August 1, 2009

on happiness & a shop update...

a secret note.

I'm happy to report that I'm in much higher spirits. I hate going all Negative Nancy (AKA: Bitter Betty) on you, but sometimes I just need to vent - as we all do, I suppose. In any case, I think that the grumpiness is far behind me now. And here are a few things that helped clear my head and warm my soul:

1. Making up with my husband, and getting a few extra snuggles and text messages. I love how, after making up, we sort of float along on a happy cloud for the next twenty-four hours. Almost makes an argument worth it, if I may be so bold.

2. Encouragement from all you lovely people. (Yes, I'm talking to you.) There's nothing like a bunch of sweet emails and comments to make my insides turn to mush at a moments notice. Which is definitely a good thing, even though it sounds rather disturbing.

3. Catching up with one of my best friends. It's frustrating how at this point in life, you can live down the street from someone, yet rarely get to spend any quality time with them. That's adulthood for you. Still, I guess it makes the times we are able to catch up with eachother all the sweeter. (Especially when they involve deep-dish pizza dipped in ranch, painting pottery and laughing until your mascara smudges.)

4. Finding physical proof of the ten-chapter-long Hanson fiction I wrote when I was thirteen years old. Written on lined notebook paper, in all it's glory. Yes, people. It exists. DON'T JUDGE ME. (I also noted that I had, at a certain point, written that Taylor had kissed me softly on the cheek, and noticed that I had hastily scribbled down "cheek" after erasing "lips" because I knew my mom would read it. Oh, thirteen year old me. You crafty little fox.)

5. Discovering a huge amount of creative inspiration. Creativity is a weird thing. It's always there, but sometimes I'm just at a loss as to what to do with it. As much as I like to blame the heat of summer, I can't deny that I've had a lack of inspiration when it comes to my shop. However, I turned that around in the last couple days (which definitely helped my mood - there's nothing more satisfying than coming up with something new!). Here are some photos of the new goodies:

what do you love?

what do you love, customized gift bag (you choose the words!): $3.75/each.

tiny secret notes.

tiny secret notes: $5.00/set of five.

these cards make me happy.

love is a cupcake notecard set, $6.00/set of three - also available in red, or as a single card for $2.50!

new gift bag.

open me gift bag: $2.00/each.

you are nice.

you are nice flat notecards: $4.50/set of three.

giddy, are you?

you make me giddy card: $2.50/each (soon-to-be listed!).

mini-mum hair pins.

mini-mum hair pins (available in peach, yellow & purple - more colors soon!): $5.50/set.


  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better. We all have those negative nancy days, but the moment when the sun starts to peek through a little and our mood shifts? It's the best ever. (And I agree. Extra snuggles and nice texts make the arguing so worth it)

    You are always so creative with the tings you put up in your shop, I am in awe of the adorable little things that you come up with, really. I have boxes and boxes of crafty things that I never use... so sad.


  2. I think everyone has those moments, I know that I do!

    Cute new cards and such :)

  3. As soon as I get a job, I'm buying hair pins from you. Seriously cute.

  4. The cards are adorable! I especially like the "open me" ones.

  5. I'm in love with the customized gift bag (:

  6. adorable!!!!! I love your new creations! They are so, so cute... hmmm, a wishcake purchase may be in my near future. :)

    I'm so glad you're feeling more cheery and that is all right again. We all get those moods, and it's never fun... but thankfully there are always many lovely things just waiting around the bend to cheer us up!

    ps. at first, i thought you wrote "making OUT with my husband"... which, let's face it, would probably work too. :)
    pps. a Hanson novel??? That is so funny, and I love you.

  7. Glad you're feeling better and all that stuff for the shop is adorable!!!

  8. I absolutely hate when I get into Negative Nancy moods, but I love when I turn that leaf over and get into my normal Optimistic Olivia (just made that up, am I allowed? Lol.) attitude.

    And I totally agree on the creative thing. I feel it all the time, and never know what to do with it, like you said. And then comes the lack of inspiration because you simply don't know what to do with all your pent up creative juices.

    And PS: I will totally buy a customized muslim bag, except its hard to find out what I would want to have written underneath "I LOVE" lol. And I love the bag with the Mason jar and buttons "inside" it. Coveting? Yes.
    Have a blessed day. =D

  9. Oh my, an entire Hanson story?! Impressive. Very, very impressive.

  10. Hey I have some of those hair pins!!! Hooray!!

  11. That craftyness is gorgeous...thanks for sharing all the beautiful things you have been inspired to make! It's inspired me!

  12. Such cute new items for your shop. I love the "you make me giddy" card. I would totally buy one, if I had someone that made me giddy. Sigh.

    Also, I love that you wrote Hanson fan-fiction. I used to read stories like that online when I was younger. I always wanted Taylor to kiss me on the lips too. Oh man, we were so cool back then! Haha :)

  13. Oh hurrah that things are look up :) The new things in your shop are so cute! And ha! That's awesome that you wrote Hanson fan fic (and toned it down for you Mom :)

  14. Kerri! Your new things are my favorite so far for sure. :) Awesome.

    Summer has made me quite ambivalent about my Etsy shop, if I am honest. I'm more about sunshine and road trips and family right now than trying to sew.

    Which I'm actually letting myself do without guilt! (Most of the time...)

    You are a rock star.

  15. What's this about Hanson fiction and can we get a few snippets? Lol. I didn't write back in the days ( usually just diary ) but I had the same fascination to backstreet boys and Nsync.

    Glad you feel better, Kerri :)

  16. such cute little crafts!! :-) glad you are happy too! it's much better when you are bright and shiney! hehe!

  17. couple things (also, hi, i'm catching up on blogs this weekend!): #1 i have written backstreet boys fic. oh yes. it was even on the internet for a time. i think it might still be, but you'd have to look pretty hard.

    #2 i am so happy you're feeling better.

    #3 your stuff is SO. CUTE. i will be emailing you to kinda tell you what's up with the roommate's wedding thing... :)

  18. The "You make me giddy" notecard makes me is perfect!

    I'm glad you're feeling better, doll.

  19. oh the shop items are so cute! Glad you are in a better mood! And so funny about the fan fiction! haha. I never wrote fan fiction but I do admit I did read it.

  20. Your goodies are encouraging me to pay off my flights to the UK earlier so I can splurge on pretty things!

  21. This post made me smile!

    Love the crafts. So pretty and if I had the $$(just paid rent and bills..oi) i would so buy almost everything you listed! LOL.

    You like Painting Pottery huh? We just opened up a Pottery Painting kiosk @ Downtown Disney. Check out the link @ the top of my blog if ya want more info. :)

    I have about 10 Hanson stories. In all of them, I was with Zac. Hehe :D Gotta love those days!!

  22. Hmm, I think you're going to have to post your Hanson fiction now. It would most definitely brighten my day.

    Also? Love the new items. Very sweet.

  23. Your creations or so adorable I can't stand it! I get in those "moods" alot too and I don't know why. It's just a part of life I guess. Glad you are back!

  24. Oh your such a sweetie! I adore the news items you have created they seem so 'you.' And completely glad that you are in a better mood.
    Sounds like you are really appreciating life and everything else.

    Oh my I'm sure that Hanson fiction would be fun to read!

  25. I'm glad you're perking up. Your cards are adorable. I've been trying to get inspired for our housewarming invitations and I really love the fonts you used. So classy and simple.

  26. I adore all the new goodies you have created. I am likely going to have to indulge and buy a few things from you soon.

    Glad you had a good weekend and made up with the boy!

  27. Cute stuff for the shop. I'm glad you're feeling better.

  28. Your cards are adorable. I love your shop (recently, I got one of your wallets and love love love it!)- I do have a question, do you use stamps or printed ink on your cards? I only ask because I'm trying to make a friend a journal (she's going through a tough time) with a favorite quote on it and was wondering how you did it?

    Glad you are feeling better. And I agree- the make-up is sometimes worth the fight.

  29. Girlfriend, these are so cute!

  30. aw yay for being in a better mood and love everything in your shop. seriously i need to stop buying stuff for everyone else and just buy something in your shop for me now, haha.

  31. I kept hearing about how fabulous your blog was so I finally decided to come look... and your work is beautiful!

    I'm glad you're having a better day--although I totally know what you mean about the 24hrs post argument with Hubs. I like that too. :)

  32. Glad to hear things are going well for you... and those things are adorable! When I have money (which might be in a few months) I'm going to go crazy in your shop!

  33. LOVE all the new stuff :)
    your photography is wonderful!

    I have those lotus bowls, they are so lovely!



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