April 26, 2009

on a good morning...

lovely hairpins, coral.

It is a good morning. I'm feeling much more settled than I have in the last few days.

I had trouble getting to sleep for a few nights. My heart was just feeling so heavy, for lack of a better word. That, and every time I drifted off to sleep on Friday evening I kept dreaming that I was getting hit by a car. It was great fun. I'm all, "Really, mind? Really? You can't just be nice and create dreams of me sitting on a cloud eating crepes with Richard Gere, or something equally as delightful? I have lost all respect for you, mind. You suck."

Well, anyway.

I ended up catching up on the phone with two of my sisters on Friday, which felt good. I even spoke with my older sister for an hour and a half. We talked about everything, and just laughed and wondered about things and confided in eachother and all of that sisterly goodness. I really needed that. It was perfect. I'm realizing that I really do need to put forth more of an effort to stay truly connected to those I love and miss.

Also, one thing that I've really been working towards is being more social. As I'm sure we've established, I'm such a homebody. I love time to myself. I crave it. I need it. I've never been someone who needs to have every day filled with some activity. I'm the opposite, actually - I get overwhelmed if I have more than a few things going on in one day. I'm totally at peace sitting around at home on my days off, and if it weren't for my husband, I may have some seriously hermit-like tendencies. I don't know why that is, but it's just how I am.

However, I'm attempting to go out more, meet more people, actually schedule things that I can write in my planner (aside from the usual, "clean duplex", "go to library", "mail etsy packages" and "buy a bunch of stuff at Fresh & Easy"). This may be partly because of a conversation I had with Jay the other day that went something like this:

me: I'm so excited about the Vegas trip! Seriously, it's going to be amazing!

Jay: Uh-huh.

me: Why aren't you more excited for me? Psh. You're just jealous because you don't get to go to Vegas with a bunch of your friends!

Jay: You haven't even met any of your friends.

me: Well played, sir.

He obviously wasn't being serious, and we were laughing about it, but it did make me think. I do manage to keep myself in a bubble sometimes. And I'm determined to change that. I've discovered some new friendships lately, which have been incredibly refreshing. One of my coworkers set me up with his girlfriend (seriously, we laughed because we totally felt like it was a blind date or something) and she is an absolute gem. We've been spending a lot of time together and she has actually helped me discover a love of sushi. Also, we recently signed up for a "dance" class (don't ask). I'm quite giddy.

And just last night, I met up with a fellow blogger for a "book club" meeting. Of course, it was more of a "wine-drinking/relationship-analyzing/life-discussing/off-center-photo-taking/basically-awesome" meeting. Seriously? This group of ladies are so honest, so encouraging, so genuine and so refreshing. It didn't even matter than I was left with only five hours of sleep last night - it was absolutely, entirely worth it. I'd never met Crystal before, but I was immediately welcomed into her circle of awesomeness, and have basically fallen in love with her and her friends.

So, I am happy. Very happy.

Also, I've been busy creating some new items for the shop - several more items will be up in the next couple days (once I get around to listing them) but here are a few things that are available now:


pretty hair pins, vintage pink: $5.00.

my favorite one!

sunshine button pin: $3.50.

felt heart magnets!

lovely magnets, felt hearts: $3.50.

new button pin.

gray button pin: $3.50.


  1. Those hair pins are so adorable, and so TINY! Love them!

  2. I love knowing that even when I'm out of school, there will be outlets to meet new people. I am kind of a stay in my dorm all night and watch movies, make cards, and study kind of girl and I haven't made many friends at school. Sometimes I really wish I could meet people I can relate to but it seems that I am in the wrong place for that. Its nice to know that you don't make all your good friends in college and after 24 you're stuck with what you've got.

  3. I really love those hairpins!

  4. Okay, now that I've cracked and made my first purchase from your shop I'm finding it hard to resist going back for more! The cuteness!

    That "book club" meeting sounds wonderful! I wish I knew of something like that around here. Sometimes there's just nothing like finding a connection with other females.

  5. Vegas is going to be fantastic, I really can't wait. I think that some of the personality traits that drive people to blog also makes bloggers really astonishing friends.

    That's what I'm hoping at least lol

    Nice work on finding those buttons too, wow! Beautiful!

  6. I'm quite the homebody too. I keep telling everyone that this past week I was SOOOOOO busy, because I actually went out and socialized every day of the week.

    I thought I was the only one who needed lots of Me time.

  7. i've really been trying to do the same thing as far as being social goes, now that i'm single. i've called girls i normally wouldn't have to hang out and it's been so much fun.

    you're a lot like me i think... as far as the keeping to yourself homebody thing goes. vegas? it's a huge stretch for me, because it isn't something that i would normally do. (really. id chose to stay in with a glass of wine... but i'm branching out! and i mean, i get to hang out with you! eeeee! 40 days!!)

    also, those hairpins are adorable. i'm afraid i have far too much hair to pull them off though, they would get lost in my mop. :)


  8. I totally understand the hermitness - I'm the same way. And finding new friends is dang HARD as an "adult," lol! Glad you're feeling lighter these days!

  9. I'm so glad you're starting to feel more relaxed/settled! I feel like I'm spreading myself too thin and I'm missing out on some quality time with my core group of friends in exchange for developing new relationships. It's a tough balance sometimes!

    I am so very glad you'll be in Vegas though! I'm so excited to meet you (and everyone!) and have tried explaining to a few people how I feel as though I am planning a vacation with a bunch of my friends from across the country, even if we haven't properly met yet!

    And those hair clips?! Don't be surprised if you see a little order from me soon...

  10. What dance class?

    What? Of course I have to ask :)

    Newfound friendships are great, I love having new friends :)Good for you to wanna get out of the comfort zone a little.

    ps. such pretty hairpins :)

  11. you are SUCH a doll!! i am so glad i got to meet you. i hope we all get to come together again soon. promise? promise! and i promise not to leave my car keys in the back of your car, leaving myself abandoned on the streets and you driving around aimlessly looking for the 'black hole' street called Olive. XOXO

  12. Your hair flower is adorable! This post makes me wish I lived near you! You sound like exactly the kind of spontaneous, loving life, eager to meet people person I love because I'm so that way! Hope you have a blast in Vegas! Is it with bloggers, I'm guessing?

  13. I know exactly how you feel...I do love and need my me time too and I am a certifiable hermit lol! Love your blog and the Etsy stuff:):):)

  14. i've been reading your blog for a while now but im not exactly sure where you are located...Im always looking for new friends to hang out with(its on my 101 in 1001). Thought maybe if we were around the same parts we could...

  15. I have to admit I'm exactly the same. I crave my home chill out time. But sometimes I need to haul myself out, and I always end up having an awesome time!

  16. Love those hair pins. I think some are in my future!

  17. I'm the same way with the whole homebody thing... it's unfortunate that everyone I know is exactly the opposite and tend drag me out of my little cave whenever they can, haha.

    LOVING the new shop items! Those hair pins are just adorable... and I'm not going to lie, your hair is making me want to go highlight mine rightthissecond because it's just so darn gorgeous.

    Oh and have fun in Vegas! We need to plan another meet up that doesn't sound so scandalous when I'm trying to explain it to my husband. Vegas? With people I don't know? He just doesn't get that we're all so obviously BFFs already. I mean look at this ridiculous comment. Longest ever and totally online-BFF-status. Stopping now before it gets ridiculous though.

  18. The bobby pins are sooo cute! I just gave you a little bloggy love. Hop over and check it out!

  19. Can I just say we are sisters from another mister? Actually, I'm sure I've said that to you at some point before, so pardon me if I'm repeating myself. I just can't help but feel such a sense of connection to you as far as our personalities go. I am the exact same way. EXACT. Except when it comes to your crafty perfection. You are so talented, I'm painfully jealous.

  20. oh yay for the book club that sounds so fun! and i cannot wait for vegas. maybe we can even hang out again before then since we are kinda sorta close to each other haha.

  21. the hair pins are adorable! i know what you mean about being in a "bubble". i often feel like my friends online are my closest friends...it's weird...i'm just so exhausted at the end of the work day it's easier to get online than actually drag myself out to socialize, which i'm sure is a horrible thing :)

  22. I am glad that you are feeling more settled! I've been gone on a vacation so just got caught up on the posts I missed.

    That book club sounds fun! I want to join one when I finish grad school!

    I just tagged you on my blog!

  23. I'm a HUGE F&E fan too :)

  24. I love those hair pins! You are just so creative! As soon as I have a paying job (BOO recession!) I'll definitely have to do some shopping at the Etsy store!

    Oh yeah! I nominated you for an award on my blog! Go over & check it out!

  25. I think further sisters live from each other, the closer they become. When I lived in another state, my sis and I would have marathon phone conversations, but once I moved into the room next door, our convos were kept to "I'm showering first!"


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