September 28, 2009

on a little morning list...

"You look tired." "DON'T JUDGE ME."

(The above photo is supporting evidence to the claim that I need to find a job where I can show up with morning hair/morning face and wear my pajamas until noon. I'm not even kidding a little bit. You can actually quote me on that.)

a little Monday morning list:

1. I didn't make my great return to the gym this weekend (it's been far too warm around these parts to go get all sweaty and disgusting at the gym) but I'm all ready to go for a run after work today. I'm going to take it slow for a while, but I know it's going to feel good to get into some sort of a routine again.

2. I'm still working on fighting horribly negative thoughts regarding my body image. Why is it so difficult to just be happy with myself the way I am? It's a little ridiculous. It makes me wonder if it will ever change. It scares me to think that it won't.

3. My positive outlook failed miserably last night, especially because I was in one of those moods where I felt the need to be an attention-seeking nine year old and kind of wanted to pick a fight with my husband. How old am I again? I'll get back to you on that.

4. Books I'm currently reading: Into the Wild by John Krakauer (I want to be a vagabond, kind of), another one of Shannon Ethridge's amazing books for wives (thanks to the lovely Stephanie!), and What Happy Women Know by Dan Baker (a sweet gift from this girl!).

5. I've been sending out a lot of snail mail lately. Letters, a pretty package to my older sister, postcards. It feels good to actually write a letter or pack up a box and send it on it's way.

6. I'm guest blogging for the first time (cue the sweating) over at Raeleigh's blog! Check out the goodness over here, and let me know what you would add to you own, personal Axis of Evil. (Bonus points if you add possums or Taylor Momsen to your own list.)

7. I feel like it will be a good week. I need to make sure that happens.


  1. Since you always giveaway some of the most awesome things (hello I won free Ben & Jerry coupons per your Twitter!), I thought I'd drop by to let you know that I'm doing a giveaway on my blog for a free year subscription to Fitness magazine. Check it out - it's a deal you don't want to miss (I swear!). Especially with your new gym membership - this will defintely give you some motivation!

    The deadline is tomorrow morning so enter now!

  2. oh man I totally hear you on the whole body image thing. it's getting ridiculous. I know that i could never NOT eat to be skinny, but seriously... the working out craze and the dieting thing is getting a bit obsessive. HAHA! It's good that when you're doing those things though you can start to feel good about your self that you're working on it instead of sitting around eating bags of doritos and m&m's while you study (me my first year of nursing school) haha! ;-) Plus, it's always good to read scripture and to be satisfied with yourself. I think that's been helping my outlook on my self lately too. to know that God created me in His image and also it helps to know that my fiance thinks i'm the most beautiful thing he's ever seen! haha! ;-)

    You should start up work it out weekends again. I'll totally do it with you. it's good to have weekly goals! ;-)

  3. You know, if you wake up and look like that everyday I'm totally jealous. Your hair is sooo cute that way. I need curling tips pronto!

    Hope you have a lovely week =)

  4. I'm feeling like it will be a good week too! Here's to it!

  5. I'm planning on wearing yoga pants all day when I work at home.


    Also, you should move out of SoCal. I think that's where the body image issues start. God knows what would happen to me if I were surrounded by gorgeous, ridiculously perfect women. Give me regular midwest ladies any day! :)

  6. I honestly think the more you get back into your gym/workout routine, the more comfy you'll become with how your body looks and feels. The more you can do for it, the more it will do for you. And once you realize how strong you are, how can you be mean to it any longer?

  7. I would just like to tell you that I love your blog and I hope you have a wonderful week!

  8. Umm... that's morning hair for you?

    That's definitely work hair for me. You do NOT want to see my cave woman monster morning hair. haha

    And I totally understand the body image bit... but going to the gym will really help! I joined about a month ago and already I feel better and am noticing changes!! :)

  9. I feel you on the body image thing. It's hard not to feel down sometimes- just remember, you're gorg and awesome and eventually, it will be cool enough to go to the gym (or at least, I keep telling myself that).

    And if you find a job that meets your morning hair/pjs qualifications, please let me know. I need one of those too! Also, one that lets me work in sunlight. I feel like a vampire in here.

  10. For me, body image goes in phases. Some days, I feel like I rock the house. Many days, I don't really think about it. But then there are the many-months-long spans of obsessing over it every day.

    I hope it gets better, too!

  11. Into the wild is a fantastic book...the movie is pretty good also.


  12. Thank you for the book links. Will look into the Wives & Happy Women books. Can wives also be happy women?? Ok bad play on words, sorry. Thanks again! :)

  13. You just look so cute all the time...even in the morning. I'm jealous of your awesome hair!

  14. i wish i could show up to work in my pajamas too, that would be loverly.

    as for snail mail, i love getting and definitely need to get better about sending it. :)

  15. I definitely agree that going to the gym and just taking care of yourself does wonders for your body image! You're a gorgeous girl so you shouldn't worry about little things like that, I hope you have a great week!

  16. hey, kerri, i got photo tagged, and i'm tagging you in return! can't wait to see your 10th photo!

  17. Wow, I wished I looked half as good as you do when I woke up!

  18. I worry about my body image issues never going away all the time.

    No. Fun.

  19. You look cute in the morning, I meant it :)

    Anyhoo the body hating thing, me and so many girls experience it too. Sure we can realize its not good and try to be more composed and some days we really are better to not bring ourselves down and accept ourselves more.. But there will still be days that it will just resurface somehow. It's really normal.

    Anyhoo, good luck running! Keep the spirits up, have you made your running mixtape yet?

  20. have i told you lately that i like you, like a lot? you're really funny. oh, & you wear a size TWO jeans at gap! remember?! a freakin' TWO!! so next time you're feeling shady about your body, rock those jeans (or watch that video you made) & you'll be on your merry way :)

    p.s. i just remembered that i need to write you back :) & i will.. promise!

  21. I am addicted to snail mail. I love opening my letterbox and finding mail inside that ISN'T a bill. Postcards are my fave.
    I'm with you on the body image thing too. I've just started riding my bike again. I die just riding 8kms.

  22. Looking forward to reading your guest post. I'm sure it will be amazing. Isn't snail mail amazing! I should be writing more of it I know.
    I hope you do become really happy with your body image on day. Your a gorgeous girl.

    By the way I have a little something on my blog for you =) x

  23. yay for snail mail!

    You are beautiful!

  24. amen to finding a job that lets you stay in your pajamas (with your morning face still on) until noon. if you find a job that allows that and pays well, let me know!

  25. Totally loved the movie Into the Wild! My husband read the book and said its even better (of course, the book is always better) but I just couldn't seem to get into the book after I'd already seen the movie. Hoping you enjoy it!
    And what's this about body image? You are smokin hot! Enjoy it! Not everyone is made to be stick thin. Its what makes us all unique and special. Just go ask you hubby, I bet he can't find an ounce of anything but beauty in you and that my friend is all that should matter! ;)

  26. I have a few snail mail items I need to send out soon. I always get so caught up in work and school that it completely slips my mind!

    I pick fights with Husband when I'm Miss Negativity, and I hate it.

    I hope California cools down soon!

  27. Dude, 1) I loved your guest post -- quiet public restrooms freak me out too! I'm always hoping someone near me will flush so I can get my nervous bladder started.

    and 2) your morning hair/face situation is actually pretty friggin' adorable.

  28. Your hair looks awesome, as usual. For realz yo! Me likey. I think you should totally wear it like that to work ... or you could come work at my job, where I'm currently rockin' 3rd day hair. eeeee. Shhh! Don't tell!


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