July 14, 2009

on a few thoughts & snapshots...


[my sister Nikki, playing photographer.]

I'm feeling truly content at the moment. For many reasons. I just thought I'd share a few (or, as it turns out, ten):

1. Jay came home last night after a weekend away, and we were all snuggled up on the couch - laughing and happy. Those are the best moments in a marriage. The moments where we are truly ourselves, when he decides to give me another ridiculous nickname, when I do something silly that makes him laugh (and perhaps question my sanity, too - but whatever), when he kisses me on the forehead and says he loves me. I'm a true believer in the idea that it's the little things in life, the little moments, that truly carry us through our days.

2. Um, I started running again. Kind of. For, like, the fifteenth time this year? Oh, well. It still counts.

I want him for my own.

[my nephew, Jonas - so adorable that I would like to request an exact replica when we have kids someday.]

3. As, always, I've been doing a lot of thinking about finding contentment in myself, and the person I am. There are days I feel like an absolute goddess, and there are days where I feel absolutely disgusted. For the most part, I'm okay. I guess that sometimes I just think that I'll magically wake up one morning with a wonderful body image and incredible self esteem. Until that happens, I do appreciate days where I'm simply content with being me. I just wish they would last longer.

4. I've come across a bit of extra money and some free goodies recently, which is enough to provoke a happy dance that lasts a good thirty minutes. I'm not even kidding.

on the water.

[my incredible sister-in-law, with two of her kids.]

5. When it comes to the current state of my baby fever, I'm actually doing okay. Jay and I had a great conversation the other day (at happy hour, where all great conversations are to be had, obviously). After our recent trip to visit family, and since most conversations had been peppered with questions about whether or not we were planning on having kids soon, I really wanted to talk with him about it again. I was expecting another eye-roll and a response about how I seriously needed to calm down with the baby fever thing and why are we having this conversation again AHHHH?! Instead, he ended up being thoughtful, explaining exactly why he simply doesn't feel ready. And, really? I got it. I finally understand where he's coming from. I think that guys just aren't as well versed when it comes to their feelings. Who would have thought, eh? Right. Anyway.

6. I absolutely adore my online friends (I'm waiting for the day my husband stops judging me for it, too). I'm looking forward to meeting up with a few Southern California bloggers again soon, I'm planning on doing a split photo zine with the lovely Jane Boston, I'm coming up with a post for Hair Thursday at the request of Whoorl (who is a total gem), I've received a few etsy orders from blogging friends and it always makes my heart explode with joy, and Ashley is going to be in the area soon and can I just say how excited I am to meet her? Hurrah for lovely, blogging goodness!

This is her mischevious face.

[my neice, Lucia, with her mischevious grin.]

7. I am feeling so incredibly encouraged, in so many ways. The feedback to my faith post was just more than I could have ever asked for. I've had some great talks with close friends, and was especially thankful to have some extra time with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law over the holiday weekend. Creatively, I have been challenged and inspired so incredibly much recently, which is amazing. I feel like almost every part of my life is getting better and better.

8. I have a few current obsessions that bring me more joy than perhaps they should: unlimited good hair days thanks to my flat iron, seasons one and two of Weeds, the theme song to Weeds (which I have had stuck in my head for the last three days), the Jack Johnson station on Pandora, 7 layer dip, putting together a pay-it-forward package for a lovely friend, and chai lattes with vanilla.

my little friend.

[a photoshoot with a small, plastic elephant is perfectly normal - I swear.]

9. I've had a lot of time to myself lately, which has been nice. I've been able to regroup. I'm one of those people who needs some serious "me" time, and it's definitely felt good to not have to be anywhere or do anything lately. Also, Jay was gone this past weekend, which meant I was free to sleep like a spidermonkey and have the whole bed to myself, which I'm ashamed to admit I sometimes look forward to. Because it is awesome. (And sometimes I like to sleep diagonally, and when my husband is around he doesn't seem to enjoy that. Not sure why.)

10. Things are coming together. As they always do. And it just feels good to realize that.


  1. This whole post is so lovely and cheerful it makes me smile! Also, WHOORL WANTS YOU TO DO SOMETHING?! AAHHHH! So excited for you!

    I'm just so glad life is going so wonderfully for one of the sweetest people I "know."

    Yay you!


  2. It's so strange, but reading about another blogger being so happy and at-peace makes me feel more so. It's like paying it forward and changing the energy of the blogosphere :)

    Your feeling like a goddess one day and disgusted the next really hit home with me. I go through that a lot as well, and part of me wonders if the ups and downs of those feelings are just a part of womanhood. We have so many strengths and talents, that's for sure, but there will always be challenges and bad days for as long as we live. Having the strength to pull ourselves up from those bad days makes us the amazing creatures that we are :)

  3. You are a beautiful soul.

  4. This is such a lovely post...just like your hair. ;)

  5. It's so nice to be in that happy place! Great photos!

  6. i love posts like this - happy, thoughtful, thankful posts. and your first point is so right about hanging out doing nothing being some of the best times. one of my fave descendents songs says 'Cause all I ever really want to do is sit around doing nothing with you. Because nothing's only fun when you're there'

  7. Um...seriously. Can I purchase some photos from you soon? You are amazingly talented!

  8. I am so very much looking forward to a package. :D

  9. I've also been really into Weeds lately...and the theme song. ;)

    I also need a lot of "me" time. I've had quite of a bit of it my whole life and when I don't have it (like when my in-laws were visiting), I go - quite literally - crazy.

    The photos are beautiful but the one of your SIL and her kids is a-mazing!

  10. Fist time commenting, but I must say I love your posts and your blog (especially your awesome photography skills) you seem so postive and upbeat. Love it!

  11. #3 reminded me of this Brian Andreas quote:

    "There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling rain & remember it is enough to be taken care of by myself."

  12. I find that with each post, you become that much more of an inspiration to me. I'm really looking forward to enjoying the small moments (exactly as they are), and having an honest conversation with my own Jay about our future, and maybe, just maybe, enjoying having the house to myself for a couple of days.
    Thank you!

  13. Hooray for happiness!! These are all quite wonderful things, so I am happy FOR you, my dear. I love what Lauryn said about "changing the energy of the blogosphere". That is so true!!

    I'm sort of (okay, a lot) jealous that you're meeting up with other bloggers and one of them is not me. hehe. You are at the very tippy-top of my "bloggers I MUST meet in real life so I can squeeze them" list. Someday!!!

    ps. thank you so much for the sweet comments you left on my posts... comments from you always make me happy. :)

  14. I am genuinely so glad that things are going so well for you :) I read your blog a fair bit, though I'm not sure if I have actually de-lurked and left a comment before. Your blog has inspired me to go out today and look for the little things that make me smile. Maybe I will be posting my own blog along these lines sometime soon? Hope so,
    Blue Eyes xx

  15. I'm so glad you go to have that talk with Jay. And I know it's been said, but your photos are absolutely stunning!

  16. Lol on sleeping diagonally!! I love your posts, this one especially is full of goodness. I like your propensity to steer more towards the uplifting than the upsetting.

  17. I love this post! You're such a great writer and photographer :)

  18. What a lovely happy post. I love your blog.

  19. You are so sweet. I love to count things down and list the good things as well. It keeps the good at the fore front of your mind. ;)

  20. I think we all go through ups and downs with body image. Lord knows I do! But you shouldn't - cause you are beautiful!

    Also, Weeds is such a great show. I need to get back into that one. I've been finding free episodes of Dexter season 3 online because I'm still obsessed. Oh well!

  21. You are such a terrific photographer. Those kids are adorable, and if I could, I'd e-steal them. (Or e-borrow them. That sounds nicer).

    Also? Your hair is my favourite. Love it, always.

  22. Have I mentioned that my name is Ali and I LOVE your blog? Because I do.

  23. You're one of the nicest sweetest bloggers I've ever read. You're very blessed with amazing family, husband and friends..even blogger ones. :)

  24. My fiance has the theme song to Weeds as his ring tone! Love it!

  25. I agree, you are the sweetest blogger I read too. You always brighten my day a little when you post.

    The pictures are absolutely gorgeous too.

  26. 1. I love your pictures.
    2. I checked out Jack Johnson's Pandora station & LOVE it. Thanks.
    3. My husband walks around the house going "Bloggy Bloggy Blogggggger." & laughs hysterically. Not funny.

  27. Beautiful photography and you truly have a lovely heart, it truly shines on this post! I live in Southern CA, have fun with your bloggy friends! :)

  28. this post just made me all sorts of happy inside. i love how everything is falling into place for you, i am just so happy for you. and can't wait to hang out again!

  29. All my best convos w/ Matt are had at happy hour. Gosh, is that unhealthy?
    I will say no.

  30. found you on 20SB... and wow your pictures are fantastic, and the way you write and this post made me smile.

  31. It is so nice to know of someone else who really relishes spending time alone. I was starting to feel like a freak!

    Your blog always gives me such a happy feeling after I read it :)

  32. great, thoughtful post! much enjoyed it!

  33. Great post. I'm glad to hear that life is good.


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