December 13, 2008

on a weekend update...

I love, love, love Christmas decorations.

1. I absolutely can't wait to get home in the evenings because there's nothing quite like Christmas decorations to make me feel completely cozy. Yes, we have a fake tree. No, it's not up to par with Martha Stewart and all her shenanigans. But, still, I adore it just the same.

2. I'm presently having issues with the Wii that I won this week - Jay and I were literally dancing around the duplex last night when it arrived (well, okay, I was dancing) and we were ready to have a Wii marathon last night until we realized that the adaptor was a little wonky. In fact, we'd never even seen such a thing in our lives. It wouldn't fit into any outlet at all. We called the help line and they said that we must have been sent a foreign Wii; the serial number wasn't even something they recognized. Since they weren't the actual ones that sent us the system (it was some sort of third party company, I guess) they couldn't help us any further. Sad, right? We're working on getting it figured out, so hopefully it was just an oversight on the side of the people who sent it to us. Of course, part of me wants to get all squinty-eyed and mumble something cynical like, "They better not be shady and refuse to send us one that actually works in the US. Because that's kind of mean." So, we'll see. I know it's free and all, but sending a system that won't work? Bleh. (And this is definitely no reflection on the adorable blogger who ran the contest - she isn't the one who sponsored the actual prize; she, herself, is a dear and is helping me out with this. I'm no hater, by any means. Yes, I just said hater. Don't hate.)

3. The husband is running another half-marathon this morning. Yes, that's right. I'm sitting on my bum for 8.5 hours while he's out burning 1000 calories and being incredibly motivated and inspiring. Aaaaand I feel like even more of a potato than I ever thought possible. (I know you don't read my blog, Jay, but YOU ARE INCREDIBLE and I'm ridiculously impressed by your running abilities. It's true.) Anyway, I'm all jazzed up about starting to run again in January. I'm toying with the idea of signing up for a 5k in February. Yay, nay?

4. I sold out of all my large wallets and magnet sets on Wednesday. Ack! I could hardly believe it. I actually made more from etsy than I did at my "real" job that day. I couldn't believe it! I was thrilled and encouraged - thank you to everyone for all your kind words and support. I have along ways to go until I'm where I'd like to be, but I'm still feeling uplifted. There are always a few bumps along the way, but it's all a learning experience. Oh, and I'm working on a bunch of new wallets, note cards & magnets that will definitely be up in the shop by next week. My crafting time keeps getting cut short, but I'm trying to get in as much time as possible lately.

5. I enjoyed another Jay day yesterday. We never have Friday's together, but by some twist of fate, we were able to spend the day with each other. We ran some errands in the morning, picked up his marathon information in Pasadena, got stuck in traffic for entirely too long, enjoyed lunch at the Olive Garden (he said he needed to carbo-load for the marathon; I said I needed to carbo-load because apparently I have no soul), saw the IMAX version of The Day the Earth Stood Still, and on the way home, drove past our old apartment complex, which made me happy.

And the rest of the weekend involves me being stranded at work, craving McDonald's iced coffee all morning, and trying not to fall asleep.


  1. I love your tree; it looks amazing. :] You guys decorated it well.

    Also, how unfortunate about the Wii! My mom actually got one from one of her coworkers (the lady never used it, so she sold it to my mom rather cheap) & while we were over there for Turkey day, we were playing with it. IT IS SO MUCH FUN. Seriously, I hate to admit it & I did my best to resist to love it (i mean, it's a video game for Pete's sakes!) but it's a lot of fun.

    I'm pretty darn good at bowling. :]

    So I certainly hope you guys can get it fixed, because Wii brings families together. A family who Wiis together, stays together... haha. ;]

  2. i ran a 5k back in october and it was seriously the most rewarding thing i've ever done because i'm SO NOT a runner. go for it!! (and i'm kind of jealous of jay's ridiculous marathon skills too.)

    i'm totally bumming with you about the wii! how unfair is that!? i hope it all gets straightened out soon!

    i had to work today too, definitely no bueno my friend. work on saturdays should be outlawed... these days should be spent in bed cuddling.


  3. I hope you get a wii that works! I would be bummed about that, too. I hope it all works out!!

    Congratulations on the etsy sales! I checked your store that morning and planned to come back in the afternoon to buy a wallet for my sister's Christmas gift. I wanted to think about which one to buy her. When I came back there was only one left. I'm so glad I got it. Yay!! I'm so excited to give it to her!

  4. Your Christmas tree is beautiful!!

    So sorry about the Wii...I really hope the fix you up!

    And I checked out your Etsy store last night too and love those little wallets/Ipod holders. I think I need one! =)

  5. I agree, there is nothing like coming home to lights and decorations.
    I hope the Wii situation works out. I don't have one but I love playing!

  6. Your tree is beautiful!

    I'm sorry about the Wii - you could try to find a European adapter for it (big box electronics stores could help) and see if it'll work then. My only fear would be that European Wii's would be on PAL not NTSC...but maybe that's just a DVD thing, not an electronics thing?

    Could be worth a try!

    "I said I needed to carbo-load because apparently I have no soul"

    This is an amazing sentiment. That explains my lunch today as well.

  7. you can TOTALLY do a 5k in February. I'm not a 'natural' runner either. I don't like it, actually at all. I love to work out, but running, my boobs are punching me in the face, and it's too much! But, I ran 5 miles before for March of Dimes, and I ran pretty much the whole you can definitely do it! When everyone else is running around you, you just run with 'em.

  8. Hello! I could maybe help with the Wii problem? Seeing as I'm in Europe.

    Is it the plug part of the adapter or the socket part(the bit going into the console)?

    If you find you need a European connector of sorts, I can post you one if needs be. xx

  9. Gorgeous picture.

    ..and if your Wii situation works out then I think the Wii Fit will prepare you for that 5k in no time!

    You can do it!

  10. Oooohhh your tree is so pretty!!

  11. Your tree is so gorgeous! We never had a tree so I'm always so jealous when I see one that pretty. Also, I'm not surprised your shop sold so much! I still have those lovely notecards you made, they're too pretty to send out! I'm hoping to get some magnet sets in the near future.

  12. Your tree is beautiful!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Wii (I have one and am obsessed. OBSESSED! It's quite sad, actually). Have you looked into buying an adaptor converted? I have to go to Nintendo World this weekend to buy a game for my brother, so when I'm there I can ask a Wii technician for you if you'd like.

    Will you post an update on your blog when you add new merchandise to your Etsy store? You have such beautiful things and I want to buy them for myself and for friends!

  13. What a lovely home and tree you have! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside just looking at it.

    Sorry about the wii complications. Let me know when you get it up and running and we can race online when you get Mario Kart. Yay!

  14. for some reason when i look at the chairs it looks like a living room taken right of an animation movie. it's so beautiful. and when i look at the tree, it looks like a painting.

  15. Your tree is absolutely adorable. It kinda makes me sad that we aren't putting one up. I think I'm going to demand it next year.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Wii. I hope they fix it for you soon. Mario Kart is super fun, you should get it and I was told that you can race friends online if you have their serial number or something like that. Anyway we could totally race each other. ;D

  16. my cousin ran in the pasadena half marathon too, woo runners! and i'm sort of jealous you saw the day the earth stood still, i heart keanu.

    oh and love your tree, so dang cute.

    ps. your scarf is in the mail! and i got yours and a proper post will go up wednesday. me = in love. :)

  17. I love your tree! So pretty.

    So, I pretty much love Wii. I asked for Wii Fit for Christmas, so fingers crossed!

  18. Your tree looks beautiful!

    Man, what a bummer about the Wii. I hope whoever's behind the contest can get you a Wii that works ASAP! not cool people, not cool!

    Glad you had a good Jay Day! Yummmm Olive Garden! So good.

  19. That picture of your tree is just perfect. PERFECT

  20. ha wonky, my fav word, only it's usually used as a sentence as in "my internet is wonky" or "vonage is wonky" or "what a wonky day" lol.
    go wonky donk!


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