May 16, 2009

on the longest weekend update in all of humanity...

This morning, I spent my first seven minutes of coherence feverishly attempting to wash a spider down the shower drain. That sucker had some serious motivation to live, let's just say that. Did he not understand that setting up camp in our shower was probably not the best idea? I mean, I've noticed him lurking in the corner of the room for about a week now, and totally let him be, because for some reason I have a feeling that if I reach my hand out to squish any spider that it's going to jump out and eat my face.

In any case, he should have known that I am a force to be reckoned with at 4:30 in the morning. I don't care who you are, if you are camping out in my shower, I will flush you down my drain. (Well, spiders, at least.) You could find me a spider that could knit me a sweater, make me a sandwich and sing me Bob Marley songs, and I'd still have absolutely no choice but to end it's life. (After eating the sandwich, of course.) I have absolutely no empathy for bugs, and if that makes me a bad person then so be it. I have no shame.


The last two days were absolutely and entirely lovely. Jay and I both had Thursday and Friday off this week, with no real plans to speak of. We ended up deciding that Thursday would be "guy's choice" and Friday would be "ladies choice". So, our days were as follows (get ready, I have a feeling that this post is going to be longer than necessary):


We left early in the morning to drive to LA for breakfast. We had ginormous pancakes at a cute little diner, and were ready for a nap by 9:30 (but fought the urge to drift into a food coma). Then we drove all over Los Angeles to hit up every one of Jay's favorite thrift stores. (These particular stores have absolutely nothing to offer females, unless you're hipster enough to dress like a bag-lady. Which, quite obviously, I am not.) I had to fight the urge to wander over to him every fifteen minutes and say, "Bored." But was able to resist, somehow. After all, it was his day. I did end up finding two CD's (Indigo Girl's Swamp Ophelia and Gavin DeGraw's Chariot - two of the greatest albums everrrr) for $2 each at one of the stores, though, so that was lovely.

After that, we went home for about an hour, then headed out to Newport Beach for a meet-up with some of his film festival friends. I feel really separated when I hang out with this group because, well, I'm not at all involved with the film fest and am simply known as "Jay's wife". Ah, well. We ended up watching a Laker game (well, my eyes were a bit glazed over, but I tried to watch), eating entirely too much pizza, then watching our favorite NBC shows - The Office (PAM! WHAT!) and 30 Rock ("That's a deal breakah', ladies!"). Then we went home while everyone else hit up the bars, and were immediately pegged as the old married couple. Which, in retrospect, I'm okay with.


Jay ran 20 miles in the morning (my husband is basically a machine) and I ran my regular 2.5 (I am a smaller, more feeble machine). We stopped by the post office, where I picked up an incredibly delightful package from my older sister - she even bought me this print that I've been in love with ever since Morgan posted about it! Ahhhh! My sister is a peach. It's official.

Then we headed down to my favorite beach-side town, and stopped by a Sprint store to see about getting me a new phone. If you know me at all, you know that I've been lusting over the iPhone for a while now, and when I received a huge tip the other day, I decided to splurge and get one. Wellll, not so much. AT&T ended up being a huge hassle, which really rained on my parade. However, once again I realized how things really happen for a reason, because yesterday I walked out of the Sprint store with a brand new, free phone upgrade (and it's cute, too!), unlimited texts, more minutes and nights starting at 7pm - all for what I was paying before! Psh. Beat that, AT&T.

(But I still want you, iPhone. Someday.)

Anyway, the rest of "ladies choice" day was filled with lunch at George's Greek Cafe, laying on the beach for an hour, picking up both of Chelsea Handler's books at the library, asking my husband weird questions like, "Would you still love me if my face melted off?", buying Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts at Costco - for almost half the regular price, pizza for dinner, watching our most recent Netflix and then snuggling up for bed at the early hour of 8:30 (hey, I had to be up at 4:30!).

So, my days off were splendid, I must say.

And, in other news, I've decided to really start running again.

I have had a love/hate relationship with running for a little over a year. I've posted quite a bit about my progression from "seriously, I'd rather be punched in the face than run" to "well, fine, I'll try it - but don't you dare judge me if I run like a spider monkey" to "this actually isn't so bad" to "running is almost my BFF, but not quite". Once, I even ran 4 miles. True story. Be impressed. Running even helped me reach my goal weight last year (which, by the way, I'm about five pounds over at this point - another motivation to get back into the swing of things, obviously). I've realized that my drive to do any sort of exercise really comes in waves. I'll do really well for a few months, then I'll end up sitting on my butt for the next three months, watching a bunch of episodes of Unsolved Mysteries, reorganizing our bookshelves in my head and eating taquitos instead of making any effort at all.

However, I'm back to working out several days a week again. And I feel good about it.

And, for the record, if you made it this far, you totally deserve a cookie. Dipped in chocolate. And a hug. And maybe five dollars.


  1. I feel the same way about exercise. If I have a goal... like a vacation or swim party or something like that then I am all about it, I also get bored of doing the same thing. It's a constant struggle to find entertaining exercise I WANT to do. I even have DVDs D: Lately it's been alternating between yoga and treadmill. Best of luck!!

    P.S. That print is awesome!!

  2. i'm in the "actually, this isn't quite so bad" phase of exercise.

    you'll get there again, it's all gradual because a year ago, i was someone who couldn't even utter the word exercise without it leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.

    progression! yay!

    and i LOVE all of those prints in madebygirl's etsy shop. so many pretty things, too little money.

  3. Your days off sound perfect! I would love to be able to eat diner pancakes, lounge of the beach and visit the library with my (non-existent) husband. Delightful!

    Also, I completely understand the desire to exercise coming in waves. This past week I've gone to the gym three times, but that's only because I know I'll be on a cruise ship strutting my stuff in a bikini in two weeks... Ahhhh motivation. :)

  4. I'll take an oatmeal monster cookie.. thanks :) My hubby and I are "the old married couple" too. But I would rather spend the night cuddled with him than anywhere else :)

  5. I go through all those exercise phases, also. It definitely is in waves. Sometimes I'm actually sort of excited about it, and other times I would rather do pretty much anything than drag myself to the gym.

  6. cookie, please :)

    whew. that wore me out! sounds like the two of you had fun though...i love the idea of boys day/girls day..the hubs & i will have to try that. :)
    props to you for stickin' the boys day out, too. i would've been antsy after 2.1 seconds & the day would've been done. i'm such a whiney baby these days. xo.

  7. Yay for working out regularly!

  8. running in that 5K today? pushed me to realize that I really CAN be a runner after all. even if i started off as a slow one. :) whoo! i can DO IT! dan says I'm a real runner now. hehe....

    as for phones... I would love an iPhone, but I've got Alltel/Verizon right now. And Dan got me a Blackberry Pearl for an early birthday present...The iPhone can wait. :)

  9. I love that you post on the weekends. Weekend blog reading is so much more enjoyable for me for some reason.

  10. Oh my LORD you are so hilarious. I'm sitting here on a Saturday night (a long weekend no less) with boyfriend laying on my lap, sound asleep as I lean over him typing this. I totally spit on him with my laughter after reading this one sentence ""Would you still love me if my face melted off?" LOL

    Thank you :)

  11. "Guys choice" and "Ladies choice" is the answer to my prayers! It's always a struggle with us trying to decide who gets to choose what to do on days off. Coincidentally we have the next two days off and I said he could have tomorrow and I'd take Monday. Which was nice of me because Monday is a holiday and nothing is actually open.
    Thanks for the idea, hopefully it works out as well for us!

  12. Hey there :o) I loved this post! Yay for getting a new cell phone! I have Verizon... and although an iphone would be nice, I can't justify spending the cash to change to at&t (all my family has verizon!). I'm hoping to get a pink blackberry when the time comes for my contract to expire. I'll call it my blackberry pie!

    When I'm at Costco, I always head toward the book section... and then I look at the ginormous bottles of shampoo & lotion & makeup. And then I get tons of free samples. Love it :o)

    Good on you for getting into running. I love running ( with gangsta rap on my ipod), and sometimes I just get so happy while I'm doing it that I smile simply because. Keep up the great work! I love hearing your exercise & weight ambition because they are very similar to my own goals.

    Have a great Sunday!

  13. 1st: I, too, am a Spider Warrior. The safest place to rid yourself of a spider is when it's taken up residence in your shower or sink. Water = you don't have to touch it.

    Thursday: I totally want to be considered the old married couple someday. Preferably RIGHT AFTER I get married. It would be nice. :]

    Friday: My manfriend (I hate the term boyfriend LOL) loves to run. He would run every day if he could. In fact, I'm sure that when he gets home from Iraq he's going to run every day. I can see it already. I can't even run a half mile. I'm a totally out of shape asthmatic, and while I'm sure I could run more than 45 seconds at a time if I worked at it for a few weeks, I'm far too lazy.

    *waits for her chocolate-dipped cookie, her hug, and her five dollars* :D

  14. Wow, you husband IS A machine. That is incredible. I am happy if I run over one mile a day.

    And there's nothing like a free phone upgrade! Excited about mine this December!

  15. Your days off sound absolutely wonderful! I love time spent together running errands and just relaxing :) They're the best!

    And you are too funny about the spider thing. Isn't it funny how much time we'll spend trying to splash those things down the drain?

  16. OMG. I absolutely freakin love that print. Every single one of my mornings start with tea (I don't drink coffee) and blog reading/writing. I went to the shop immediately and bought the last print she had of it. Thanks so much for the heads up!
    The only thing is, I absolutely love the frame it's in too. Hopefully I can find something similar at Target. How are you going to frame yours?

  17. Where do I collect my hug, cookie, and most importantly, my five dollars? ;-)

  18. So lovely!!! I loved this post. I know it was you who had this awesome weekend, but reading about it put me in a very happy mood - odd, but true. Actually most of your blogs make me smile.

  19. Soo.... where's my cookie? Dipped in chocolate... And my hug...? And my $5...?

  20. I've wanted an iphone for a while now too but they add too many additional things you have to pay for (like paying for text messages on top of the data plan) and I feel like I pay them enough money as it is.

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  21. i've never been a runner or walker or anything, but i've been doing leslie sansone tapes for the last month or two. if you like wii fit, maybe you would like them too? it's more power walking and jogging than running, but you can exercise anytime, and not worry about even leaving your house to do it.

    i've lost 10 lbs with dvds, plus my iphone diet:

    i sound like an infomercial...

  22. Can I have the cookie now? And maybe the 5 bucks?????

  23. I would take that cookie with chocolate, but then I'd have to go running and-UGH.

  24. I think if we knew each other in real life, I would spend half of my time saying, "Ohmygod, me too!" to most things out of your mouth... and the other half thinking about how cool you are. [/slightly-stalkerish-sounding comment]

  25. Awww we aren't the only old couple that goes to bed at 8:30 and skips the bars! Yaya! ;)

    I'm gonna hold that last nubbin of goodness to ya.

  26. I have to say that I totally agree with the feeling when you hang out with the film fest people. Both my mom and my sister work at the festival and they ALWAYS want me to go to different things with them but its always oh this is "Karen's daughter" or she's "Meghan's sister." I always feel awkward and uncomfortable and like I don't belong.

    Oh and I totally do the same thing with exercise... get really motivated and then really unmotivated and HATE anything that has to do with exercise!

  27. "... asking my husband weird questions like, "Would you still love me if my face melted off?"

    LOL! I do this too. "What if I had a nose on my arm?" Aren't you and I just the most cutest people to ever live?



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