June 1, 2009

on things that are presently consuming my life...

Here are a few obsessions that have been consuming my life these days:

1. Jericho. Um, hello? How did I never hear about this show? Mother of mercy. I don't think I can even put into words how obsessed I am with it. (But, of course, I'll attempt to.) I have, quite literally, watched twelve episodes in the last two days. And, given that every episode is about 42 minutes long, I don't even want to figure out what percentage of those days I've spent glued to Jay's laptop, watching episode after episode on Netflix. Let's just say, it's been a lot.

Like, I think that I fell asleep on the couch with the laptop burning a hole through my thighs last night, but still refused to turn it off.

Really, though? The show is genius! I can't get enough! At the end of every episode, it's like I can't physically not click on the next one. It's like a sickness. I laugh, I cry, I talk to the screen, I become entirely too emotionally invested in the story lines, etc. This morning, Jay got back from his run and was all, "Oh, you haven't turned on Jericho yet for the day? That's surprising." And I was all, "DUDE! YES! HOW COULD I FORGET! GIVE ME THE LAPTOP, STAT!" He judges me, but refuses to watch it with me (AKA: has a life) and I feel he will never fully have the appreciation for this show that I do. Sad, really.

So, all of you need to immediately start watching it. I need someone to vent to about all the crazy shenanigans that are going down. Badly.

2. Costco. Seriously, I should not be trusted in this store alone. Last week, I ended up making a trip there by myself, and right when I walked through the doors, I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins. It's an issue, really. Everywhere I turn in that store, I see something that I need to buy. Because everything is really appealing, for some reason.

Breakfast taquitos? I LOVE BREAKFAST TAQUITOS!
Ed Hardy shirts? I LOVE ED HARDY SHIRTS!
75 rechargeable batteries? I LOVE 75 RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES!
Huge jar of Joint Juice? I LOVE HUGE JARS OF JOINT JUICE!

When, in reality, I've never eaten a breakfast taquito in my life, I don't own any Ed Hardy shirts, we have absolutely no need for any more rechargeable batteries, and Joint Juice? Really? What is that? Quite frankly, it grosses me out. It makes me physically ill. Yet, when I'm in Costco, it seems like something I desperately need to add to my life.

Luckily, this time I only strayed a bit from my shopping list. The only extra things I walked out with were a ridiculously huge thing of Smirnoff Vodka (I'm not an alcoholic, I just look like one when I shop at Costco), a box of adorably tiny cups of hummus (the cuteness is almost too much) and a huge box of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches (I couldn't physically resist).

3. Las Vegas. I can't stop fixating on the fact that there are only four days until I leave for Vegas to meet some incredible bloggers. There are hardly words to describe my giddiness. Weee! As they say: let the shenanigans begin! (Well, okay, maybe I'm the only one saying that. Whatever.)

So, what are some things presently consuming your lives? Do tell. (Especially if they involve Jericho, Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and Las Vegas. Then I'll feel like less of a hot mess.)


  1. So the "I LOVE..." stuff made me laugh out loud, for real. I have not been to Costco for fear that I will come home with 8794867 of those giant, delicious muffins as well as your big thing of Smirnoff (because vodka is magic and can be mixed with anything so I totally don't judge you for buying a big one.) And I think the only thing I'd NEED to buy in bulk are chips and salsa. The husband eats them like they're vitamins.

    Coffee is consuming my life as of late. Thankfully I get free drinks at work, haha.

  2. I feel like the only person on the planet that becomes intensely uncomfortable in places like Costco, also Ikea. Everyone else loves them and I'm perfectly willing to stay far, far away. But that's OK, I'm used to being the odd one out sometimes. ;)

    I love your obsession with Jericho, I'm like that with Bones. If there is an episode on the DVR, I'm all, "WATCH OUT, THE TV IS MINE FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES FOR ME TO SEE ALL OF THESE!"

    Also? Hemp milk, if you have never used it you are missing out. It is basically the nectar of the gods...

  3. okay costco did the same exact thing to us this weekend but our splurge items were a giant bag of mini bell peppers (like 30 of them- how are two people going to eat 30 mini bell peppers before they go bad) and pot stickers (cause they were one of the free tasters. we are suckers for costco thankfully the crowds (we went on saturday) keeps us from going to often.

    have fun in Las Vegas I wish I was going with you all.

  4. brenda elizabeth6/1/09, 9:17 PM

    Ah! Your "I LOVE ___!" list cracked me up too. (EDIT: I just reread it and it cracked me up again.)

    Gilmore Girls consumes my life. For like eight years. I watch episode after episode and I never get tired of them. I have them memorized (seriously, most of them), so I guess they're comforting to me? So tell Jay not to judge you too harshly until you're still repeating these episodes in 2017.

    But, um, yeah...Costco makes me really angry. My man adores it and everything they sell is golden for him, but I turn into a rabid beast when we get inside there. I feel sorry for him, I really do.

  5. My husband just got a membership at Costco. I am excited about it!!! :)

  6. 1. Sam's Club (identical to Costco).
    2. buying my puppy way more chew toys than a 4 pound dog would ever need.
    3. toaster strudel.

    that is all :)

  7. Oh, yesss...Skinny Cow. One is sitting happily in my tummy even as I type!

  8. shenanigans... phenomena?


  9. Ah yes, I know all too well the feeling of being compelled to watch more Jericho. Lucky you are watching on DVD and didn't have to wait a week to get your Jericho fix.

    Good news - more Jericho is coming. A graphic novel will be due out this fall and a Jericho movie is in development!


    P.S. Keep working on your husband, sooner or later most family members become hooked.

  10. Question! What's Jericho? Seriously. Aside from the New Love Of Your Life... what is it? What's it about?

    Also, I can't go to Costaco unsupervised without a list. Because... I get in trouble.

  11. let's see.... America's Next Top Model (they play reruns ALL the time on Oxygen, and I've gotten quite addicted. It's awful) and Bones are my TV obsessions right now.

    I'm also quite in love with sugar-free chocolate pudding cups. What, you mean they're not a diet food if you eat three of them in one sitting?? Shoot.

    I LOVE COSTCO!! :)

    actually, our membership ran out and we do Sam's Club now, because it's literally two minutes from our house, but it's the same thing, basically. Temptation in bulk.

  12. 1. I think that joint juice stuff is really strange tasting.

    2. I haven't been to Costco since December (my parents have a membership, I don't). I really need to go sometime soon, because I am down to THREE rolls of toilet paper. Must buy a mother lode of TP & restock!

    3. I'm taking the LSAT on Monday and have been studying for it & thinking about what that experience will be like.

    4. Been contemplating the new place I'm moving into later this month... how will I decorate it? How will things be different from the way they are now.

    5. I have never heard of that Jericho series... but you're making me want to check it out!

    Sending hugs for a happy Tuesday.

  13. Oh God- don't even get my STARTED on Costco. Sometimes I just go in there when I'm bored to wander around, eat free cheese samples, and ponder what it would be like to need to purchase 2039480948 rolls of toilet paper at once.

  14. I just started watching tonight because you peaked my interest. I'm on Ep. 3 and I can't stop. It's 2am. HELP!

  15. Seeing how we obviously have the same amazing and tastefully trashy taste when it comes to television, I can only completely and totally trust you about this series. I must check it out, because I will be your show gossip buddy. And Skinny Cow? I lurrrve Skinny Cow.

  16. My hubs and I were pretty much obsessed with Jericho when it was on tv. I wasn't into it at first...but it got really good near the end. So sad they didn't renew it. The dad was my fave...

    Also, hubs has a "Don't Tread on Me" license plate on the front of his car. Yeah.

    And Costco is pretty much my favorite place ever...there churros are fantastic and we also enjoy the "tastings!"

  17. Let the shenanigans begin! There, I'll say it with you. Las Vegas is currently consuming MY life as well, and I think I'm going to pack tonight and THAT makes me ridiculously giddy. Also consuming my life? The need (and ability!) to de-clutter. Seriously, I can't get rid of enough and it feels SO good. See you Friday!

  18. I went to Vegas last year. It was roughly 50 degrees and I had never been so uncomfortable in my entire life. But whenever I hear Katy Perry singing about waking up in Vegas... I start to miss waking up in Vegas.

  19. I looove icecream sanwiches, although I only had my first this year. They're not big in Australia so I hadn't even seen them. Now I am in love with Maxibons :half icecream, half icecream sandwich. mmmMMM!

    I'm consumed by not having a car at the moment, as my hub crashed it, but I'm enjoying getting out and about in the real world with all the other real world people I used to drive past before. And I'm consumed by Laguna Beach (I know, tacky and old but we're behind here with that too, and I just love trash), and I'm consumed by the fact that a show I used to be consumed by (Lost) is now on so late on a Wednesday night (11pm) that I hardly watch it anymore (cue putting my name down at my local blockbuster for the dvd when it gets released. Season 5 rocks. We just got Jericho here too but I'm too scared to watch it.... ?? Eek. I need my husband for these shows (I never watch Lost alone).
    Oh, and I'm consumed by watching Russell Brand on Youtube -do it. He's funny as muck :)

  20. Friends. All-consuming.

    My parents wouldn't let me watch it when it was actually on television. So know that I'm "mature" & can watch Chandler spout off jokes laced with sexual innuendo, I have started from season one. I can't put into words how I feel about that show.

    I'll have to check out Jericho. :)

  21. Every time Shannon and I take a trip to Sam's we ALWAYS end up putting half of our cart back!

    I will tell you something our dogs are obsessed with are bubbles. They LOVE bubbles. They go from nice to neurotic as soon as I start blowing bubbles :)

  22. 1. i have never heard of this jericho show. i feel like i'm missing out on something super amazing and it makes me sad.

    2. we don't have costco in jersey. clearly california > jersey. not having costco is a good thing because i'd probably walk out with lots of cinnamon rolls in the boxes (do they have those? we had a bulk store that like sold house sized boxes of cinnamon rolls), breakfast taquitos and huge 5 pound bags of swedish fish. like my ass needs THAT.

    3. can you believe we'll be hanging out in... three days? i can't. i might be freaking out a little. vegas is consuming my life. it just needs to get here already.


  23. I don't watch Jericho, but I've marathoned enough shows on DVD to know how addicting slash wonderful it can be.

    Also, VEGAS! I'm super excited. Packing, though, is definitely consuming my life, since, really, I'm passing through Vegas while moving to LA. So, please don't judge me when I roll off my plane with two giant suitcases. They aren't only for the weekend, I swear!

  24. Every time I'm in Costco I feel like I immediately need everything in packs of 100 000. I need a whole skid of kleenex. No less than 100 cans of soup will stock our kitchen. And then I get home and realize that WOW Costco is bigger than my house and where am I going to put this stuff!

  25. Hmmm, I have Netflix, and I need a new hobby. Perhaps this Jericho is a solution!

  26. oh goodness, when i discovered jericho, watching it was all i did. my homework severely suffered those weeks!

  27. I hear you about Costco... it's ridiculous! I started going there to SAVE money, not to spend more (but our grocery bill has definitely gone up since we started shopping there ;)).
    There stuff is soooo good though!

    Have fun in Vegas!

  28. My life obsessions have become so disgustingly domestic it makes me sick.

    I've been researching cloth diapers and "green" HE laundry detergent.

    I'm obsessed with my organic vegetable farm and how to get my hydrangas blue without Miracle Gro.

    I really wish that bottle of vodka was for me!

  29. I'm scared of watching Jericho because it will CONSUME ME. I know several people who love love love that show and your description is tempting!

  30. Costco is a very TRICKY place. It's gotten the best of me a time or two...

  31. 1. I was hot for Jericho about a year and a half ago. I was SO EFFING PISSED OFF that the show got canceled. Twice. GRRRRRR. It really was awesome. I loved it.

  32. skinny cow chocolate fudge cones? oh my yumminess.

    costco and sam's club scare me. i think it's the immense size of condiments (really, 125 oz of ketchup is necessary?) but it does seem like fun for other things like clothes/books, etc.

  33. Take me to Vegasssssss...my life is so dull compared to you. :D Breakfast taquitos sound lovely btw.

  34. I love Jericho!!! Tyler and I watched it a while back when it was on TV and I miss it. I don't even know what happened to it and I need me some more Jericho.

    Have a fabulous time in Las Vegas!

  35. Sooo, what's the show about? :) Since apparently I am too lazy to Google it. I mean..i am really busy...working. Or reading your blog, or something. Most of my shows are over so I need some more things to wattcchhh. Dang...no life here!

  36. Hot mess you are not! Indulgences and weaknesses make us unique and human and they make life oh-so-much more enjoyable!

    I've heard of Jericho but I haven't a clue what it's about! I'm afraid to add yet another TV show to my list of those to catch up on, but now I'm curious!

  37. I've never been to Costco. It doesn't help that I live in Chicago and don't have a car - so by necessity I have to walk to stores nearby and buy only what I can carry.

    See you in Vegas!

  38. Oh you make me laugh, I definitely agree with you on Costco. I have enough toothpaste to last me until I need dentures. Seriously, it's horrible.

    Right now I'm currently obsessed with finding the perfect summer dresses, nailing the speech for my best friends wedding and my fantasy baseball team. And I know nothing about baseball.

    Lastly, (why are my comments to your posts always so long?!) I hope you have the VERY best time in Vegas. I'm so jealous I'm not going but I hope that it's everything you want it to be and oh, so much more!

  39. I love the blurb above this comment box. I love that you just said I am a peach. (Yes, only me. No one else get's that message, right? Right? That's what I thought.)

    I made a new blog. Mostly because I need an outlet. I PROMISE I will try to keep this one. I like the title. I need to personalize the page though and give it some personality. The tagline is temporary... but I think the title in all lower case and slightly childish would be adoreable. Yes? Yes. You new picture off to the left there is ADOREABLE! Stop being so cute, I cannot handle it.

  40. Consuming my life:
    The O.C. (How did I ever NOT watch this show??)
    Reading Tweets on Twitter (Every time I get back onto my computer I have to see everything I missed!)
    Choir (I got pulled into Chamber choir at school two weeks before the concert cause they kicked someone out and had faith I could pick up six songs by the concert)

    NOT consuming my life:
    Facebook! I'm facebook fasting for a week. Yay!

  41. ohmigosh i love jericho! nick saw it at target and bought it and we were hooked. we watched it straight and finished all the seasons. i'm so sad there is no more! have fun in vegas!


  42. yaaaay vegas!

    that is all :)

  43. I may have some issues with Costco myself. I get so giddy about the idea of the free samples, it's ridiculous really.

  44. I have that problem at Costco all the time! We always go to pick up very specific things, and end up leaving with more oversized boxes of food than I know what to do with!

    I cannot believe we will be in Vegas on Friday!!!! I really need to get packing...

  45. Your blog is brilliant. I'm so glad I came across it.

  46. I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?


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