May 27, 2009

on some recent happenings...

I can hardly believe I haven't posted in a week. I guess that, as it is with many bloggers, sometimes I feel the urge to just live things and not write about them.

At least, not immediately.

And that's not to say that I'm not writing posts in my head throughout the day. (It's like a sickness, but sometimes I convince myself that it's just my creative mind, constantly at work. Who really knows? I have a very Scrubs-esque monologue going on in my head pretty much constantly. It's thoroughly entertaining to me, anyway.)

I've been remarkably busy lately. It's been nice to fill up my planner with things of actual substance. In the last several days, I've done the following things:

1. Spent half a day at Disneyland with Jay and his cousin, Cami. She is an absolute gem, and we had the greatest time bonding over the pure heaven that is pineapple whip.
2. Made a bunch of sales over at the shop, and have basically become BFF's with the people at my local post office. I love that they know me now, and part of me always wants to start singing, "Where everybody knows my naaaaame..." Except maybe then they'd probably begin to pretend to not know me, and that would make me cry.
3. Done entirely too much wondering about myself, what it is I want, and what it is that I need to simply accept.
4. Finished both of Chelsea Handler's books. Slightly inappropriate, yet entirely hilarious.
5. Realized how young body image issues can begin, which made me want to cry and hug the next generation of girls all at once. (And also punch our modern culture in the face.)
6. Cheered on my husband while he finished his first (and perhaps last) marathon in 4 hours, 4 minutes!
7. And by "cheered on" I mean "ate breakfast at Carl's Jr. and then slept in my car for three hours". Don't judge me. I realize that I am basically a baked potato compared to the ridiculously healthy people running the LA Marathon. And I guess I'm okay with that. (Actually, I'm not, but whatever.)
8. Was offered an incredible opportunity by Brand About Town to be a brand enthusiast for a super awesome clothing company. However, I like to keep the mystery alive, and will only talk about it after it's official. I must just say that the very idea of me getting to try out some new clothes for free makes me want to do a little jig. Weeee!

Aaaaand that's that. But I do have some posts that I've been writing in my head for some time now (you thought I was kidding, eh?) and have a lot more to write that will just have to wait.


  1. "I guess that, as it is with many bloggers, sometimes I feel the urge to just live things and not write about them." Yes! Exactly. I get this.

    Also? My cardio workout comes from playing dodgeball with seven year olds and not from marathons, so if you are a baked potato- I am too! (And I'm excited to hear more about this mystery clothing project. Sounds fun!)

    Oh! And I read your tweet about the body issues- so sad that they start so young. :(

  2. 'I have a very Scrubs-esque monologue going on in my head pretty much constantly." I was totally thinking to myself me too me too after I read that line. You are so funny and cute. I think in a way we are soul mates. haha

    I would have been sitting right next to you in a fast food coma at your hubby's marathon. And speaking of food I guess I should get ready to go get dinner. Being in Montana is doing wonders for my eating habits. And by wonders I mean completely effing me up.

  3. Congrats to your husband on finishing the marathon! That's a really good time! My parents are just starting training for one, so it's all I hear about lately.

    Also, I totally know how you feel with composing posts in your head. I do that all the time, and lately, have had a lot of trouble actually getting it written down.

  4. I always wander off for a week then come back to write an incoherent list about the things I experienced in the past 7 days. We all understand *patpat* I always think of neat things to write about too, then forget to actually do the writing. Congrats on selling stuff in your shop too, I wish mine would do better... *works diligently* lol!! I am such an Etsy noob!

  5. I'm dealing with this now -- "I guess that, as it is with many bloggers, sometimes I feel the urge to just live things and not write about them."

  6. 1. I totally write posts in my head. All. the. time.
    2. What the heck is pineapple whip?! I need to know. I love anything with pineapple.

  7. I always think of what I want to write, but only half of it makes it to my blog!

  8. I write multiple posts in my head every single day but they don't always make it to the actual blog.

    Saw your tweet about the body image issues and it is so sad.

  9. I'm a big advocate for being confident in ourselves and what we look like as much as we possibly can (I mean, we all have our weak spots) just because of the next generations that are watching us and learning to not like their bodies because we don't like ours. I always want to blame others, but I know that it has to start with me because I'm one they learn the behavior from.

    You are absolutely lovely, the branding thing sounds fabulous, and how amazing of your husband! I know I don't want to run a marathon, but I should set some smaller running goals just to feel healthier and have more energy, you know? ;)

  10. Yay! I love Brand About Town. They hooked me up as a Nintendo Brand Enthusiast :)

  11. Re: #6, WOOT! So so awesome.

  12. I keep thinking how I want to read that Chelsea Handler book, I'll have to check it out.

    And I'm always composing posts in my head, it might be sort of a sickness. It's the same way when I take a picture I imagine how I'd caption it on's a sort of technology takeover.

  13. oh carls jr. yet another reason i miss california.

    also? 4 hours for a marathon? is jay human?

    i always start posts in my head or think of them during a drive and they are SO good, but i almost always forget. it makes me want to carry a notebook around everywhere, which then makes me think of michelle trachenberg in harriet the spy.


    we will be hanging out in eight days from right now. i'm so excited.

  14. I haven't tried carls Jr and definitely just heard about pineapple whip now.

    I need to be schooled.

    And hey, I love being baked potato.:P

  15. I think that all foods sold within Disney parks taste eleventy billion times better than food outside of them. Everything has felt inferior since DisneyWorld in September...

  16. Congrats to Jay for finishing his first marathon! :)

    I totally have an inner-monologue going on in my head, too!

    That's awesome that you will get new clothes to try out for FREE!! :)

  17. Just getting out there and living life is so good for the heart - I love taking a break from the post writing mindset here and there.

    Congratulations on Brand About Town! I have heard amazing things about them and I wish there was something like that in Canada!

  18. I so write posts in my head too. . .and when something awesome happens, I think "how am I gonna blog about this?!". . .it really is a sickness

  19. I, too, have a very active internal monologue. This is why I hope mind-reading never exists outside of cheesy sci-fi movies.

    Anyway, I'm glad you're out living your life! And I agree with some of the other commenters - what the heck is pineapple whip?!

  20. I'm always mentioning to David, "Oh! I need to write about this!" :) Other times I just forget, even the big things that happen, and they never get posted. The pineapple whip sounds delicious and I must be out of the loop, but who is Chelsea Handler?

  21. It's so true, sometimes you just need to put the blog to the side and live your life. I find it freaky when some bloggers LIVE to blog. . .

    I hope your sister is feeling better about all that mish mash she was going on about.

    I was about that age when a lot of it started too. It sucked. I didn't have an older sister to help. Good luck (((HUGS)))

  22. "I guess that, as it is with many bloggers, sometimes I feel the urge to just live things and not write about them" -- I definitely agree with this!!

    Why was the marathon probably the last one for your Husband? That's a good record time.

    I love your etsy shop and someday will make a purchase!

  23. I think Zach Braff has taken up camp in my head sometimes, the monologues that go through this mind of mine! And yes, we all take hiatuses (hiatii?) from the blog world to be a part of our own. It's NECESSARY.

  24. Just reading your posts makes me feel like we would make the best of friends. I'm just sayin...

  25. #3 - I have been doing the same thing lately, yet not coming up with any results.
    #4 - I love her books. I read her first one (Horizontal Life) a few years ago and couldn't get enough of it. Her raunchy attitude just makes me joyous.
    #8 - That sounds awesome! Good luck and keep us updated!

  26. Ha ha - I am the same way. I always want to write about much more than I have time for, so I keep a word file in my computer of different ideas for posts. Right now I have about six waiting to be shared with the world. For now they'll have to wait.

    By the way - I love your blog!

  27. When you get to the point where you know your mail clerk by name, that's real Etsy success :) Congrats on the sales!

  28. Tell Jay I said he rocks. I have run 4 marathons and have only managed to reach 4:31. I would LOVE to run more of a 4:04 kind of time. I think that's pretty freaking awesome for his first. He should do another and try to break 4 hours!!!


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