes tonight...hmmm....

  5. I almost made a tumblr instead of a blog. Now I'm glad I didn't. I'm too indecisive to not be able to delete something.

  6. Oooooooh, girlfriend. This cracked me up.

  7. I sent raging e-mails to tumblr's customer service about this- you can do it but they really hide it!

    You can delete your account by going here: http://www.tumblr.com/account/delete but it will forfeit your user name too. Hope that helps =)

  8. Ha! That conversation was super cute :) I was reading a thing the other day, that said that girls and guys love differently. Girls often display love the way they want to be loved, and it can get tricky when the love they expect to receive isn't what they get. It's a bit crazy, I guess. Yay for you guys, though. :)

  9. HAHA ! Hilarious.. I laughed out loud.. and when my husband asked what was so funny, I read it to him and then he said.. " Wait.. whose Edward Cullen again? He's from Dungeons and Dragons right?" Thanks for keeping it real on here.. love following your blog!!

  10. LOL! I really did LOL too! The Edward Cullen part was too funny. I'll have to tell my daughter about that,she's so obsessed with him she won't even watch True Blood cause she feels like she's cheating...I kid you not. Her words not mine.

  11. What a great idea! I think I'll ask husband about the ice-kissing tonight... :)

  12. Does he ever oblige you with the whole ice thing? heehee!

  13. I think maybe my husband is a clone of yours!! Must try the ice though!!xx

  14. Why haven't I really thought of this before? LOL ice-kissing. Hot, hot, hot.

  15. LMAO! I almost fell off the couch at your comment on ice in the mouth -you are hilarious!
    i'm just on the third book and finding it hard to get into actually.... and I may be batting for Jacob.... maybe I should get my husband to claw me across the face or something instead :) -or not.

  16. Fantastic convo. Too funny. I've definitely had similar exchanges.

    Also, omg, the Edward Cullen comment (hilar!): I used to make my ex kiss me immediately after he'd been biking fast in really cold weather and his face and mouth were practically frozen. I thought it was just about the host/cold sensation, but I realize now I was just satisfying my secret undead bad-boy craving!

  17. Oh my. :) I remember when Joe made fun of me for being afraid of ghosts and he told me to quit being a girl. It was terrible. And almost as good as the time I laughed my ass off when he went sledding from the roof and couldn't walk for days. So you see, it's give and take.

  18. Haha, that Edward reference made me laugh. I totally hear you...and I AM serious!

  19. Ok so this isn't particularly pertinent to this entry, but can I just say how incredibly adorable you are? Seriously, you have such a beautiful heart and everything you do is like the cutest thing ever and I want your life.

  20. I think that's called entrapment... An excellent strategy. :)

  21. Hahaha, this is a lot like our conversations!

    Me : I love you
    Dave: I love you too
    Me : How far
    Dave : to the moon... night club

    The moon is a sleazy stripper club. We now have competitions where we sart ery far away and see who get to the closest point.

    I never thought abotu that ice kissing thing, hmm...

  22. If I was told that she loved the way my ears stick out slightly, I might be speechless too. :o)

  23. Haha, you crack me up! I seriously want to be your bff. And I'm totally making my next boyfriend kiss me with ice in his mouth. :)

  24. The ice cube thing made me laught right out loud, which is much needed on a Monday!

  25. Conversation my parents had after an eHarmony commercial on compatibility (they've been married 30 years):

    Mother: Malcolm, do you think we're compatible?
    Dad: Are you kidding me!?! (awkward silence) I mean, yeah of course we are.

    I almost died laughing.

  26. Haha, I go fishing for compliments on occasion. It's always interesting to hear what they come up with.

  27. hahaha aw, i LOVE LOVE because of cute little conversations likethsi

  28. Um, ADORABLE! Especially the mouthful of ice bit!

  29. omg, this post was the cutest thing and then when I saw the ice/Twilight comment I DIED laughing! LOL!
    That is the best. THE BEST!
    you are way too adorable.

  30. when has any relationship been like those e harmony commercials?

    Gosh everytime I see that swarmy commercial I get a violent urge to pick up the phone and scream "it's all lies"

  31. ahahahahahaha!!! I so love this. Honey, I am right there with you. husbands... they're the best... but they're certainly NOT John Mayer.

    Or Jim Halpert, for that matter.

    (I literally laughed out loud when I read that about the ice... TOO FUNNY. You just made my night.)

  32. My husband is the same way sometimes. I think it's cute on one hand but on the other hand I would love me some John Mayer lyrics compliments. :)

  33. LOL. Oh no, believe me, I hear you on this. I always say sweet things to Andy, and he's always like, "Can you hand me the remote?"


    Love the new sidebar pic of you!

  34. I recently came across your blog and I have been enjoying reading. It is so true that marriage isn't anything like the eHarmony commercials, but I think that it is actually better. Being with someone in all of your collective imperfection and being comfortable is a wonderful thing.

  35. Bahahahah, love it!

    PS, dropped you an award on my blog.

  36. i'm new to your little cyber-space. it's the sweetest and i will be back again and again.
    who doesn't love a little ashlee simpson now + then... right??
    love, lindsay

  37. That's awesome, I've definitely put my boyfriend in that situation before, although it usually goes something like this:
    me: I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiis much
    bf: I love you ths much.
    me: *frown*
    bf: *laugh*
    then he either hugs me or walks away laughing. Ah, relationships!

  38. It cracks me up all the things that girls think of and dream our guys would do and it doesn't even cross their mind.

  39. Umm thanks for reminding me I needed to delete my tumblr as well. I did it and didn't have any problems - I just went to http://www.tumblr.com/account/delete (per the help section) and it worked just fine. Weird that you're having problems...

    Also? Love your blog. Just found it (where have I been?!) and love.


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