March 1, 2009

on my ode to a grocery store...

the reason I love Fresh & Easy.
I must confess, I'm in love with Fresh & Easy. How could I not be, really? (No, they aren't paying me to write this post, but if they want to give me free groceries, then I'd be all over that mess.) I was there last week for some grocery shopping and I walked out with all of these items, paying a total of only $36.41. Whaaaat? I mean, that has to be some sort of record, right? (For me, at least.) In case it's hard to tell, here is what I bought:
  • a bouquet of pretty roses (yes, I have taken to buying flowers for myself)
  • a jar of salsa
  • a jar of pasta sauce (three cheese, because I like calories)
  • some pretty teal tissue paper (I'll apparently buy anything that specific color)
  • some whole wheat tortillas
  • cheddar cheese
  • one dozen (cage free, be proud) eggs
  • six apples
  • three pears
  • six (organic, be proud) bananas
  • a container of (fresh!) tomato basil soup (even Jay likes this kind, which is funny, because he usually says that tomato soup tastes like watery ketchup)
  • some sort of healthy breakfast cereal
  • four tomatoes
  • a whole chicken (will be going in the crock pot this week!)
  • spicy italian sausage links
  • a small container of fresh citrus fruits
  • a head of lettuce
  • six small containers of raisins
  • one bottle of wine (I should buy this wine in bulk because it's cheap, yummy and doesn't have a cork, which means it won't take me fifteen minutes to open)
  • two bags of potato chips

Seriously, when I walked out of the store, I was tempted to dance a little jig while shouting, "WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER!" But, then I figured that may be a bit weird. I don't know, though, maybe they're used to that sort of thing.

What is awesome about this store is that you can find their brand of most things you're looking for, which I always love to do because it saves money. Secondly, they have a bunch of fresh soups, side dishes, produce, pizza, fruits, veggies and more - all at very reasonable prices. Thirdly, they have a $5 coupon that comes in the mail pretty much every week. Fourthly (is there such thing as fourthly?), everyone that works there is so nice - when I walk in, I seriously feel like they consider me one of their BFF's and we should probably have some sort of a secret handshake by now. Fifthly (okay, this is getting a little out of control), I adore the layout, style and packaging of the store and all their items. For someone who is fan of good design, this place is a dream come true.

Yes, I just wrote an entire post about my crush on a grocery store. I think I'm officially an old married woman now. And I think I like it.


  1. Reminds me a bit of how I feel when I go to Greenlife (

  2. this is how i feel whenever i shop at Trader Joe's. i love that place.

  3. You are so not an old married woman! Haha, I was just thinking last night about how much I like grocery shopping and how fun it will be to shop for my family one day. And I don't even have a husband. Now who's the weird one?

    I can't believe that you spent under $40 for all of that amazing food! That HAS to be some sort of record!

  4. sadly, we have no such thing around here. we had a grocery place that was probably pretty close to what fresh and easy is for you... but it closed. i've been in mourning ever since.

    if we could just get a trader joes within 50 miles, i think i would be happy. (my wallet would hate me, but it would be oh, so worth it.)

  5. I know how you feel; I love grocery shopping too!

  6. How fun! I remember what it was like to go grocery shopping:):) We're pretty much all about super walmart (yeah, I know) but we did just get a "winco foods" which is supposed to be fab.

    Happy very late anniversary by the looked gorgeous in your new dress!

  7. Okay wow you win. That is an awesome deal! 36?! WITH roses? And you are not crazy for buying your own flowers. I do it almost ever time I grocery shop. It's my reward for actually having to go to the store. Not my favorite thing.

  8. You are too funny. But when you get all that for under $40 you need to shout it!

  9. I loooooooooove Fresh and Easy (umm I probably babble to every single person I know about how awesome it is!). That tomato soup is MY FAVORITE thing right now. That soup + grilled cheese = heaven! I am also a big fan of their SALE SECTION, strawberry lemonade, $2 wine...ok...everything. And, right now I am eating their brand of low fat cottage cheese for some reason, and thinking about how I need to go there, like now. YUM.

  10. dangit! $36 for all of that?! That would (literally, I'm not kidding) cost at least $70 up here. I miss having a good grocery store nearby. Fred Meyer is pretty good but it is ridiculously, crazy expensive.

  11. Okay, WHY don't we have one of thos here? Can you go grocery shopping for us and ship it here? I'm sure that would cost less than if we went to our store anyways.

    And yes, Greenlife is amazing too.

  12. Great deal and such pretty roses! I just bought myself some tulips. Nothing wrong with buying yourself some flowers. : )

  13. That's an amazing deal! Wine, flowers, and all that food??!!

    I just found your blog pretty randomly and I love it...I'm happy I've found something new to read today :)

  14. I got about that much today for $40 from a farmer's market (best places to shop!) minus the wine and roses, so I think you win. That would have added about $25 more onto mine.

  15. You sure did style your groceries pretty in that photo. :) I've been meaning to try out Fresh n Easy. I'm usually a Trader Joe's / Vons girl, mostly because they're both on my way home from work. Fresh n Easy is a bit out of the way, unless I'm going to visit my parents, which I'll be doing today! So, squee! Man, they really should pay you for this post. It totally worked on me.

  16. When it comes to shopping for most things, England is not the most convenient place in the world. A trip to any store normally involves trading your first born child for a ridiculously tiny parking spot located approximately 10 miles from anywhere you might actually want to be, from which you must walk another 20 miles before finding anything useful....
    But the food! Food shopping is a thing of beauty here. Everything is so fresh, and beautiful. Organic and free-range products are everywhere. The ready-made food is amazing, and they have Belgium chocolates and pop-top wine bottles designed for picnics and entire aisles dedicated to various exotic cheeses...SWOON!!!

    In conclusion, I think it is perfectly reasonable to fall in love with a grocery store. In fact, I have replaced all sex with food until my hubby gets back from deployment....Oh my God! I've just realized that I am officially having an affair with my grocery store!!!!

  17. I love my grocery store too. H-E-B is Texas' gift to the world. Or, um, Texas' gift to Texas.

  18. Ever since I went to the bloggy meetup at christmas time @ Alyssa's house I have been DREAMING that they would open up a Fresh & Easy in our area b/c Alyssa SINGS it's praises every chance she gets and it makes me jealous! LOL
    I can't believe you got all that stuff for under $40!! Ok, i can but i'm so freakin jealous.
    Our F & E is supposed to open SOON! Hurry Hurry construction workers!!

  19. $36?!?!?!
    sweet jesus I'm jealous. I usually spend $100 on each trip to the grocery store. Ah.

  20. $36?!? that is incredible.
    and the food (and flowers) look delicious.
    wait, just the food looks delicious. the flowers look marvelous.
    fresh and easy needs to come to vancouver... asap!

  21. Good Lord, woman!

    You have been a blogging...fiend! (Can you be a fiend with blogging? I'm not sure - but you are!)

    So, I'm just going to comment here on the past few posts, okay? Okay.

    (With several YouTube links. I only link to YouTube when it's pertinent. Promise) An awesome ode to another grocery store, Trader Joes!

    In regards to your steak lust - A love song to vegetables by the Beach Boys.

    See! We vegetarians are happy, too. :) Even with out a hunk of animal on our plate! Yum, yum. Vegetables. Hahaha. :)

    xoxo, dollface!

  22. is it weird that i love grocery shopping but despise cooking? well, it's not so much that i despise cooking as much as i despise waiting for food to cook. which is why i resort to ramen noodles and microwave popcorn. what can i say? i like to keep it healthy around these parts. hahaha

  23. That is nothing short of amazing right there.

  24. I'm a fan of F&E too, but there isn't one near me only been to the one in Hollywood once (blogged about it too). You definitely got a lot of items for that final bill. go you

  25. i seriously need to find one of these stores near me stat. that is such a great price!

  26. Mr Beagle and I got our weeks groceries for $52 the other day and literally danced out of the store. So.... I know what you mean! :)

  27. Oh how I LOVE Fresh & Easy, and all of their sample giving, $5 off coupons, affordable bouquets of flowers goodness!
    Your groceries look so healthy :)

  28. That's pretty fantastic! I would like to be an old married woman =)

    Hehe I'm a sucker for buying bits of paper or supplies when I set out to shop.

  29. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a grocery store obsession. My favorite is Whole Foods. I call it the Food Mecca and the Temple of Food :)

  30. I am now starving!

  31. I LOVE Fresh and Easy. My son and I ride our bike there almost weekly. I love that we can get exercise, cheap groceries, and the fact that I can only fit two cloth grocery bags in the bike trailer prevents me from over spending.

    I bought four of those whole chickens there this week. They were so cheap, so I put a bunch in the freezer! :)

  32. I just saw the ipod cozy in your shop. Its ADORABLE.

  33. fresh and easy is bomb dot com.


  34. holy crap thats cheap!

  35. Haha! I love this post. It makes me wish I had one of those stores to shop at. Not fair.


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