February 27, 2009

on the dress, once more (are you sick of me yet?)...

the final shoe choice.

(So, are you tired of hearing about the dress yet? Psh. Don't judge me. I never get to dress up, so this is basically the highlight of my year.)

Thank you so incredibly much for the amazing feedback on the dress! More than 80 comments? Sweet mother of pearl, I think that's the most I've ever had on a post. Which is, needless to say, pretty awesome. And for those who were wondering, the dress is by some random brand called "Teeze Me". Yeah, ew. I know. Nice play on words, guy. But, still, I think everyone should go out and buy this dress and then we can all meet up and be dress twinsies, and have good times. Tempting, right? I thought so.

Okay, so, since the shoe thing was so divided (and I'm apparently a non-decision maker) I ended up stopping by Target once more to scout out my shoe options. I promise that I tried the heels! I promise! I gave it my all! I was even borderline going to buy a cute pair of black peep-toe heels, but I just couldn't do it! (read: I couldn't walk in them. See? I'm twelve. It's official.) Also, I felt bitter thinking about buying a pair of shoes that I wouldn't wear on a regular basis.

After a little while, I found some adorable sandals. (See the above photo for the cuteness of the shoes.) They fit perfect, they do have a slight heel on the back (if you can call it that) and they looked just fancy enough to work with the dress. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, and purchased them right away. Mission accomplished.

Dressed up!

If I do say so myself, we looked quite fancy. (Jay swears he's smiling in this photo, but I was all, "No, no, you are not. You can not show your teeth and say that's a smile, mister." But, whatever. I wasn't going to win that argument.) As for our dinner, it was absolutely incredible. We went to Steak House 55 at the Disneyland Hotel. It's a gorgeous restaurant! I always feel funny at fancy restaurants, though, because I'm more of an El Torito happy hour kind-of-a-girl, you know? I feel slightly out of my element. But I guess that's the fun of it. Jay and I ordered a $33 bottle of wine (Whaaaat? That's the most I've ever spent on a bottle of wine! We are such cheap-skates.) and had some sort of shrimp in some sort of sauce for the appetizer. We both ordered massive steaks, and learned that I apparently don't know how to order steak. I was all, "Medium-rare!" to the waiter. Jay gave me a look, and I was confused, until my steak arrived and it was seriously pink.

me: "I thought I ordered medium-rare, Jay."

Jay: "Uh, yeah. You did."

me: "What do you mean? Medium-rare means...oh. Now I get it."

Jay: "Yeah, I thought that was a little weird when you ordered it that way."

me: "Why didn't you say something? You know that half the time I don't know what I'm saying when I open my mouth!"

But, luckily, the steak was like butter. Complete and utter perfection. I think at one point I may have shouted out, "HOW CAN ANYONE EVER BE A VEGETARIAN WHEN THERE IS STEAK LIKE THIS IN THE WORLD?" It was that good. And I seriously don't ever have any desire to be a vegetarian after that. There's just no way. (I think I dream about steak, some nights. I don't think I could dream about tofu.)

Anyway, we had a wonderful dinner and even left room for dessert (okay, not really, but we did order dessert because it looked too good to resist). It was cute, because they knew it was our anniversary and they had a bunch of people who worked at the restaurant sign a card and left it at our table. I love Disney. It never fails to please.

So, it was a lovely evening. I felt pretty, I had good food, I was able to spend some wonderful time with my husband, and it felt good to splurge a little on something.

As for this evening? Jay and I are planning on attempting to chew through the rock that is our wedding cake topper. You know, the one we were supposed to eat on our one year anniversary? The one that has been sitting in our freezer for the last three years? Yeah, we're disgusting.


  1. the two of you looked stunning!
    and i could never be a vegetarian as well. i just don't have it in me.

    p.s. i simply adore my eyeglass cozy:)

  2. You two look adorable! I agree that just showing teeth is not a smile, but you have to choose your battles. I'm glad to hear that you two had a good evening and that is so sweet that they gave you a card.

    I don't ever get sick of reading your blog or tweets, just so you know.

  3. I will never tire of hearing about/seeing that dress, you just look too amazing in it!

    And yeah, Disney is the best ever...we went on Monday for my birthday and I had this big button with my name on it and "Happy birthday" and every cast member that saw me had to wish me a good one and it was GREAT! I'm seriously, automatically five years old again when I walk through those gates...

    You're awesome, I love you...oh...but I also love being vegan, I dream about vegetables, yummy, yummy vegetables. And avocado, I love avocado...mmm... ;)

  4. You two look adorable! :] I wish I lived in SoCal, we visited last year and I fell in love with the place. But the hubby is stuck in his ways over here in VA! YAY! Haha.. anyways.. Im glad you two had a wonderful anniversary, and have fun with that cake! :]

  5. The last line just made me laugh. I'm dreading eating our cake topper when our one year comes up, so I can't imagine three years!

  6. The dress is gorgeous and you two look adorable. Congrats on 3 years.

  7. You two look fabulous!

    And thank you for reminding me to get my cake topper from my parents. We forgot it at home. ;P

  8. Yeah I we didn't remember to eat our cake on our anniversary. I am pretty sure it is sitting in my in-law's freezer. Awesome.

    You two looked so cute! I do dig the shoes that you chose. Very cute. Sounds like the night was a success!

  9. Both of you look fabulous!!!:)

  10. you guys are so glamorous! and i love the final shoe; mental note: go to target for cute black sandals! =D
    but seriously, its all so beautiful!
    and i couldnt help but notice the plaque of "Jay and Kerri: Always and Forever" in the foreground. thats all too precious, and it gives me another mental note to get a plaque of some sort made for me and my hubby whenever i am to be wed.
    again, congratulations on the 3 years, may God bless you and provide you with many many many more.

  11. I wanted you to know I took my first trip to the Magic Kingdom last week (Orlando) and it was definitely the happiest place on earth!! And when I went into the ice cream parlor on main street I kept thinking of you wearing the cute stripes. :)
    Everyone is so........ HAPPY and smiley! Except the Haunted Mansion people.... lol
    Anyway, go see the pictures on my facebook! There are lots of pics of Gabe in his first set of Mouse Ears!!!

  12. to answer your question: yes.

  13. You both look so cute! That dress is awesome. I am also so jealous that you are wearing sandals in February. It is 22 degrees right now :(

    Glad you had a wonderful anniversary!

  14. Did Jay change his last name to Corleone? Lookin' good.

  15. sh, you two are adorable. steve never smiles in pictures either and it drives me absolutely batty.

    and i'm with alexis, i could never get tired of dress pictures, do you have any idea how skinny the color blocking and the waits on that thing make you look!?

    i haven't been to disney in almost ten years and that makes me oh so very sad. i'm so glad you guys had a wonderful night, you deserve it so much.

    also, the thought of eating a steak is enough to make me gag. i'm sorry lovie, a big, red, juicy steak is the very definition of my worst nightmare. weird, right?


  16. I never knew that you're supposed to eat the cake topper on the 1 yr. anniversary? It's a good thing I have blogs around to teach me these things.

    You looked great and I am glad you had a wonderful night!

  17. You two look great! That dress is just so fabulous. Glad you had a great anniversary! :)

  18. Oh my gosh, you guys look like movie stars. Seriously; he wore a suit?! I could NEVER get Jonathan to wear a suit to go out to dinner, no matter how fancy. You guys look so amazingly good together. I could eat you up!

    & I resent your little steak comment, my dear. ;] But I still love you.

  19. I can't believe Jay wore a suit, he looks so good! you BOTH look so good!! I wish i could get my hubby in a suit, but noooo wayyy, it would require a lifetime of begging LOL
    mmm steak, my mom took me & my bros to tahoe joes last night & i had some prime rib. I'm not kidding you that steak is the ONLY reason i could never be a veggie...i can't imagine life without steak LOL!
    I'm so glad you guys had a great night!!!

  20. I'm so glad you had such a good time. Steakhouse 55 is a great restaurant! I love Disney. You make a beautiful couple!

    Gross on the cake topper. I never really understood that tradition. I think, if I ever get married, I'm just going to get a whole new cake on our 1st anniversary. :)

  21. Oh how I miss good old American steak... it's just not the same in England: Small, dry, over-cooked and full of mad cowness apparently! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful night. You both look adorable!

  22. you=so cute you make buttons look hideous. get it? cute as a button? only you're so much CUTER?! :)

    dude. when we were in cali, they had a photog wandering around and when we got the cd's back i was like "gah. you didn't smile in a SINGLE PICTURE" and randy's all "i was totally smiling in that one of us with kyle and his wife" and i'm like "GRIMACE, DARLING, AND SMILE ARE NOT THE SAME THING." sheesh. ;)

    haaaaaaappy anniversary! :)

  23. Don't worry about the heels, the shoes you got look great. I know I said the dress needed heels, but it didn't. I'm also a total hypocrite for suggesting it because I look like a limping/dying dinosaur when I wear heels... doesn't help the pretty factor.

  24. Wow, you seriously look GOOD in that dress! Happy (late) anniversary! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. :-)

  25. Oh, yeah. That comment about never being a vegetarian.........AMEN. I'm too week.


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