January 11, 2009

on work it out weekends: motivation...

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Well, I'm proud to report that I've been mostly successful with my get-healthy plan thus far. Mostly. Because, I'm not going to lie, I haven't made the best food and beverage choices this week. What, are you saying that a girl can't enjoy happy hour once (er, twice) a week or gorge herself on leftover Christmas chocolates every Friday evening?

Don't talk to me. You don't know me.

Defence mechanisms aside, I know there are a lot of changes I have yet to make. But, you know, we're only a little over a week into the New Year. It may be a slow process, getting back into the swing of things. (At least, that's how I'm rationalizing it.) I have been doing okay, though. I swear I'm not a complete potato. Let's break it down:


  • Ran once, used Wii Fit for 30 minutes (mix of yoga and strength training) five out of seven days.
  • Started taking a multi-vitamin (Viactiv flavor glides because, well, YUM).
  • Am eating at least one piece of fruit a day.
  • Am using only whole grains as much as possible (bread, tortillas).
  • Have maintained a positive attitude throughout the week! Yessss!


  • Skipped two days of the Wii Fit (and there's really no excuse because I had time).
  • Oh, Ghirardelli chocolates, you evil temptress, you!
  • Two happy hours with entirely too much food.
  • I'm not even going to apologize for the goodness that is Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat.
  • May or may not have said mean things to my Wii Fit instructor, because I apparently take yoga very seriously ("What do you mean my balance is unsteady! Your face is unsteady, you creepy little computer-animated man! I judge you and your ponytail!").

I'm finding that motivation is kind of an issue right now. Part of me thinks, "Well, I feel good enough today. I look good enough today. Why make the effort? Plus, sweating kind of sucks." But then, the other part of me feels guilty and lazy when I don't do something when I know I have the opportunity. I remember how good I felt (physically, emotionally) when I was running three times a week. My body couldn't possibly change that much after one run, but I would literally look at myself and feel so much better about it after than I did before exercising. I think it's much more of a mental thing than an actual physical change.

Or I could just be weird. That, too.

So, anyway. What is my motivation for working out and getting healthier? Getting rid of the tummy pudge is definitely one obvious motivation. Getting a rocking bod like Jennifer Aniston is another important, if not completely unattainable, motivation. The one that is probably the most relevant, is the desire to rediscover those feelings of success and pride that I had when I was working out more and felt a change in my body as well as my attitude about things. There's nothing better than knowing you've done something to better yourself.

Another motivation has been my husband; the man is a machine. Seeing him get up early to go for a run, and just seeing him train so hard for his half-marathons (and what soon will be an actual marathon!) really inspires me to get out there myself. (Except that I definitely am not trying for a marathon because you'd have to literally scoop my dead body from the pavement with a spoon or something. And, no, I'm not just being dramatic.) Jay has never had a problem with motivation, and I'd certainly like to have a little bit of whatever keeps him going. Last night I even told him that he was basically the cover of Men's Health magazine, but I think he rolled his eyes. Psh.

So, how about you? What changes have you made in the last week? What helps motivate you?


  1. You're doing so well! Congrats!

    What motivates me is knowing that by eating more carefully I feel better - and that by doing my balance ball work out I don't get massive back pain from sitting at my computer all day. The pain reduction thing? That's huge for me.

  2. Yay for doing awesome! I have very little motivation right now. Second semester of grad school and the fact that I'm food deprived from weight watchers at the moment mean...I'm not in the mood to work out half the time.

  3. The guilt is starting to set in with me as well...I had a bit too much to drink on friday night and had a big fatty steak last night. But I am trying to get on track again. I also thought to myself, its only the first week of the year so there are plenty of other weeks to make up for my mistakes right? I love my way of twisted logic :) keep it up and eventually you will see the changes you want

  4. 5 days of Wii fit sounds like great progress to me! I only made it to the gym twice this week and I would go today if I didn't have such a horrible headache from all those margaritas I had last night. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day, right? :)

  5. I have a hard time with the motivation as well. I've slacked this week, but I'm headed to the gym today, I think. You are keeping me accountable, so thanks!

  6. I know the feeling that we "should" work out, exercise, do something good for our bodies, minds, etc. The "should" is what gets us in trouble because, when we don't actually follow through on the plans, we feel guilty.

    I go through this every week. It's an ongoing struggle.

    And yet, the minute I jump in the pool and start doing laps (this has become my latest choice in exercise), I feel a million times better.

    It seems so simple. It's the getting myself to the pool that can be very difficult.

  7. If a computer-animated man with a ponytail criticized my balance I'd yell at him too.

    Good work this week! You're an inspiration to us all! :)

  8. Well done!

    Unfortunately I was less than awesome. Circumstances got in the way of being healthy, but I admittedly could have tried harder!

    Keep going, you are doing so well!

  9. I love your new design, and I am currently in the middle of a skip day...you are kind of motivating me to hop on the Wii Fit and go for it to make it a non-skip day. Then I can soak in the tub and spend the rest of the day doing what I am loving to do right now on the couch and with the TV!

  10. Congrats to you for all you've accomplished!

    I also have a "motivation" problem because I feel like I'm always so busy, when I do have time, why work on something when I can just chill on the couch and watch trashy reality shows? And then, I start to tell myself that it's okay because I deserve that vegging out time ... but really? Eh, I don't know. Do I?

    I should be working on some of the things on my 101 list and achieving short term goals ... buuuut the other half of me just wants to do a whole lotta nothing. Is that so bad??

  11. I have some star stickers that I put on my calendar in my kitchen whenever I go to the gym, so I can see at a glance how many times I've gone so far during the week/month and how many more days I have left to reach my goals.

  12. you're doing awesome! with every little change that you make, remind yourself that every little change that you make is something you were doing in an un-healthy way before, every little change is a victory!

    that's just how i look at things. i let myself get up to almost 170 pounds on a very small 5'2 frame, want to talk about un-healthy habits? yeah, didn't think so. i managed to drop my 45 pounds by making SMALL changes, because they add up.

    if i wanted a chocolate fix? i'd have a chocolate chip granola bar. chicken fingers? i'd bake them in the oven instead of running through the drive through. things like that, even if you aren't eating the healthiest ever, are better than whatever you were doing before. you've come so far, so don't beat yourself up over not doing the wii fit or not running...

    i am no saint by any means, but i've struggled with my weight and the motivation to do something about it my entire life. what motivates me now? a picture of myself where i swear, i wouldn't know it was me if you told me. it was that bad. so even if i'm not as toned as i want to be, even if i gain and lose the same five pounds a hundred times, i know i'm never going to go back to that.

    be proud of yourself, you've come so far!


  13. My motivation right now is the vacation we are taking in April to Mexico. I'm determined to look good enough to wear a bikini by then. And I had to take all the chocolate out of our house. The temptation is just too great!

  14. Ha ha, the Wii Fit instructor is a creepy guy with his stupid little pony tail!

    I think the best trick is to take motivation out of the equation. Just get a routine and DON'T THINK about it. Just do it. (Nike much?!) It's not about how you feel today, it's about what you want to accomplish with your life! It's thanking yourself 30 years from now for having taken good care of your body. Run every day! Be a role model! Be fit! Be healthy! There's no other choice, you have to do it!

    That was my motivational speech for you :)

    Congrats on your accomplishment this week, you are doing awesome!! I dropped the ball on my work out routine over the holidays, so I'm with you on trying to salvage my body right now.

    You can check out your local community college for adult-ed or community-based classes. I sign up for various work out classes (ballet, yoga). They are dirt cheap and a fun way to add one hour of workout to your week. Sign up with a friend, or meet new people there!

  15. WOW! You're doing amazingly. I, on the other hand have been sucking. I have completely been wasting my gym membership.


    I do love me some Wii Fit though. Hula Hooping is so fun! I HATE HATE HATE, my stupid yoga trainer too! Unbalanced? not me!

  16. My motivation is feeling my clothes feel better. I put stickers on my training schedule/calendar and when I get a certain amount of stickers I reward myself with something I've really been wanting. Sounds like you had a decent week this week. I did the best I've ever done on my first week of race training.

  17. I agree with you, Viactiv vitamins are the best kind :)

    What motivates me? Feeling better in my clothes. And, honestly, people like you who blog honestly about exercising. It IS hard to get into, there are going to be days it's easier than others, and motivation is not a consistent feeling. Kudos for your progress and for sticking with it!

  18. gosh go you. I have been majorly slacking.. and I guess I could get off my google reader and do the wii fit.. But then my couch would miss my booty too much

  19. Be proud- you're already doing insanely well, actually making small changes (which are the only changes that work!)

    This week I bought tea. Which I intend to starting liking ASAP.

  20. I know that for me I have to do little changes...because when I do too much at one time, it is overwhelming. This week I made it to the gym and ran twice. My motivation is just feeling better. I just feel like a big pil of ick lately. I think that if I were eating better I would just feel better. But...not gonna lie...I have the days where it's like...my day is kinda rough, I should eat this chocolate. No good. I end up throwing out the bad stuff now. I don't keep it around. I keep sugar free chocolate (which the Russell Stover's is AWESOME) and I run with other people so that I have no excuse not to go. Find a buddy! (That isn't a creepy Wii Man. I hear ya there!)

  21. thats awesome! Good for you girl!

    What motivates me is getting rid of the tummy pudge, and just being healthy again! When I used to exercise on a regular basis I felt better about myself and I had a better attitude about things. I miss that! So far I have been better, not good, but better!

  22. one of my new year's resolution is to lose weight and i started last week.

    i really am jealous of you because you have wii fit! my husband and i keep looking for one!

    do you watch the biggest loser? that's definitely a motivation booster!

  23. Hurling insults at the Wii Fit instructors is part of the fun! You sound like you're doing awesome.

    Feeling better is definitely motivation. Like you said, you can't possibly see results that quickly, but you just feel better.

  24. I'm with you on finding it uber difficult to get myself working out. However, with a Mexico trip coming fast, in March.... I found this past week that trying on bathing suits ( oh my gosh.... eeewww) and pretty sundresses has me motivated more than anything not to be the "fat one" of our friends. So I have a meeting with a personal trainer on Thursday :) I know it's probably more expensive than I can afford right now, but I know myself, and I know that otherwise, I won't get out there. Plus, the cost of having my sanity, happiness and ability to wear 2/3 of my wardrobe back, is more important than a couple bucks in my bank!

  25. Congrats on your successes so far.

    My motivation right now is to get nice arms for my wedding dress... and a sexy back would be nice too!

    So far I have not actually used this motivation for good. But now that I'm finally over my six week cold/misery... I think I'm ready to go!

  26. Gotta love the Wii Fit...and I totally yell at that ugly man too!

  27. You are doing so freakin' fabulously! Seriously, 5 days of Wii Fit and a run? Yeah, you rock.

    Keep it up you little superstar :)

  28. well, you did much better than i did last week, so you should be proud of what you accomplished!

  29. Those Wii Fit instructors are so mean and make me want to throw a Wiimote at their head!!

  30. My husband just ran a 20-mile race this past weekend. He's also training for a marathon. I am NOT a runner, but if he can do 20-miles, I can do 30 minutes a day on the Wii Fit. Our husbands rock. :)

  31. nothing actually motivates me, but i have found that if i don't think about it and just start running/exercising, once i've started it's so much easier to keep going. i promise myself i will exercise only for 10 minutes. if i want to keep going longer, i do. if not, i don't. more often than not-- i keep going!!

  32. sounds like you're doing great. and have you tried the boxing on the wii? i've made that my mini work out for now until i get a wii fit and that definitely gets my heart going, whew.

  33. Goodness! People sure get into this fitness stuff.

    Look at all these comments! Hurrah!

    I ran twice last week, and then did this Yoga Bootcamp thing this weekend that left me in a Jello-like state.

    And now, the gym is flooded because the college students are back. Le sigh.

    Chocolate is the best.

    /end random, scattered sentences.

  34. happened over here from ashley's blog. i know what you mean about feeling like you look better after every work out. and i know what you mean about motivation too - my old man can ride his bike for infinity miles and then say that he isn't tired or sore AND he liked it. annoying! and i'm all about wii fit too!

  35. Motivation is hard. I need special events in my calendar to get me going. Luckily, there are plenty for me this year: a handful of weddings (strapless dresses, yikes!), a trip to Costa Rica, a business event where I MIGHT just go grab coffee with an ex. Gah... I think I'm gonna go do sit-ups now.


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