February 28, 2009

on who I am (at the moment)...

black & white.

I am...

...in love with my new scarf. $8.50 from Forever 21. Yesssss. (Whenever I go into that store, I must always buy something. It's an issue.)

...realizing that I'm entirely too emotionally invested in certain situations that I simply can't change. I need to realize that I can't fix everything I want to fix, and hopefully I'll be able to find peace one way or another.

...looking forward to watching this week's episodes of 30 Rock and The Office online today. Something I look forward to every weekend.

...thankful for my sisters. Thankful for my parents. Thankful for the different pieces they each bring into my life.

...basically Gwen Stefani, because I love Japanese people that much. Maybe this is due to the fact that I have worked in tourism/travel for so many years, and get to see Japanese tourists on a fairly regular basis. Their English is always surprisingly understandable, and they are always ready with a smile and perfect change. I have yet to write a song about them, but, you know. That could be next.

...an incredibly solitary person, I've come to realize. I love people, but I think that I'm most content on days spent by myself. I've always been a very introspective, calm person, and perhaps that is why many times I'd rather spend a day completely on my own. At least once a week, I need a day where I'm able to do whatever I feel needs to be done (shopping, groceries, crafting, talking about cleaning the shower but not actually cleaning the shower, watching crime show marathons, etc.) by myself. If I don't get that time, I feel seriously stressed out. Good thing I'm married, because if I wasn't, I may have some serious hermit-like tendencies.

...confused by people who feel the need to just be mean for no good reason.

...feeling incredibly spoiled. I've received some great tips at work, Jay's parents sent us an Ikea gift card and my parents sent us a check for our anniversary, I've been able to do a bit of extra spending on things that I need (and want!) due to having extra spending money, and am now a happy owner of a new Nintendo DS, thanks to a seriously fabulous party I went to last night (thank you, Katelin and the folks at Nintendo!).

...thinking that a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk would pretty much be my ideal breakfast right now.

...touched by each and every single comment that is left on my posts. I only wish I had time to respond to each of them, and read each and every one of your own blogs, but I'm realizing that there is only so much time one person can spend online before they spend, well, too much time online. Just know that I read and appreciate every comment that is left! If only you knew how often each of you bring a smile to my face.

...considering Coldplay's Life in Technicolor as my personal theme song. I'm aware there are no words in this song. (Perhaps that's why I like it so much.) Every time I hear it, I feel incredibly light, if that makes any sense at all.

...learning to choose my battles. (Trying to, at least.)


  1. I am very much like you - I like to spend time to myself and I need at least one day of me-time each week (although I don't always get it).

    Chocolate Chip Cookie and milk does indeed sound very good right now :)

  2. That's such a great photo!! I love the focus. I see the Nintendo party was fun! I wish I could have gone and met you. Congratulations on your awesome karma. You deserve it.

  3. I am also a kind of solitary person sometimes... Not always, but at least one day a week, I've gotta find a vacant rock to crawl under. I've notice that my life can quickly sprial into chaos if I don't take these moments to think.

  4. It looks like you're in just the right place. I know what you mean about not being able to comment or visit every blog. It is sooo great that you're managing your time and setting your limits. It's something I'm learning and practicing every day... Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  5. no lie, i almost bought that same scarf. they were all in the front and i said in my head "must have!!!" but alas, my bank account did not agree. =( but next time i will get it! but i agree with you on alot of these things... having alone time, hating people who are unnecesarily rude, etc... i always love these posts of yours, it makes me want to do the same and re-evaluate who i am too! =D

  6. We really are similar in quite a few aspects. I beat myself up a lot for wanting to change things I cant fix myself :)

  7. Yay for the Nintendo DS! I agree with you that it is deff. frustrating that you cant always fix everything... I am the same way, and when I cant fix, it I feel like I failed :(

    <3 the pic!

  8. I definitely need that "me" time!!!!

    I am dying for a chocolate chip cookie right now!!!

    Coldplay as another version of Life in Technicolor...it's just as good with words as it is without!

  9. we are so similar in the hermit crab sense, i love love love being alone! probably too much. i guess everyone does enjoy their alone time though!

    i always love these posts from you. they are so real. thanks for sharing friend.

  10. If you listen to Coldplay's EP "Prospekt's March", there is a song entitled Life in Technicolor II and it's the same song, with words. Boom, there you go.

  11. I'm with you. I appreciate all comments but most of the time don't have time to respond to them even though I wish I could.

  12. I totally get your "lighter" feeling when listening to "life in technicolor". I saw them on friday night and they opened their concert with this song, it felt out of this world!

  13. that scarf is ADORABLE!

  14. I think we're sisters from another mister. And if that sounds weird to you? Well, I take it back then. But really.

  15. eep! i ADORE the picture. you are super adorable.
    i love your 'who i am' posts.
    and i've recently decided that as much as i love friends, people, etc - i love solitude, maybe a little more than i'd like to admit.
    i crave time to myself. its such a little treasure.

  16. yay for getting spoiled. glad i could add to it, haha :)

  17. this is cute! and that is a great pic!

  18. I just wanted to actually comment (and do it on the right post) that I too LOVE when you stop by and comment on my blog. It is such a little thing maybe, but it makes me smile for the rest of the day!

    Especially since I am in a blog funk and can't seem to get out! Hopefully I can pull up out of it. As ususal your blog brings a smile to my face every day. Love it!

  19. I kind of hope that you're not basically Gwen Stefani, because she loves Japanese people in a way thyat causes her to hire four women to be her fashion accessories in a creepy, culturally explotive kind of way.


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