March 12, 2009

on the night before the long, long drive...

Well, we're nearly packed and ready to go for tomorrow morning.

Both cameras? Check. Costco flat of Red Bull? Check. Every scarf I own? Check. Recently updated iPod's? Check. Enough Chex Mix to feed the entire cast of American Idol? Check. Twenty-million maps, courtesy of AAA? Check. Shoes that are definitely not boots, but will have to function as boots? Check.

Have you SEEN THE FORECAST FOR FISHER, MINNESOTA? Seriously, guys. It's going to be intense. I may not survive. (It's been more than five years since I've been in below-freezing weather for longer than a couple days. I swear, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, but California has gotten the best of me.) Jay was totally judging me earlier, because I came back with some adorable canvas flats when I went to Target to buy boots. So, whenever I say anything about "cold weather clothes" he looks at me and says, "Yeah, well, you're the one who goes shopping for boots and comes back with moccasins."

Well played, Jay. Well played.

Granted, it took everything in my being not to shout back, "Well, these ARE my boots, nancy! Don't judge me and my inability to find shoes that cover my ankles!" But, whatever. They're my ankles.

To be honest, I'm beginning to feel slightly crotchety. I'm not good with packing and planning and all of that. Also, our hot water went out again today, and I've been stressed out over that. I think that by now we're all aware of the fact that I'm definitely not one to just roll with the punches. I mean, who wants to get into a car for seven hours without a shower? Yeah, no. Not okay. However, Jay and I hunkered down in the darkness after dinner and finally fixed it. Without burning our faces or having our bodies attacked by the flesh-eating spiders of the darkness (there actually is such a thing). So, that's good.

(For the record, I'm seriously going to punch someone in the mouth if I need to take the coldest shower in all of humanity tomorrow morning...sponge bath, anyone? No?)

I'm looking forward to getting on the road. I'm ready to just drive away from everything around here and be somewhere I've never been before. I realize now that I haven't mentioned why we're driving to Minnesota - we are going to visit Jay's older brother, his wife, and their three children who are ridiculously adorable. We haven't seen them in years, and I can't wait to catch up with them!

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately. Of course, when am I not? I guess that I'm just waiting for that feeling of knowing exactly what it is I should be doing in that exact moment. Should I get a new job? Should I put more time into my crafts? Should I start running again? Should I just calm down and be happy in the moment?

I don't know anymore. It's funny how those feelings of certainty and optimism can so quickly be replaced with...bleh. There have been a few things in the last couple weeks that have helped me realize just how blessed I am, though. I know that I need to focus more on that. I have always had more than what I need, you know? And I'm not even just talking about material possessions, either. I'm thankful that I've always had a strong sense of self. Sure, I've made some bad decisions along the way, and have had to do my share of self-discovery and soul-searching...but, for the most part, I've always been very self-aware. I've always wanted to protect myself and my heart. I have a pretty strong grasp on who I am, and because of that, I'm usually pretty aware of when I'm doing something that isn't me.

Well, that was a tangent if ever I saw one. In any case, I have a lot swimming around in my head right now. I'm just eager to get away for a while and hopefully gain a bit more perspective! That's always a good thing.

PS: Jay is doing the Wii Fit right now, and making me feel like a total potato. How long has it been since I've exercised? Let's not talk about it.

PPS: Seriously. Potato. This is crap.

PPPS: I need to cheer up! I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow! Sheesh! Who am I?

PPPPS: If my posts look a little wonky, it's because I'll be typing them on the laptop for the next couple weeks. I can never seem to get the text quite right on this thing. Does that make sense? No. But, at least I'll still get to write.


  1. ooh i love road trips... once you get on the road (after checking repeatedly that the oven is off... my personal ocd) have a fantastic trip!

  2. Definitely have fun on your road trip. I hope you will be warm enough =) I don't think I could handle cold weather like that.

    And relax and don't worry about anything! Have fun and stay safe!

  3. We've done the cross country thing about 4 times now. It's fun but safely and enjoy the time with your hubby!

  4. I seriously look forward to seeing your wishcake pop up in my google reader, and this is why - you ALWAYS make me smile.

    You're just so darn adorable and witty I can't hardly stand it.

  5. oh fun! i think the trip will be a good escape for you! Have fun, relax and just enjoy it!

  6. have fun and take lots of pictures!! road trips are the best and i'm so beyond jealous. (sort of. i would not like to road trip to somewhere that is currently experiencing sub zero temperatures. you are a braver woman than i.) can't wait to hear all about it!! xoxo

  7. Have fun in Mn! The good news is that it is warming up a bit here... it was like -20 w/ the windchill earlier this weekend but is going to be in the 40's this weekend which is downright balmy for us Minnesotans!!

    I can't wait to hear what you think of the remote area of MN you'll be visiting. Did you know there is a town near Fisher called "Climax" - There are alot of hokey t-shirts making fun of that town's name since it is sort of sexual...

    Drive safely!

  8. I love your blog. You are too funny. I have a hard time flying next to Husby for 7 hours straight, let alone drive!

  9. You are seriously such a spoiled brat. Stop whining about the weather, or don't go there.

    Oh and poor you! Couldn't find boots at Target. How many of your posts involve Target..maybe if you ever ventured into another store you could find something different.

  10. Ouch, the person commenting before me was a bit harsh. If they get annoyed reading your posts, they should just stop reading.

    Anyway. I hope you have a fun time in Fisher, MN. I don't think I've been anywhere near that city except for when my parents and I were driving back from a trip to Canada when I was 12. I remember stopping in Crookston which is nearby.

    The weather does look cold, but I'm assuming that's normal for that part of the state this time of year. I bet you'll get to see some of the snow they got in the storm this past week. Bring some running shoes and wear a couple pairs of socks if you're worried about the cold.

    Too bad you're not further south. It'll still be "cold" on your temperature scale but to us natives we're going to be frolicking in 50 degree weather.

  11. Road trips are so much fun - and let yr bf know that it is tres difficulte to find boots in march. Impossible even. Ha. Except for rain boots. But that's a whole different type of boot.

  12. Brrrrr just reading about the cold weather made me cold LOL
    Have a fun safe trip!!

  13. I believe I, a couple years ago, took the coldest shower ever. Who decided that switching the cold water to the hot lever and vice versa was a good idea? ON WELL WATER?!? I may have gotten hypothermia.

  14. Can't wait to see the pictures from your trip! Have fun :)

  15. Aw, I hope you have a lovely trip! Take a deep breath & enjoy your time away from home. Don't worry about a thing!

    & I seriously hope you don't turn into a popsicle over there. It sounds scary!

  16. Roadtrips are always so much fun!! I hope you have a fan-tabulous time and enjoy visiting. Safe travels!

  17. have an amazing trip! can't wait to hear all about it. woo road trip!

  18. So, I've been having one hell of a hideous day, and your post made me feel better.

    I'm finding it hard to just be happy these days, regardless of the fact that I am very fortunate.

    The midwest welcomes you (I'm from IL).

  19. you are going to be in my neck of the woods - okay, well, the same state anyways. hope you have a great trip. hope you get to enjoy a beautiful snowfall while you're here!

  20. i am leaving in an hour for an 8 hour car ride from college to my hometown for spring break, so i kinda know how you feel!
    and i just found out about the flesh eating spiders.
    my great friends fiancee just got deployed to Iraq and she said that he said two people have died from beiing eaten by rather large flesh eating spiders.
    scary? yes.
    i get scared that one is under my desk sometimes.
    shes scarred me for life!
    anyways, enjoy that beautiful weather and such.
    i hope you have ever so much fun!!!

  21. 1. you are the furthest thing from a brat, you work so hard!!
    2. target is the best, seriously.

    i feel bad for the person who wrote that comment for not knowing about the wonders of target!

  22. so if anonymous doesn't even like TARGET (one of the cheapest stores) doesn't that make he/she a spoiled brat?

    I love you blog and you're hilarious and adorable. :) Have a great trip!


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