March 21, 2009

on our road trip: a small update...

We've been slightly busy for the last several days. Okay, very busy. Pretending to jump off cliffs while posing for a camera that is perched on the corner of a random bench is just the beginning.

Jumping off cliffs.

(Everyone grins while jumping off a cliff. Obviously.)

Jay and I have been enjoying our fair share of excitement - including, but not limited to: exploring caves, searching the plains for bison and other feral creatures, eating entirely too much Chex Mix, drinking too much Red Bull (best when paired with Vodka and Costco muffins), driving slightly over the speed limit, listening to the most recent Lil' Wayne album much more than necessary, having a few arguments due to being confined in a small space for long periods of time, learning to love each other despite said arguments (and a certain husband's love of the most recent Lil' Wayne album), tromping through snow, seeing Mt. Rushmore and thinking, "Huh. It looks just like the postcards. That's a little disappointing.", being entirely too excited about seeing gophers and deer, getting lost in a national park, falling in love with our GPS, hanging out with some family members that basically make me want to move to rural Minnesota just so I get to hang out with them more often, and, of course, being cold (but not too cold).

Oh, and we were able to snuggle with some of the cutest children in all of humanity:


More updates to come once we're at a hotel that has sufficient internet! Montana is definitely not up to par.


  1. So much to comment on!

    Sounds like an amazing trip! I'm going to the Lil' Wayne concert with Cadillac Fondue guy in a few weeks! How's the CD? I only know the popular songs :)

    HOW do you manage to be perfectly in focus when the camera is perched on a bench?

    And BEAUTIFUL photos of those BEAUTIFUL children!

    Enjoy your trip home!

  2. what beautiful pics wishcake :)

  3. so much fun!!!! :-) what nice pictures first off! i'm glad you guys are having such a good time!

  4. montana is not up to par, but that's part of its charm. you wanna get away? get away to montana.

    you two look like you're having an incredible time. i love road trips and you two seem like you're fitting in every possible little fun thing you can.

    continue to travel safely!

  5. oooh i JUST discovered your blog and love it!! you take good photography and fun pictures!!

  6. Your road trip pictures are making me way too excited for our vacation this week. Great, now I can't focus. LOL :)

  7. look at the babies! eeeeeeeek!!! that right there is worth all the driving! :)

    i love the pic of you and jay, it's adorable. it looks like you are having an absolute blast.


  8. Be safe going home! Also, I (finally) took you up on your offer to share Work it out Weekends and started my own series, Fit or Fail. I gave you credit, and linked to your blog. If you want to see the first edition, go here:


  9. I love that you're visiting so many places I've never been!

  10. Greaat pictures!:) And I love it that you had a very fantastic road trip, made me wish I wish at one myself.

  11. Okay, so I thought I wanted you to post while you were on vacay, but I think I was wrong. I'm just getting severely jealous here. Stop making me jealous! Haha.

    I keed, I keed. I'm so glad you guys are having such an amazing time, and your pictures are amazing.

  12. It appears that you are having a wonderful time! I would love to take off on a little road trip. Enjoy the trip back home!

  13. great blog!! love all the pictures esp. the cliff picture ha!

  14. sounds like you guys are having fun, cute pics!

  15. oh yay! im glad your having soo much fun!


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