May 2, 2009

on some monthly goals...

As I was washing my face this morning (at the crack of dawn, mind you) I was busy making this list in my mind. I like the idea of starting fresh at the beginning of each month. And at this point, I'm really attempting to set realistic goals for myself, and not get in over my head. Otherwise the end of the month rolls around and I feel like a goober who fails at life.

And who really wants that? Really.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my goals for the month of May:

  • go running at least two times per week.
  • do at least one thing out of my comfort zone.
  • finish reading three books.
  • add at least five new items to the shop every week.
  • make $200 in sales from the shop.
  • choose two new recipes and make them.
  • buy something pretty.
  • try my best to stick to the principals of Intuitive Eating.
  • call sisters & parents to catch up at least once per week.
  • plan a date night for the husband and I.
  • I've really wanted to start running again, but it's tough to get back out there. I've decided that running twice a week is certainly something that I can do - just to get back into the swing of things. Although there's nothing I hate more than huffing and puffing and sweat dripping from my body, I really want to get back to the place I was last year - where I actually began to crave a good run. Or at least the endorphin rush after the run. So, we'll see.

    What are some of your goals this month?


    1. Hey, those are some good goals. I just posted mine the other day:

      Thank you for sharing the link on intuitive eating. It looks very interesting. Thanks!

    2. so, i just signed up to 60 miles in 3 days and i think it might kill me. so i set a goal to run at least 4 miles twice a week and walk 8 at least twice a week... we'll see how that works out though. :)

    3. I like the idea of having a monthly goal list. Here are mine:

      - Try not to drink gigantic milkshake after long day at work.

      - Try not to get into fight with students that are gang members

      - Do not move again until at least June.

      - a drink a day in the month of May

      Hmmm...maybe I should rethink this list.

    4. Those look like very attainable and very good goals! Good luck! I may try the same tactic...maybe that is what I need instead of trying to reach goals that are to long term.

    5. I like this idea! It gives a little more time to accomplish things and makes it so that I don't write an impossible list!

    6. Lists are good, certainly help to keep track. I'm bad with exercise and since running or treadmill are never my thing, I got an elliptical at home and intend to use it more often. Twice a week is a good start, you can do it!

      ps. I always like buying pretty things, they can lift your moods like magic :)

    7. I like this idea, as well. It's smart to choose realistic goals that you can actually meet. Good luck :)

    8. Lists are just pure goodness. You have some good goals for the month. One of my major goals for the month is to get all of my old photos scanned and to finish my daughter's 1st year photobook. So basically, it's a photo month. Good luck with your goals!

    9. I am also getting back into running myself. I ran a marathon 3 years ago, then started grad school & have barely ran since then!

      Oh, and I am also graduating this month & throwing a huge party for myself at my parents' cabin, so I am starting to research recipes for the food I'll serve. Can't wait. :)

    10. I posted a list of May goals the other day, too! Mine are to finish a photography project and post it online, to order a new pair of glasses, finalize our wedding music (both for the ceremony and the DJ) and find a blog design that I actually like.

    11. Those are such great goals - for building up your endurance walking one block & running the next (building to walking one, running two etc) is really helpful. Good luck!

    12. I love this idea! I posted my May goals...

    13. Good luck with your goals! I'm also starting to run/workout again, and well, I'm finding it super hard to stay motivated :) Also, your Etsy store has cute things, and as soon as I get some more expendable monies, I wanna buy some of those really cute hair clips!

    14. great list!

      this month, I'm trying to focus on eating better (more veggies&fruits rather than spinach dip&chips) and exercising.

      of course, buy more pretty things :)

    15. Goals for this month:

      Get summer business stuff organized.
      Spend time with new sewing machine.
      Survive the end of the school year.
      Get pregnant (a goal every month).
      Walk the dogs at least 3x a week.

    16. Lovely goals! I haven't been working out as much lately because I've been trying to conserve my energy with this sinus infection, and let's face it - working out isn't exactly easy or good feeling when you're stuffed up. I need to go as many days of the week as possible this month. I need my bikini body ready for the summer!

    17. Oh! I like this idea, and I like your goals (particilarly about running, because I'm trying to get back into a similar routine).

      I plan to get my life back on track after June 8 (that's my return from the honeymoon). So until that point, I'm mired in wedding nonsense.

      There should be some sort of blogger/interweb exercise support group...

    18. I'm always thinking about goals too! I just posted what I wanted my goals to be for the rest of 2009 -

      I guess I was thinking in a larger scope, but I like the monthly goal idea!

    19. Wow, what a great idea. I need to set goals, instead of just having a general goal.
      My goals this month are:
      -finish the end of writing my book, at least the draft
      -finish reading my other book
      -take my baby girl to the park a couple of times a week
      -go to the pool once a week
      -not eat any more chocolate!! (I almost had a box since yesterday..)


    20. ps: It's so nice to find such a positive blog!!

    21. To continue my healthy eating/cooking at home routine David and I have adopted. :)


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