February 12, 2009

on some recent craftiness...

recent craftiness.

1. hello notecard set, in pink, $7.50.

2. leafy felt wallet, blue & green, $15.00.

3. felt wallet with bird & buttons, $15.00.

4. love in a jar cloth gift bag, $2.25.

5. love in a jar set of notecards, $8.00.

6. sweet heart magnet, $2.50.


  1. I love your crafts!

    I wish I had more time for stuff like that *sigh*

  2. do you think that the drawstring muslin bag would fit a pair of sunglasses? i am really considering buying it if it does. i need something cute to put my sunglasses in when they hang out in my car! =D

  3. I am loving your new wallets... the colors are great!

  4. See THIS is why I gave you an award...


    You're my Martha Stewart. Except WAY nicer. Pick your fave 10 and pass it on!

  5. Those are just darling. I love the cards!

  6. I love the little wallet with the bird on it. Consequently, I really enjoy your blog. It's interesting and uplifting.

    Keep postings!

  7. seriously your stuff is so cute, i cannot wait until my friend gets her bday gift from your store :)

  8. Nice. Bet you get a lot of orders this valentine. Happy for you :)


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