February 17, 2009

on the sunshine for my crappy day...

my sunshine.

Remember my gloriously cheerful and uplifted mood from yesterday? Well, life decided to walk up and punch that mood in the mouth today. Repeatedly.

I was set off this morning when I went to take a shower and discovered we had no hot water. Do you realize the sheer panic that went through my body as I realized that I was going to have to go to work with hair that is greasy beyond all reason (not to mention legs that are hairier than I'm even going to mention)? All I could think of was how thankful I was that it rained long enough this morning to sway me from a morning run. Because had I done that, who knows what I would have done. (You can't clean up a post-run without some serious showering. Obviously.)

The next punch came when I went to call Hunky Fireman Landlord to inform him of our situation, and apparently his number was disconnected. I dialed again, and still, the same message saying that the number wasn't available bellowed into my ear. What the heck. Seriously, guy? You change your number and don't tell your tenants? Are you trying to be shady or something? (My first inclination is always that someone is being shady - which is sad, but true.) I walked next door and he wasn't home. I left a note on his door, but he works long hours and who knows when he'll be able to get back to me.

I ended up throwing a complete fit, and kind of railed on my husband for not being able to fix the situation that instant. (I sometimes get like that, expecting Jay to fix everything. I blame my dad. The guy can do anything and everything and always knows just what to do in any situation, and now I think that I have that expectation stuck in my head.) Jay put up with my overreacting, and I went to stand in the bathroom to cool off and regain some sort of perspective. (I didn't find any, by the way. I just glared at the shower, knowing that it was going to provide me nothing. Stupid, worthless shower.)

And then, to top it all off, my greasy little head had to go to work and experience one of the busiest, most stressful days I've ever had. By the end of the night, I was pretty sure that my face was about to explode. Usually I'm pretty spoiled with my job, and don't have such nonstop craziness and such. But by the end of the day today, all I wanted to do was go home, but on my pajamas, drink a glass of wine and probably bawl my eyes out.

However, when I was driving home I had a change of perspective. It started raining as I was driving, and I found myself smiling. There is something about the rain that cheers me up. I think that it reminds me of home, and it's certainly a welcome change to the eternal sunshine that usually covers this part of the country. I felt the weight start to lift, and I turned on some of my favorite music to rock out to on the drive home. When I arrived home, I made sure to walk very slowly from my car to the front door, just to enjoy the feeling of the rain sprinkling across my face.

As I walked in the door, I saw a package on the counter. My in-laws had sent Jay and I some chocolates and other goodies for Valentines day. As I went through the package, I nearly started crying. You know how sometimes something happens at exactly the moment you needed it most? This was one of those moments. I am always so touched by the thoughtfulness of Jay's parents - his mom is one of the sweetest women in the world, and she always puts together little packages to send to us for every holiday. As I read the sweet note, I had to stop and realize just how incredibly blessed I am.

Sure, we won't have hot water until the city comes to look at the water heater tomorrow, but really? We have a cozy, comfy home that will keep us warm and shield us from the rain.

Sure, I may have snapped at my husband for something he couldn't control, but guess what? After I had cooled off, he came over and snuggled me before I had to go to work. He said the sweetest things, and really made me feel more loved than perhaps I should have been at that moment. I can't thank him enough for his patience and incredible love for me.

Sure, I can't get a hold of my landlord because he's apparently dropped off the face of the earth, but you know? I'm bound to get a hold of him at some point. I mean, he lives next door. And at least he's hunky. And a fireman. That helps.

Sure, I had an incredibly stressful and frustrating evening at work, but seriously? I work with some very encouraging people who will stand there and listen to me when I'm frustrated, and completely understand where I'm coming from. I met some great customers today, too, who gave me a nice tip, and one of my coworkers shared part of their tip with me, too. It's times like that when I wish it was more appropriate to hug people in the workplace. And cry tears of appreciation.

I came home this evening, and now am feeling so much better than I did a couple hours ago. It's surprising, actually, that I'm not sitting here wallowing in self-pity. But, there you have it. I may not be able to react to things quite like I should in the moment that I'm faced with them, but I'm slowly learning that things will work themselves out somehow. Hopefully sooner than later.

(Of course, I may be singing a different tune if I don't get my shower tomorrow. I'll straight up take a sick day if I have to. Or simply go all pioneer and fill the bathtub with water I've heated on the stove. Would that be weird? Yeah. I guess it would.)


  1. this is why i wish i was a man in the mornings sometimes because i'm jealous how they can just skip a shower and go to work and still look good.

    hope hunky fireman will come to the rescue soon & you get your shower tomorrow!

  2. A while ago we didn't have any electricity for two weeks. No hot water, no nothing. It was HORRIBLE. I had to shower at my parents each day.

    I hope that they sort out the water situation for you soon!

  3. I completely understand where your coming from. At least you were able to find the little blessings within your bad day.

    It shows that you really appreciate the small things. And that is great!

    I hope the water problem works out. It sux not having hot water and hey if you need to boil water and have a bath why not?? =)

  4. I feel better when it rains too..and when the weather is pretty chilly. It's hot all the time here, really doesnt help if im grumpy.

  5. Ooh, good thing you didn't go running! Seriously.

    That would have SUCKKKKKED.

    Chocolate and packages make any day better. :)

  6. I hate those kinds of days! I'm glad it all turned around for you though, and really really hope that you get your hot water back!

    You're great. :)

  7. *raises hand* Ooh! Ooh! I have a solution!! Baby powder! I've never tried it before, but I've heard it takes the grease right out of your roots if you sprinkle a little on for emergencies like this. If your hot water is still out maybe you could try that?

  8. was about to be so mad about your landlord until you said he lives next door. Lol! I hope it gets fixed soon. I HATE cold showers!

  9. I've filled the bathtub with water heated on the stove. I felt like a huge dork/pioneer woman but it worked1 It takes forever, but sometimes when you really need hot water it's the only option.

  10. i love reading your stories! you're such a great writer and as i read that, i knew EXACTLY how you felt! :)

  11. I am such a spaz about going to work unshowered that I probably would have freaked out and jumped in and took the quickest most freezing shower you have ever seen. That would suck. I hope that hot water comes back on ASAP!

  12. First of all, just wanted to say how much I adore you and your blog. I've been a reader for a few months, but must admit this is my first comment... I know, I'm a lurker.. what can I say.

    Anyhoo, I can definitely relate to your day - and God's little reminders that your life is blessed at the times when you are ready to throw a fit. Funny how that works...

    And let me tell you, I have a huge problem with the whole expecting your husband to fix everything the instant you need it taken care of. I also grew up with superman as a father, who could fix anything at any time, and I have unfairly pushed this expectation onto the hubs... I'm working on it. :)

  13. Lol Oh my gosh, the general public is a little frightening, hey?

    Glad you’ve survived them with a sense of humor!

  14. Seriously why can't our husbands or boyfriends fix things like our dad's????? I struggle with this. My dad can fix anything.

    FYI never tell your guy "I will just call my dad and have him come fix it" Ohhhh that doesn't fly!

    I hope you get hot water soon I would be freaking out too. The first thing that came to my mind is if you have a gym membership take a shower there orrrr get a free gym membership trial. LOL At least that is what I would do :) I cannot live without a shower!

  15. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man. We all have our days and it sounds like you overcame it quite well in the end.

  16. So sweet that he came for a cuddle after you bit his head off!

    And good for you on turning your attitude around. Sometimes all we need is a change of perspective...

  17. okay that whole expecting Jay to fix things IS totally what I do with Brett. My dad can fix anything and knows how to make it all better (that's what dads do) and I have been known to fly off the handle when Brett can't fix it for me....so I totally know where you are coming from. So glad that there was a happy ending to your day.

  18. oooh, you have a hunky fireman as a landlord? maybe he'll come and fix your hot water personally. and he'll probably have to take his shirt off to do this. concentrate on making the lemonade from the lemons :o)

  19. I totally agree about rain in California being uplifting. Sometimes the weather here is so amazing its...depressing. Does that make sense? Nothing can be perfect all the time! But the week of rain we've had in NorCal is getting old. Fast. I wish I could spread the rain out a little more.

  20. Thank goodness you didn't go on that run! I get crabby and snap at the husband too. I'm so glad he's a patient man.

  21. Wishcake - I've been following your blog for about a month now and think you are so much fun! I also am young and married and have a husband who like yours, shows patience and sweetness at times that it seems no one could, or should! What's up with that?! :)

    I have a question for you about your formatting. When I try to post an image in a post, it automatically resizes it. I want it to look how your does on this post, taking up the full width of the space. How is this done? I've tried inserting it with the html coding img<"">.. but it was no good. Does it have something to do with the html coding for the entire blog?? I know how this could be difficult to answer.. but if it's actually something easy, let me know!

    Thanks for being a sincere blogger, I enjoy your posts!

  22. I tried that dry shampoo stuff that you spray in and brush out and it totally works! But it's kind of freaking expensive. Sigh.

    I totally get you, though. Bad stuff happens, but so does good stuff. It's just so much easier to notice the bad. I just wrote a really similar post, but my household disaster is my roof leaking, not my water heater breaking. Although that would suck, too.

  23. Hi, I saw Sarah's comment and it motivated me to introduce myself! I've been a reader for awhile now, I actually found you on swap-bot and commented on your flickr (I sent you a picture in front of the Tower of Terror sign at Disney). I love your blog! =) I totally hold my bf to unreasonably high standards because my dad is amazing and can fix everything. He sort of hates it.


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