September 3, 2009

on a good day (and the heat that is consuming my life)...

Today I feel completely refreshed.

It's nice, because I've had this weird, ominous feeling lately. It's been following me around a bit, and I'm kind of over it. It's one of those feelings where you feel like you forgot something really, really important. It's horribly awkward and frustrating, and it's been eating away at me a little. Of course, part of me wants to blame everything on the fact that Southern California has basically turned into, oh, I don't know, THE SURFACE OF THE SUN.

Seriously, a person can only take so many nights laying awake, sweating profusely and cursing the fact that they are married to someone who can apparently sleep like a baby despite the 90 degree weather. Especially when this someone manages to get the best sleep of their life while also refusing to let their wife leave the air conditioner on full blast (all night, preferably).

Jay: "Open the window, it's the same."

For the last week or so, I've resorted to running back and forth to the kitchen during the night to pour ice water on a washcloth so I can periodically wipe my face and arms with the cool cloth while I drift in and out of sleep. Because that's not awkward at all. Especially when you wake up the next morning with a bunch of wet spots on the sheets from the washcloth and you think to yourself, "Holy crap, now my husband is going to think I'm a bed wetter. GREAT." Long story short, if it doesn't cool down soon, I'm seriously going to eat my own arm.

But I digress.

As I mentioned before, I had an absolutely lovely day. I was able to spend the entire morning and afternoon with one of my best friends. It was definitely a good thing for us, because we haven't seen much of each other lately. It's weird when you reach that point in your life where you have different jobs, different schedules, friends aside from each other, husbands and fiances, etc. We live a mere five minutes apart, but we're still unable to see each other very often.

I think that our lack of seeing each other was really starting to wear on us - and today we were able to spend the whole morning reconnecting and talking about each of our summer shenanigans and such. We hung out at the beach for a couple hours, munching on turkey sandwiches and clementines. We talked about everything from our families to religion to work gossip to ridiculously adorable children. We were hit on by a random European man who asked us about the weather and told us that due to our fair skin, we looked much more European than Southern Californian. (We tended to agree.) We wandered down to our favorite happy hour spot and enjoyed a few Coronas while we continued chatting and laughing.

It was just one of those days where I walked away feeling completely refreshed and happy. And I guess that's why everyone needs people like that in their lives, you know? People who have the power to really make your heart light.

Other good things include (but are not limited to):

  1. Finally getting to watch season three of Dexter (hurrah for Netflix!).
  2. Coming home one day this week to discover that my husband had vacuumed the duplex, which leads me to believe that perhaps I don't give him nearly enough credit where credit is due.
  3. Putting together a special package of goodies for a certain older sister (pssst, I'm talking to you!).
  4. Updating my feed on google reader and realizing that, um, over 600 people subscribe to my blog (my mouth may or may not have remained open in shock and awe for a good three minutes). To everyone to takes the time to read these ramblings of mine: thank you. You make my day more often than you will ever know.
  5. Finding a bunch of Martha Stewart crafting goodies on sale at Michael's.
  6. Over 250 entries for my tiny little giveaway, which is incredibly thrilling - and may lead me to give away a few extra goodies, too (stay tuned - on Saturday I will announce the winner!).


  1. Dexter is the best - and I'm pretty sure a new season is starting in the fall.

    Did you make that new banner design? If what program did you whip that up? Very cute!

  2. I just finished season 3 of Dexter tonight!!! Eeeeeek! I love that show. Michael C. Hall is incredible. I love him in Six Feet Under and love him even more as Dexter.

  3. Ahhh, I'm in San Diego and it's HOT. Good news though - it's supposed to cool down this weekend!

  4. I still have zero subscribers.
    I miss the heat! I was in the deep south of America this time last year.. oh gosh it was glorious! i love the heat.

  5. Well the heat will come here soon so I'm sure your weather will cool down.
    I'm glad you had a catch up with one of your best friends. I love it when I can catch up with my girlies. It's so awesome when we get too. xx

  6. Ack, sleeping in the heat is MISERABLE!

    Also, I'm happy to be one of those 600 subscribers :)

  7. ewwwww I can't handle the heat either. Its so terrible for sleeping too. i get so grumpy and whiney when its hot like that LOL

  8. I'm not a big lover of super hot days either, so I guess living in MN, where it remains either nice or ridiculously freezing- is something I'm kinda happy for! Hope it cools off for you soon! This summer I dragged my bed into my living room so I could sleep!

    And yay for all the readers! I'm guessing I don't even have 10, but sometimes I'm ok with that! :)

  9. I have the opposite problem. My husband always gets to hot, and then he starts tossing and turning and throwing all the covers on top of me. He keeps me up all night, and neither of us are able to function the next day. At least one of you is getting some sleep!

  10. It just gets harder and harder to get together with friends the older and busier we get! But a day spent with a good friend is seriously chicken soup for the soul :)

    I'm going to sound like an idiot, but how can you tell how many people are subscribed to you on Google Reader? I've poked around a bit and can't find it!

    Congrats on your more than 600!

  11. omg, i love the new look! i swear, you need to design my layout because it's ridiculous!

  12. You know, we should swap husbands while this hot weather lasts... my husband wants to run the AC all night, while I am fine with just opening the window.

    We won't even notice... they're both "J's" :)

    Glad to hear you got to spend time with a dear friend. It's so important!

  13. 'You make my day more often than you will ever know.'

    Your blog is one of the three that always makes me go 'yay!' in my head when I see it pop up in Google Reader (among way too many blogs...).

    Thanks for writing, sharing and being such a fun, adorable blogger.

  14. At least there's always Dexter. Such a freaking great show!

  15. Weird. Boys are usually the opposite, no? Matt is ALWAYS hot. I'm like it's NORMAL. And he's like squirming and sweating and saying he's gonna lock himself in the shower where it's cool.

    And 600 subscribers?! Dude, you're like the twenty-something Dooce.

  16. It's true, some days all we need is a little time with the bestie and we are instantly refreshed. Glad you're feeling better.

    Hurrah for Netflix and a husband who helps clean =)

  17. Your blog is always beautifully refreshing. Thanks for that :) I cannot sleep when it's hot either but luckily, while my husband CAN sleep, her prefers the room to be cool so he lets me (the whiner) have the air on.

    Dexter = love. New season is starting soon!

  18. You're a rockstar, Kerri.

    That is all. :]

  19. Can't you just put the AC on when he's asleep? I hate the warm. It is tipping it down here, but I'd much rather be rained on than be to long!

    I LOVE your new banner!

  20. ok, i nearly peed muh pants when you said bed wetter! baHA!! the same thing happened to me the other night (except i was feeling sick..blah blah blah..i'll spare you the lovely details). anyhoo, that was funny, especially coming from you :)

    oh, and i totally get the whole best friend thing. we need that person. and i learned this wk, that not everyone is fortunate to have that person. so i feel extremely blessed.

    amen. :)

    p.s. 600 people? that's like a small city! all loving wishcake just as much as i do..i'm sure of it! cuh-raaazy!

  21. Bleck, it's just as hot in AZ and my parents are just as "no we are NOT leaving the AC on all night."

    And so I don't sleep. Because insomnia + hot hot nights is bad news.

  22. oh man i totally agree with you about the heat, it's ridiculous. we've definitely fallen asleep with the AC on the past week or so, it's just so freaking hot there's no way i could sleep otherwise.

    and yay for lovely days and lovely things. hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

  23. Hello darling! I just got my goodies in the mail. I seriously considered not opening them because I didn't want to ruin the packaging cuteness. But I really want magnets on my fridge... Love them! Thanks!

  24. Wow, over 600 subscribers! Crazy! I only have 5 I think, but you know, its not about the followers.

    And I agree with the heat. I live in Northern California {leaving for school in Southern California on Monday} and its even nasty here. I am not looking forward to it, not at all sir/mam.

  25. I need to get into Dexter. I hear so much about it. But there are so many TV shows I want to watch. I can't keep up. Haha. :)

    It's always good to hang out with friends. And Corona?!! Yummy. My husband totally disapproves but I like it. :)

  26. sleeping in unbearable heat with no A/C? for me, that would be grounds for divorce. (ok, I kid...a little)

    and your new header is quite lovely :)

  27. ugh i know what you mean with the heat it is ridiculous. i have been in it in both southern california and northern california and i am so over it.

    my husband does this really random thing sometimes when it is too hot to sleep... he gets a Glad zip bag (he insists it has to be Glad. apparently he actually tested all ziploc bags once and determined that Glad is the only one that doesn't leak.) and fills it with ice and puts it inside his pillow case close to wear his head lays (he doesn't lay right on it.. ow).

    he says it stays cold most of the night but i have never tried it.

    anyway, 600 subscribers?! that is awesome. i just looked at mine the other day and saw that i am almost at 100 and thought that was awesome but you take the cake :) mmm cake.

  28. You can add me to your list of subscribers, although I "technically" haven't subscribed yet. I found your blog through another blog, and put it in my bookmarks. And I've been checking it that way for a while. But I really should subscribe.

  29. I am in so cal as well and last night I was really about to chop my hair off and run a cool bath and sleep there! This heat has got to go! I love the sound of your day! i need one of those =D

  30. 600 subscribers?! Holy moly woman, no pressure or anything! ;) Heehee!
    Dude, I could NOT sleep without the a/c on at night. I'd rather suffer without it during the day and then blast it at night bc I couldn't deal...sneaky me would be waiting for Jay to fall asleep and then running to turn on the a/c for myself lol! Luckily my hubs also likes it cold at night but what we do disagree on is the fan blowing. I want to be ccccold and he hates the fan but...I win haha! Put your foot down Nancy! ;) No kidding tho, do you guys have a fan in there? It helps so much!
    Your posts make me smile and I wish I was able to comment more! Know that I'm always reading tho! :D

  31. That sounds pretty much like a perfect day. :)

    I loved season 3 of Dexter... I can't wait for season 4!

  32. We just finished watching season 3 of Dexter! It was great...and now I'm dying for Season 4~

  33. Ah! Over 600 people?! Good work Kerri!! I don't think it hurts that you're so increbile, charming, a great writer, an incredibly crafty lady.... =)

    I hope it cools down for you! I'm definitely not built to function in that weather!


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