May 9, 2009

on some analytical goodness...

Okay, so, considering I haven't done one of these in a while (and because I'm rather lazy today and am beginning to feel the effects of a lunch consisting of Diet Coke and a tiny bag of Doritos) here are some searches that have led people to my blog (courtesy of Google Analytics!):

1. "I own a dress from forever 21 and am actually okay with it" (Well, seriously, who wouldn't be okay with it? Their dresses are freaking cheap and amazing, all at once!)

2. "all I can think is babies" (I'd be lying if I said I didn't understand.)

3. "amazing food moment in a grocery store" (I'm going to guess that it happened at Fresh & Easy, because that store basically owns my life.)

4. "cute older men" (Let me save you any further searching: Richard Gere. Also, my childhood dentist. The end.)

5. "eat a cupcake with a fork" (Naturally.)

6. "every time I go I cry because I miss my siblings" (Again, I'd be lying if I said I didn't understand. But now I feel depressed and really want a glass of wine. Hold me.)

7. "hot dresses for my wife" (Sorry, this one just made me laugh a little.)

8. "how do koala sleep if they don't have a nest" (WHAT.)

9. "shoulder freckles" (Pretty much the greatest thing ever. Although, I may be slightly biased.)

10. "pictures of spiders that are really so scary you will have a heart attack" (Now, for some reason, I have a feeling some nine-year-old boy was behind this one. Sorry to disappoint you, boy. I have no such photos. In fact, I dread the thought of them even existing.)

11. "what flavor is rainbow chip frosting?" (I think the flavor you're looking for is: awesome. You're welcome.)

12. "witty banter" (I'm definitely a fan.)

13. "babies eating cupcakes" (Random, yet delightful! How can one not be cheered up while thinking of babies eating cupcakes. Seriously.)

On that note, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend filled with shoulder freckles, babies eating cupcakes, cute older men and witty banter!


  1. so glad someone agrees with me! richard gere is a silver fox.

  2. Hahaaaa, you crack me up! I think my most favorite was 11. "what flavor is rainbow chip frosting?" (I think the flavor you're looking for is: awesome. You're welcome.) Yesssss.

    PS, I want to know why someone was looking for scary spider pictures. That is so not cool!

  3. I just started my Analytics account...I have yet to figure out the search query thing, but it's interesting to read for sure.

    Richard Gere is way hot.

  4. For real, I cheered up right away upon hearing of babies eating delightful!

    You know what else is awesome? You. You're awesome.

  5. So I created a google analytics account and I can't figure out how to figure out the search query. I think you need to give us all a lesson. I love the hot dresses for my wife one. Hilarious!

  6. This is very funny. I once had someone find my blog by searching "I've got to pee" I don't understand the connection, but hey, whatever works.

    ps-rainbow chip frosting = my favorite!

  7. Hahaha, I love looking at my analytics search terms. You have to sort of wonder what people expect to find on the the internet with search terms like this. However, I too wouldn't mind a picture or two of babies eating cupcakes. :)

  8. Your response to number #11 made me laugh out loud....and my husband just looked at me funny.....thanks, as always - and have a great rest of the weekend...mags

  9. I'm with ya on the rainbow chip frosting. That stuff is KING in my pantry and I could eat it without anything else....ever tried it on graham crackers?! Devine :) Well, of course, a cupcake is even better.

  10. I think #8 should register pretty high on the awesome scale as well. Just bizarre...

  11. I have shoulder freckles :)
    I used to hate them, but now I'm happy they're part of me. They're cute I think.

  12. I've never really thought about babies eating cupcakes, but now I have to say that must be the cutest thing ever. I wish people searching for that stumbled across my blog.

  13. The keywords are all so goood! Mine is pretty much scary, serve me right for using the word Lolita in the blog's name hahaa

  14. I love looking at the search terms that brought people to my site. It's comical!

    What's up with #10?

  15. Yours are definitely much more exciting than mine!

  16. HA! I absolutely love checking out the keyword searches. I wrote once about ripping my pants at work and being afraid of underwear exposure and have since gotten hits on mine from people looking for granny panties. AWESOME. Oh, and Jon Stewart pops up a lot. Turns out I adore him...


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