February 1, 2009

on work it out weekends: oh, the apathy...

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Well, now. Here we are at the end (or the beginning, depending on how you look at it) of another week. First of all, I've been slightly absent from posting and other blogging shenanigans lately. But it's a good thing. I think we all need to find that balance between real-life and the whole staring-at-the-computer-until-your-eyes-bleed thing. I'm attempting to limit my computer time at home, especially considering most of my shift at work is spent in front of a computer. No wonder my eyesight is rapidly deteriorating. (Speaking of which, I seriously need to get contacts again, because sometimes I'll forget to put my glasses in my car and if I'm driving at night I sit there and think, "Welp, this is it. This is the night I'm going to murder a pedestrian with my car. I hope I get lots of mail when I'm in prison.")

Anyway. Here are my lists:


  • Several days of using the Wii Fit.
  • And by several, I mean three.
  • And by three, I mean two good days, and one day where I logged in fifteen minutes and then decided to watch three episodes of Cold Case Files instead of finishing up the rest of my yoga.
  • Is it just me, or does the narrator of Cold Case Files totally sound like a serial killer? And isn't that a little ironic?
  • I've officially lost all control of this list, apparently.
  • Um, I walked around Sea World for four hours on Friday, does that count?
  • I had several days where I felt like a goddess.


  • Exercise was not a priority.
  • Eating healthy was not a priority.
  • On the other hand, devouring a sausage McMuffin and some caramel iced coffee this morning was definitely a priority.
  • Didn't run this week.
  • Was grumpy.

So, quite obviously, this past week has marked the beginning of my downward spiral into complete and utter apathy. I've noticed that this happens every time I decide to make a change in my life - be it exercise, eating better, creating better habits, working on my attitude, etc. I'll do well for a couple weeks, then after a while my shoulder angel turns into a gremlin and starts whispering things into my ear. Things like, "Eating a sausage McMuffin at 6:30 in the morning is totally a good idea." Or, "Don't waste time exercising when you could be eating some cashews." Or, "Maybe you should nag your husband, because that would be awesome."

Shady little thing, it is.

Anyway, I'm currently struggling to not let my "meh, who really cares" attitude get the best of me. I was doing well for a few weeks in every aspect, and I don't want to get lazy. However, I'm going to be out of town for the next week, so I'm not sure how things are going to go on the exercise front. Does lifting babies count as exercise? (I'm going to say yes on that one.)

Has laziness rendered anyone else completely apathetic? Any advice on how to overcome this would be appreciated. I may even give you a cookie. (Don't worry, it will be one of those fat-free, organic, low-carb cookies. Actually, no, because those suck.)

PS: If I hear one more person talk about how Jessica Simpson has gained weight, I'm going to punch them in the mouth. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY WE HAVE BODY ISSUES. Seriously. It's ridiculous.

PPS: Why am I so grumpy this morning? Not even calming music is helping. To say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed is an understatement. I woke up on the wrong side of LIFE.

PPPS: I had an absolutely wonderful meet-up with a few lovely bloggers last week. I always get the Blind Date Jitters before meeting other bloggers, but am never disappointed after meeting them. I will share more of the story later on, but if you're too impatient, then check out the lovely Ev'Yan's post.

PPPPS: How many of these can I do before I'm seriously annoying?


  1. oh man do I COMPLETELY know where you are coming from. I was doing so good for 3 weeks and when I went home last weekend, I lost all control. Popcorn at the movies twice, out to dinner with my parents, lots of chocolate were involved. They're to blame! But this week I decided I want to get back into the swing of things and today- I can feel my abs! THEY ARE THERE UNDERNEATH ALL THAT CHUBS!!! WAHOO!! Just stay focused and when you're tempted (for me it's the yummy donuts in the cafeteria every morning) just stay away, or go for a bowl of sweet cereal instead. HEHE!

  2. You know, I was thinking the same thing about Jessica Simpson. I don't see her as being "overweight" at all! Maybe it's the "mom" pants she was photographed in (far from flattering!) but I don't think she looks bad at all. It's disgusting to see the media rip her apart like that.

    & I don't even like her! I just hate the world's obsession with weight. Sigh.

  3. I'm in the same place. I was really good for about three weeks, and then I totally stopped working out... again.

    (It happens EVERY time I try to do something new and "good" for me.)

    Last week my boyfriend was really sick, so I stayed in with him to nurse him back to health (slash be lazy while pretending to care for him), and I just can't get my butt back in gear.

    Last night I promised myself that I would wake up and GO TO THE GYM... and I just pressed the snooze button four(teen) times and never went.

    But it's Sunday... the day of rest... tomorrow I'll go.

    But if you promise to try to start back up again, then I will to.

    (No pressure.)

  4. I always got so good then bad again :( maybe i just dont have willpower..

  5. A few things...

    1) I really want to join in on your Work it Out Weekends! What's the proper etiquette for joining? Do I use your banner and link back to your blog?

    2) I love Wii fit (and especially the yoga part!) I had to laugh when you said you quit after 15 minutes to watch TV because I did the exact same thing on Thursday!

    3) The whole thing with Jessica Simpson makes me sick. No wonder so many girls end up with eating disorders.

  6. i agree with jessica simpson. if she is happy its all good and why should the world care if she puts on a couple lbs? weight should not be a core thing in which we define someone. but this week has definetly been my best workout week. i went saturday, thursday, and tuesday. i worked abs, arms, legs and did the elliptical and treadmill. i really failed at eating, except one day i did REALLY well and then fell of the wagon. shame on me.
    ps: those caramel iced coffees are so addicting and so delicious. =D

  7. Ha ha, your lists are out of control! So funny, I love it :)

    Totally with you on the awful work-it-out week. I haven't done anything. I feel so awful! I need to get back into it.

    Let's promise each other to work out every day ok?! See, now I promised to do it, so I can't NOT to do it! Obligatory exercise, yay!

  8. the jessica simpson thing. ugh, i could scream (well, actually i have).

    when stuff like this happens, my inner "mama bear" comes out and i want to scoop up all the young girls and throw out all of their TV's and magazines.

    it pains me that we live in a society that is still so far from being able to fully appreciate more than one standard of women's beauty.

  9. ugh, laziness has taken me over too... part of it for me is the cold... I dont want to do anything but eat when its cold. Good luck getting back into it!

  10. UGH. I am so tired about hearing about Jessica Simpson. Her outfit was bad... that's it! Yeah, she's gained weight, but she still looks great, beautiful, and sexy! She looked sickly when she was skinny for the Dukes of Hazzards. :p I'd like the curves she has....

  11. I agree with what you said about Jessica Simpson. Poor girl is getting way too much flack! I feel so sad for her!! I love your blog!

  12. I find that I have a SERIOUS love/hate relationship with my WiiFit I love that it keeps me in shape but I feel that it yells and taunts me when I don't do well on the activities.

    But at least I am sticking to it and am WiiFitting it up 4-5 times a week. :-)

  13. I saw your Tweet about Jessica Simpson, so I Googled it.

    And weeped.

    It is JUST WRONG.

  14. PS: The only thing I've found that works is just doing it. Just bringing my running clothes to work so I have no excuse to go home after work.

    Just do it.

    Sounds corny. Works.

  15. Walking around seaworld totally counts.

    And I'm tired of hearing about Jessica Simpson too.

  16. Don't feel bad. I ate deep fried oreos, cheesecake, pizza, chips and dip today. xoxo

  17. Apparently I have become completely unaware of what's happening in the celebrity world, people keep mentioning junk going on in those people's lives and I'm all, "Huh? I have no idea what you are talking about." I kind of like it.

    Anyway, I'm trying to find my motivation to up and get my butt to the gym lately. My whole schedule has been turned upside-down due to starting classes at the community college and it has done crazy things to my mind and body. I am still adjusting, and that's what I'm blaming all my moodiness and lack of exercise/eating healthy on. It's legitimate, but at some point the things I'm using it as an excuse for are exactly the things that can help me fully adjust...apparently it's some kind of vicious circle.

    We can do it! I know we'll get past these slumps! Yay! Go us!

    Oh, and have lots and lots of fun with your sister and the new baby! I'm kind of jealous of the new babyness!

  18. I have had the cold for the past week. I now have flu. I am on Nursery Placement. Needless to say, I come home every night and don't move unless I absolutely have to!

    I do eat healthily while I am in school though...

  19. I'm still dreaming of that table with all the chips and dips on it from the super bowl party yesterday. I bet that would make you happy? It would make me smile for sure ;)

    Maybe I'll run tomorrow....maybe.

  20. Tag, you're it! You've been tagged, head over to my post, 25 Things About Me.

  21. i typically am a lurker on blogs and don't post but i wanted to let you know that i just looked at the few pics of you on Ev'Yan's blog and you are TEENY TINY. seriously. i completely understand the body issues thing...i stress out about it, bug my husband about it, get depressed about it...and then go eat some puppy chow :) anyways, my point is i understand the whole "feeling like a chubber" and then getting depressed about it and frustrated with yourself...my point is you're beautiful, skinny, and shouldn't give up your mcmuffins if you love them! ...and now i need to take my own advice!

  22. I'm so with you on the whole finding a balance between internet life and real life. Lately I've clearly let my internet life fall off of my priority list. Sad, but it has to happen sometimes.

    THANK YOU for bringing up the Jessica Simpson thing! And thank God I'm not a celebrity. I can't imagine being held to those standards and having the world watch me gain every pound. It's amazing that the our society can claim to want to help girls when really they just encourage all of those body issues.

    Have fun visiting your family! Stay warm!

  23. lifting babies TOTALLY counts as exercise. You should have seen the toned arms I had when my kids were babies. It was great. Seriously, I'm really hoping that happens again. Yay for getting to visit your family! I'm so excited for you!

    I don't think you could ever be annoying, to answer your last question. Somehow, even your "grumpy" posts make me smile and laugh and think how adorable you are. I can't write grumpy blog post without sounding like a complainer and a grump. How DO you do it, my dear?? :)

  24. I definitely agree with your take on the Jessica Simpson hype. Le sigh. I ALSO feel you with the whole wanting-to-avoid-apathy thing. However, I have been FAILING. I feel so self-destructive lately. But think of it this way: each moment -- EACH moment is a new one. And walking around the mall or Sea World or even cleaning is a form of exercise.

    Please keep writing this work-it-out-weekend posts! Love them.

  25. Hehe I try and stay focused. But like you sometimes other things take my attention away.

    Although I was inspired to start Wi Fit again after being sick for a few weeks. It feels so good to exercise again!

    Thanks for your encouragement and honesty =)

  26. I'm going to start doing these WOrk it out weekends. Maybe that will make me accountable and get to the gym...

  27. Laziness is my worst enemy!! It's like "Hmm, Law and Order marathon or a jog....." The couch is my throne of neglect, the remote my wand of apathy. And how I love it.

    I really like this work-it-out weekend idea. I think I will return to read more about this. Your blog is very cool.

  28. Dude. I'm so with you on the Jessica Simpson stuff. It's madness that it's such an issue. I read recently that when she was in Dukes of Hazard she had to work out five hours a day- minimum to get the body she has. And I'm all for pumping iron but if she's working out less and living life a little more.. then what's wrong with that?

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  30. I ate cashews instead of working out too.

    and they were chocolate covered.

    I want to kick myself.

    UGHHH. WHY do I do this to myself? Doing a cleanse over this weekend (a normal one, not a Kelly Kapoor one) fruits and veggies here I come.

    (There no typos in this one I think...)


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