March 28, 2009

on keeping busy (or something like that)...

Since arriving home a few days ago, I've been keeping quite busy. And although what I should be doing is editing and posting all of our road-trip photos (seriously, every time I think about it my hair starts falling out in big chunks because there are so many photos to go through ahhhhh!), here's what I've been doing instead:

  • getting a library card (finally, I know!).
  • unpacking and organizing.
  • rearranging shelves that don't necessarily need rearranging (it's like a sickness, really).
  • not washing my car, which is presently filthy and has probably crossed the line of decency at this point.
  • spending too much money at Ikea (well, I had a gift card from work, and had to spend it somewhere).
  • becoming slightly blonder than usual (and I do mean that literally, not figuratively...well, now that I mention it...).
  • eating a lot of fruit, which is a nice change from Chex Mix and Red Bull.
  • catching up on my "shows": 30 Rock, The Office and Rock of Love Bus (hey, I judge you if you DON'T watch this show).
  • nearly going insane due to my right ear still being plugged as a result of this cold (at this point, I'm not sure if I'm whispering or yelling at people, which is only slightly awkward).
  • catching up on a ridiculous amount of emails.
  • planning out a bunch of new goodies to make for the shop.
  • attempting to get back into the groove of things at work, which is always difficult after being gone for more than two weeks.
  • and, most importantly, finishing off what's left of my Girl Scout cookies:

Thin Mints = heaven.

Aaaand I'm pretty sure that the other sleeve of these will be gone by the end of the night. I'm not even going to lie. In any case, I need to get the rest of the junk food out of the house as soon as humanly possible. Next month I'm planning on doing some sort of a cleanse, and I'm not sure I'd be able to resist a Girl Scout cookie binge when I'm in the thick of it.

I swear I'll get around to posting the rest of the photos from our vacation soon. (I'm easily overwelmed. Hold me.)


  1. sounds like you have had an amazingly productive few days! :) returning to reality can sort of be a buzz kill after a spectacular vacation.

    i can't wait to see all of the pictures! (and seriously? not to be all stalky mcstalkerson or anything? but the video you posted on facebook of you trying to climb through that ridiculous hole? pretty much the most hilarious thing i have ever seen.)


  2. Duuuude. Stop teasing me with those GS cookies! Everytime I go to the store, they leave before I can buy some! I asked my mom to send us some for Easter, lol.

  3. Want my hearing aid? :P

    I recently organized our closet and I think I threw away things I shouldn't have. That's what happens when I go overboard with wanting everything to be organized.

    Can't wait to see your photos!

  4. Oh what a bittersweet moment, finishing off those girl scout cookies. No more until next year but probably better than they're gone.

  5. All other comments I could have made have now been overwhelmed by THIN MINTS! MY FAVORITE!

  6. you just HADDDD to show the thin mints. Now because of that i must go to the freezer and get some and then watch my husband look at me wondering why i'm eating cookies at 11pm. and really , how do you explain that a blog made me do it?

    (people have been saying they are having trouble adding me to their readers...make sure you are adding

  7. hold me?!?! baHAAAA! i don't know why you make me laugh so hard. really now? i think we have the same humor? just maybe. :) me likey you.

  8. those cookies are my favorite. I wonder where they sell it here in Jakarta. :(

  9. the elusive thin mints! i've dealt with 3 different girl scouts and none of them have had thin mints to sell to me!

    i miss them so.

  10. i looooove vacationing, but it's always such a pain to get back into the swing of things.

    i feel your pain.

    at least you have girl scout cookies to get you through :o)

  11. Sounds super busy! I, too, love Rock of Love Tour Bus edition. Funny stuff! Actually, all reality shows have a place in my heart.
    Have fun downing those Girl Scout cookies...yum!

  12. girl scout cookies!! hubba hubba. SO good :D glad you had a great trip!

  13. Mmm, I love girl scout cookies - those are the chocolate mint ones, right? I'm drooling over here. I'm glad you've gotten very productive since being back! YAY!

  14. Okay, having a plugged ear? Is basically the worst thing ever. EVER!

  15. You had me at the picture of the thin mints.

  16. On the topic of Ikea. I went there last Thursday, and if I could live there - in their model rooms - I would.

    So classy! And affordable! And inviting!

  17. Can't wait to read about your trip! By the way, cute napkins!

  18. i haven't gotten into my thin mints yet, but i know that once i do it's going to be dangerous.

  19. Cute napkin! I spend a lot of time not washing my car too, no worried. Mmmmmmmmmm, a nice hot bath by candle-light sounds perrrrrrrfect right now. Thank you... for being you!

  20. That is possibly the cutest place mat I've ever seen. And I've also decided that thin mints are now my favorite girl scout cookies. Samoas are just too sugary...


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