April 11, 2009

on who I am (at the moment)...


I am...

...feeling incredibly inspired and ready to put much, much more effort into my wee little shop. In the last year and six months that I've had it open, I've learned so much about myself, my creativity and what I'm capable of. I love it. I can't wait to do more. And, as I told my husband, "I'm going to make millions someday! Right?" To which he responded, "Of course, lovely." I love my husband, and the fact that he never judges the way I always end up fishing for compliments.

...experiencing somewhat of a second wind (or third?) when it comes to my job. Having an incredible yearly review certainly helped. What can I say? It feels good when I realize I'm not as overlooked as I sometimes think.

...having a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine. It's a good thing that I usually do my sewing alone, because I've been known to shout out some choice phrases while trying to get the bobbin thread to catch and pull up and out, after changing the bobbin and such. (I'm not sure if that description even makes sense, but whatever.) In any case, it makes me physically angry. Please tell me there is an easier way to do this. Please.

...slightly disappointed about not being able to see Jay at all on Easter. And not going to church. And not waking up to an Easter basket on the kitchen table, complete with coloring books and Peeps, courtesy of my mom. (I miss being a child sometimes.)

...giddy about a new-found friendship.

...loving mornings when I get out of bed and my hair looks exactly the same as it did when I went to bed.

...the person who generally overuses the words/phrases: "crazy-pants", "shenanigans" and "calm down, Nancy".

...perfecting my friendly banter with everyone I come into contact with. I think I get this from my dad. I remember him always telling people, "Your hair looks nice today!" even when he was just talking to them on the phone. You'd be surprised how far friendly banter can get you. People love it. And I find that it cheers me up, too.

...proud to have tried "real" sushi twice in the last week. Without becoming violently ill, even. I'm not going to lie; I still prefer a good California roll, but still. It wasn't so bad. Finally got to cross #89 off the list! Hurrah!

...working on curbing my spending a bit. I'm very thankful that both my husband and I are definitely "savers" as opposed to "spenders", but I want to make sure we are saving as much money as possible right now. We recently paid off his car, and after that, we just have a bit of his school loan to pay off and we'll be completely even! I'm so glad that we don't have any debt to worry about. Especially these days.

...head-over-heels for the music of Ray LaMontagne. Even thought he looks like a furry mountain man, I seriously want to snuggle with him in front of a campfire while he sings "Let it Be Me". No, I'm not kidding even a little. Listen to the song, then perhaps you'll see where I'm coming from. (But there is no more room in front of the campfire over here, so, you'll have to get your own fantasy. Sorry about that.)

...incredibly ready for the beach days ahead of me.

...totally not understanding why any company would consider Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" as appropriote holding music. Because, dude. Try keeping a straight face when you're on the phone while a customer is right in front of you, and you hear, "Byow, byow, byow - I've been reeeealllly tryyyyin' baby!" Not cool, random company. I seriously almost lost it. It was awkward.


  1. i absolutely adore when you write these posts. i wish i could write things like that, that i could take note of all of the small things that i am at this very moment.

    you're wonderful. :)

  2. threading a bobbin is impossible, miserable and should not have to done. it is the worst thing about sewing for sure!

    i love your "who i am" post. amazing.

  3. Ray LaMongtagne is my FAVORITE. All caps favorite, at that. Chris and I got to see him live this past year in Portland and it was one of the best nights ever.

    (Also: I just had a stellar yearly review, too, and I couldn't believe how ready to continue working I was right after it. It feels rad to be appreciated, definitely.)

  4. I definitely understand the Easter basket thing. This is my first Easter away from my family and friends, and my mom mailed me an Easter basket. She's not messing around.

    I also get the sewing machine thing. My grandmother was trying to help me sew something last summer, and she kept giving me a look that let me know she was ashamed of my bobbin/needle/getting it all to work skills.

  5. LOL Let's get it oooooon.

  6. Do you like crunchy rolls? They're fusion too but they taste sooo goood :)

  7. Revel in that no-debt thing, it is painful when you have to deal with that.

    I can't wait to see how far you go with your shop, and one day I'm going to hang out with you, I've decided. :)

  8. brenda elizabeth4/11/09, 11:23 AM

    (i second all that rachel elizabeth said above :) )

    --california rolls are gateway drugs to harder things. i started on california rolls a few years ago and now i truly NEED plates of sashimi and a little bowl of rice on the side. i still can't figure out how i came to be obsessed with a plate of raw fish.

    --i definitely get the easter basket thing -- i bought myself a little box of those lovely cadbury eggs at target, to recapture some of that for myself...without the rest of "Easter" as context, they are kind of gross. :)

  9. I'm jealous that your hair looks the same as it did when you went to bed. That only happens to me when I'm sleeping somewhere else - don't know if it's because I wasn't in my own bed so it wasn't that comfortable.

    I hate sushi but I love smoked oysters & crab!

  10. I second insomniaclolita's crunchy roll love. I had some spicy slamon rolls that were crunchy and now I cannot go back. To think I started as a california roll girl too.

    I also second rachel - you are wonderful!

  11. okay, you are incredibly too cute.

    i am slacking at commenting lately. i really wanted to tell you that you were right in my neck of the woods when you were in bemidji! we go there quite a bit to visit my brother-in-law and fam. soo funny! i've been meaning to share that though.

    oh, and i love when my hair looks the same in the morning as it did the night before as well. :)

  12. You and Jay should move here to fun old Asheville,NC so we can be RLF. Because Asheville is SO much better than CA. Really, I swear it is. I wouldn't lie....or would I?

  13. mmm... ray lamontagne is my cuddle in front of the fire man--but let me make a suggestion for you---Joshua Radin! ;-) hehe!!!!

  14. you can't overuse the word 'shenanigans'. that's my philosophy. i can't even get a sewing machine going, which is pathetic. i wouldn't know where to start!

  15. I think I yell "crazy pants!" every time I get off the phone at work because, let's be honest, only the crazy pants call me.

  16. You are perhaps one of the most adorable people that I *don't* know!

    I don't always comment, but I love reading your words, looking at your pics and learning what is coming next for you!

  17. I wish I knew how to sew. I tried to learn when I was a kid, but I failed miserably. One of these days I might give it another try!

    I also love Ray LaMontagne. His voice is soooo lovely. :)

    Hope you & Jay had a wonderful Easter!

  18. I know this doesn't have much to do with the post itself, but with your sidebar. I am about to start reading The Almost Moon as well... would love to hear feedback.

    Also, I find it amusing we both love the font you used in your header :)

  19. This was definitely the least Easter-y Easter I've ever had- no candy, no family, but still a gorgeous SoCal day :)

  20. I love all of the things in your shop, and considering the amazing feedback I've seen I have no doubts that you will be making millions one day :)

    It's tough to get used to Easters without Peeps, isn't it? For me it's also those little flecked easter eggs that are really malted milk balls. Those were the best!

    California rolls will always be my favorite too. The other kinds are nice to try once in a while, but California rolls are the most well-rounded sushi.

  21. i use 'crazy pants' on a regulat basis, haha. it's sort of ridiculous.

  22. I also have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine ... the best tip I can give you is to do projects with a friend who knows what she's doing! Seriously, I have a crafty friend who I get together with on an almost weekly basis to work on projects, and we help each other out and keep each other sane when we're having technical difficulties! Good luck!

  23. Ooh, ok crazy pants, here's what to do about that bobbin trouble.

    Follow the diagram on your machine showing which direction the thread should be going around the bobbin. Plop it in and wrap the thread around that maddeningly small metal thingy.

    Now here's the part no one tells you: pull the thread at a 45 degree angle over the bobbin (from bottom left to upper right when you're looking down at it) and leave loose - don't let the cover catch it or it will be hard to pull out. Now hold the other thread that's through the needle tight to the left while you manually advance the needle down and up. Voila!

    That was such a long explanation, but hopefully it helps a bit!


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