July 16, 2009

on the always, the sometimes & the never...

the braid.

I always...

  • want to order dessert.
  • get a little too excited when MMMBop comes on my iPod.
  • am down for a glass of wine (or three).
  • want to take photos of everything around me, even if I don't actually take them.
  • end up watching pretty much any Vh1 reality show, and I'm not even ashamed.
  • get freckles in the summer.

I sometimes...

  • wonder where life would have taken me, had I done a few things differently.
  • do a little dance in the elevator at work, when I'm all alone.
  • feel the need to do something a little dangerous - even though I'm such a goodie-goodie.
  • miss people too much.
  • need to spend a day completely and entirely alone.
  • try to go three days without washing my hair (and always regret it).

I never...

  • swear without feeling guilty afterwards.
  • liked mustard or asparagus until this past year.
  • want to forget what it feels like to fall in love.
  • return anything efficiently (library books, phone calls, clothes I borrow, etc.).
  • get tired of my husband's ridiculous jokes.
  • will get bangs, even though I have an unhealthy desire to have them.

(inspired by Brandy and Kyla!)


  1. I always miss people too much and I always feel bad after I swear :)You're not alone!

  2. I'm with ya on the Day 3 hair. In the morning, it's always, "Hey, it doesn't look tooooo bad," but by noon, it's grease city. TMI maybe, sorry.

  3. I do the same thing with cursing.

    And you've inspired me to do my own post like this that I'm typing...right now.

  4. I did a post like this today, too, inspired by Kyla!

    I'm always up for a glass of wine (or two) as well :-)

    Love your blog.

  5. Bangs are almost always a mistake.

  6. Come to the Hanson concert in Bako Kerri!! oh wait, you've already seen them yes? And i think if I remember correctly it was a let down. oh poo. I'm going to try and forget about that ;D

    I am a HORRIBLE commenter on your blog but i'm ALWAYS here reading (ok not ALWAYS, that sounds way creepster, like i do nothing but sit at *your wishcake* all day long) and i always have so much to say but can never seem to find the right words/dont have enough time at once to say what i want.
    whoa, holy longness. my point is umm, i love your blog! annnnd, i must find some way to actually comment instead of just nodding my head and speaking out loud to my computer screen.
    this list was awesome, i was inspired by Kyla as well and wanted to do a post of my own. I think I shall!
    g'day :)

  7. I heart this list :)

    I always...

    Heart reading your blog.

    I sometimes...

    Think we are the same person.

    I never...

    Want to lose touch!


  8. I loved reading this... I always love your blog. Your writing is so sincere which makes it easy to relate to. I feel like you could accurately speak for all 20-something girls around the world.

  9. Love your take on this! And I love that you never want to forget the feeling of falling in love, I completely relate to that feeling =)

  10. Why can't I have hair like you?! Why?!!?

  11. ohhh I'm definitely always down for some wine and desserts too.

    Bangs are the coolest!

  12. I love MMMBop too. I totally blast it (and other old school Hanson songs) in my car whenever they come on. And if I happen to be at a stop light with all the windows down? So much the better!

  13. oh how i agree with the hair washing. i'm all "looks pretty good!" in the morning, and but by lunch i'm a hot mess and am wishing a ball cap was acceptable work attire.

    and? dancing in elevators solo is my favourite. as well as in my office when the guys are out =)

  14. Thank you. Bangs are taking over the world, and it's bothering me.

  15. You've inspired me to try one of those braids in my hair.. beautiful! :)

  16. I miss people too much too. It ruins my whole day sometimes. Perhaps it's an Eastern Washington thing...

  17. I love this. I can so relate the swearing. Every time one slips I'm like "ooo no, why did I say that??" haha.

  18. I agree with so many of the things on your list. I ALWAYS have room for dessert! It's sort of a problem, lol.

    What a fun list. I may do one of these too!

  19. Hi! :)

    I came across your blog from "Love, Shannon"'s Blog for the 101 in 1001 days.

    I absolutely LOVE your blog. It's SO organized!

    I had to take a minute a comment about 2 things from this post.

    #1-Rocking out to MMMBop. You go girl! Lol. I was a fellow Hanson fan myself 10 years ago. I too, find myself boppin around still when I hear this song. :)

    #2- I too will never have bangs, but really want them! LOL.

    Can't wait to read more!

  20. Fantastic idea, and very insightful!

  21. Just to say that you inspired me to complete this myself on my blog. Here it is: http://treasurethememories.blogspot.com/2009/07/alwayssometimesnever.html

    Take care,
    Blue Eyes xx

  22. i'm really glad i'm not the only one out there with mmmbop on their ipod!!!


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