February 8, 2009

on twenty-five things...

1. I am a classic middle-child.

2. I will never turn down garlic mashed potatoes, Papa John's pizza or Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat beer. No matter how healthy I'm attempting to be at the moment. I suppose I should add sausage McMuffins to that list, considering I totally ate one this morning, despite the knowledge that it is riddled with preservatives. Also, I could quite possibly eat my weight in those frozen taquitos that you heat up in the oven. And while we're at it, I should mention that I always want dessert. Even if we're somewhere and I say I don't want dessert, I am probably lying to you, and I TOTALLY WANT DESSERT. In short, I like food. Amen.

3. I love writing lists. Before my days off, I usually write an extensive list of things I totally don't need a list in order to remember. Just so I can write a list. Things like: vacuum living room, buy something at Target, call somebody, sleep in, find something cute to wear, make a sandwich, schedule appointment with optometrist (which never happens, but looks good in writing), etc.

4. I've never broken a bone. You may think I was sheltered, but I did climb trees on a regular basis when I was growing up. I swear.

5. If I had room for one more thing in my life, it would definitely be theatre. I miss it incredibly. It was one of those things that made me purely happy. When I was seventeen, I starred in a production of Cinderella, and it was basically the greatest thing in all of humanity. I loved every minute.

6. Having said that, I'm terrible on camera. I get so ridiculously awkward and nervous. I prefer a theatre full of people to one person recording me on camera.

7. Sometimes I feel like I will be perpetually seventeen, and that is mildly upsetting to me.

8. I routinely use words that aren't really words. I hold true to the fact that "nubbin", "widget" and "nodge" can (and should) be used in pretty much any context. Try it. It's fun.

9. I'm not a phone person. I blame this on my mom, because she's the same way. (I love you, mom.)

10. The only time I've been pulled over was for speeding when I was eighteen. I was dressed like a turn of the century Christmas caroler, and the guy who pulled me over was one of my dad's friends, who had conveniently helped drywall our basement a few years before. Needless to say, I didn't get a ticket.

11. Sometimes, as I go about my daily routine, I pretend that I'm the star of my own Hills-esque reality show, and that there are cameras following me around with a ridiculously hip soundtrack playing at all times. Rather odd, considering #6. Still, it keeps me entertained.

12. I'm seriously afraid of being raped or murdered. No, really. I'm probably the most paranoid person I know. Just ask my husband; I'm scared of everything. I'm not exactly sure why this is, except that maybe I watch entirely too much Law & Order: SVU.

13. I'm also pretty sure that someday I'm going to hit a pedestrian with my car.

14. When I get home from work, it is not unusual for me to walk around with my coat still on and purse over my shoulder while I go about organizing the duplex. I'm a compulsive cleaner. I'll walk around fluffing throw pillows and loading dishes into the dishwasher, and then finally relax and take off my uniform and put my purse down. Have we established the fact that I am basically Monica Gellar? Okay, then. Moving on.

15. Last year, I had kidney stones. Which I still find completely random. I mean, who gets kidney stones? At twenty-three? Seriously.

16. I'm also a slight hypochondriac. (I don't think the kidney stones helped.)

17. When I was twelve, I pretended I was Harriet the Spy for a good six months. I still have the notebooks to prove it. I'm pretty sure that I seriously creeped out our one and only close neighbor during that time. Being a spy isn't very fun when your house is one of only about five within a mile radius.

18. I think my personality is half my mom's and half my dad's.

19. I'm seriously picky about handwriting. I would hand write everything if that were acceptable, and am genuinely annoyed when people have terrible handwriting and don't seem to care. (For this reason, I usually ask my husband if he wants me to write out the mailing labels when he's shipping something. I have a low tolerance for messy writing, and suppose that the postal system does, too.)

20. I've been married nearly three years, and I think that our marriage is the best it's ever been. We're reached that comfortable, cozy, happy place. I still feel giddy when I know we get to spend a day together, or when I'm driving home to see him after a long day at work. And I love it.

21. Felicity is my favorite girl's name. However, given the fact that my last name has gone from four to eleven letters, I think that our future daughter may develop a complex when learning to write it. Oh, well.

22. I tend to over-analyze everything. Because of this, I think I'm a little too sensitive.

23. I've watched every season of Rock of Love, I Love New York and Flavor of Love. I love me some ridiculous reality television. I have no shame.

24. Thanks to my job, I know more about airplanes than I would ever care to. I also tend to translate the hours of my day into military time and the letters of the alphabet into aviation lingo. It's like a sickness, really. (And I don't even like airplanes.)

25. I have a crush on Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock.


  1. Great list! I've never broken a bone either, and unless I have great rambling to do lists I get really stressed out, especially on the weekends.

  2. Fun.

    25 - I have a crush on Jack, too.

    21 - Last name-wise, I went from "Wagner", which no one EVER mispelled or pronounced incorrectly to a Canadian French last name, which no one ever says or spells correctly.

    Ugh. At least I moved up in the alphabet, which was always a childhood goal of mine.

    (I know your old and new last name - and your old one was a million times simpler, too! :))

    3- I got a notebook for the sole purpose of list writing. And I have Word doc at work that I always keep open - it's my digital to-do list. Yay, lists!

  3. you're so adorable i can't even stand it. we had a papa johns around here for a bit and i could have lived on their cheese sticks. xoxo

  4. 17. When I was twelve, I pretended I was Harriet the Spy for a good six months. I still have the notebooks to prove it. I'm pretty sure that I seriously creeped out our one and only close neighbor during that time. Being a spy isn't very fun when your house is one of only about five within a mile radius.

    ME. TOO.
    Although I lived in town, so I had ample material for some serious spy work.

    Harriet the Spy is actually what started me writing in a journal at all, which is what eventually led me to blogging, so I think dear little Harriet gets all the thanks for the awesome friends I've made over the past few years. It's true.

  5. 21- If I marry my boyfriend (knock on wood) my last name will have 13 letters. Insane, no? And my first name already has 9 letters!
    Too bad I think Stephanie Shuttlesworth sounds so cute... :)

    23- I've watched every season too! It's so my favorite trashy tv. As a matter of fact, the new Rock of Love Bus just ended recording and I'm about to go watch it. <3

  6. I always over analyze. And it's always nice to find out that I'm not alone :)

  7. 3 - I totally do this, too! :) List makers unite!

    23 - AMEN. Sometimes you just gotta have your trashy reality tv, and nothing else will suffice. :D Hope you're excited for the new ROL Bus tonight!

  8. #3, 4, 7, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 22 I can completely relate to. It's almost scary how you & I are similar.

    I can especially relate to number 17! I went through a phase with my sister where we thought we were spies, too. We would spy on the neighbors with our binoculars, jotting down the details of their life. We had the composition notebooks & everything. =] Ah, to be young again!

  9. I could have written 12 and 16 (except I don't watch Law & Order and I've never had kidney stones.)

    And I've only broken one bone. It happened in a car accident when I was 17. I was a really careful child, though, lol. I was so scared of breaking something!

  10. haha, i enjoyed reading this!

    there are some things we have in common such as loving desserts, writing lists, never broken a bone, being the star of our own reality show, and love coming home from work to see the hubby!

  11. Okay Fecility Fenn would have been so freaking adorable.. haha. But don't worry about long names, my maiden name as a full 23 letters including my middle name. Forever long and I turned out fine. :)

    And Cherry Wheat is DELICIOUS. I had it at Disneyworld and fell in love but can never find in at the store. Where do you buy yours?? Or maybe you shouldn't tell me considering I quit beer... but every once in a while....

  12. Now, thanks to your list, I can be sure that the main reason I LOVE your blog is because you and I are so similar. On that note, you must be a really nice girl (;

    Have a great Sunday!

  13. Hi,
    I'm officially delurking with this post. Loved the list and felt like I could relate to more than a few points.

    #17: ohh, me too. I'm 28 and maturity still feels a long way off.
    #12: I'm the same way. And I watch SVU and oftentimes kick myself for doing so, but I just can't help it. Honestly, it was good for me to read a couple of the other comments about others relating to this too.
    #20: I've been married for just over 2 years...and I LOVE IT!

  14. i am TOTALLY numbers 3, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 13.

  15. I'm such a list maker too. It's just so calming.

  16. okay, i can't remember all the #'s, but there was more than 10 that i do too..super funny! i just tried my very first cherry wheat beer last night...yummy!! :)

  17. Ditto on #4 and #22...Thanks for sharing!!!


  18. What characteristic typically define a middle child? I'll have to look into this.

    I also use to love Harriet the Spy!!!!!

  19. 2) I also always claim I don't want dessert when we go out to restaurants, and then I regret it later as I'm thinking longingly of some chocolate molten cake or ice cream sundae.

    4) I've also never broken a bone, and I have no idea how I managed this either.

    12) When I moved away from my very, very rural hometown and into a busy town, my paranoia increased exponentially. When my boyfriend goes on business trips, I refuse to stay in our apartment along.

    17) The rural hometown thing also made it very challenging to play Harriet the Spy.

    21) IF my boyfriend and I ever happen to get married, my name will go from being a 5-letter first name, 5-letter middle name, and 7-letter last name to being all 5-letter names. I think that is crazy. Additionally, I'm very partial to the name Felicity.

  20. How do you always manage to make everything sound so darn interesting?! You, my dear, are quite a talented person (and crafter, too!).

  21. I wrote a list as well-- I also acted like I was Harriet the Spy {and decided to include that in my list as well}.


  22. I am SO addicted to Rock of Love... I wrote a whole blog post just about this season: http://allybspeakin.blogspot.com/2009/01/guilty-pleasures.html

  23. omg. i love your #25.

    i love jack. i have a serious crush on him.

  24. This post made my day! I totally agree with you about most of those things, and I do them to.

  25. I do lots of those things too! :)

  26. Totally dying because after almost every.single.one of your items I totally said aloud, "Oh my gosh, me too!"

    I love making lists. and lists of lists.
    I have an insane fear of being raped or murdered, and yes, this is because I watch far too many episodes of SVU and CSI.
    I still feel like I am in high school and dislike very much the fact that the kids who work behind the counter at Taco Bell look more and more like little children to me each and every year. Gasp. Could I really be THAT old.

    LOVE your list. :)

  27. hmm...kidney stones..know how you feel. I love this list, I learned so much about you every post!!

    Shannon cleans house as soon as she gets home. You are not the only one.;)

  28. so much to say...


    I refuse to be friends with people who don’t like to eat. And by “like to eat” I mean regularly obsess about the goodness of foods and plan events around all things food related.


    Me neither!


    How about “funner” or adding “-y” to the end of stuff like “breakfasty foods”


    I love you for admitting this. So fabulously shameless! (fabulously may go under #8)


    Me too. But I took IMPACT self defense class in college which was a 20 hour full-force, full-impact sef-defense class where gigantic men would beat the shit out of us (no really- my best friend had her finger broken) and yell dirty things and pull off our clothes (my entire bare ass was revealed at our “graduation”) and simulate raping us. After that experience I feel a lot more confident about protecting myself. You should look into it. Oh, and go read the book “The Gift of Fear”


    Me too. Actually, my brother did. She was 85. He said she “rolled” I kinda cant help but laugh at that.


    Me too. So we’re a little OCD?


    In 2006 I had gallstones! Who get’s gallstones at 24? What’s wrong with us!?!


    Did you watch Felicity in high school? I was obsessed. Am currently re-watching all 4 seasons. Hands down one of the best, most emotional, dramatic shows ever.


    Me too! But mostly because I’m an air force brat. And my dad is an airline pilot. Growing up my dad would call us by birth order: alpha, bravo, charlie……


    That’s not ok Kerri. He’s not hot.

  29. Aaaand, I think we might be twins, separated at birth.

    Number 3, yes.

    Number 4, yes.

    Number 7, yes.

    Number 9, yes.

    Number 11, totally, who doesn't?

    Numbers 12 & 13, OMG, me too! I also have a weird fear of cracking my front tooth, yes, so strange, I know.

    Number 19, mmhmm, indeed.

  30. I work for the PD and also find myself writing out personal stuff in military time. I'll say 1432 hours and get a weird look from my sister---must translate for the unknowing ;)

  31. i totally am with you on number two and number twelve. i could eat all the time, especially the bad stuff. and svu has pretty much scarred me for life. probably didn't help walking on that scary path at sarah's hotel either, haha.

  32. I sang in a turn of the century Christmas choir. We were called the madrigal society. Also, I was a mouse in Cinderella. You win.

  33. I'm such a list maker as well!
    Love your blog!
    Have a fabulous week!

  34. This is just downright eerie! My middle-child self is a compulsive list maker, pretend I have my own life soundtrack, am convinced I'm going to be murdered one day, get kidney stones annually (thanks, Dad!), totally thought i was Harriet the Spy and am terribly anal about handwriting and get seriously bothered by other people's (i think i make my lists as an excuse to write).


  35. Oh.My. I had a total LOL at the Christmas Caroler almost speeding ticket. It was hearty laugh, from the stomach region. Feel good about that.


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