December 15, 2008

on a little shop update...

new etsy goodies!

1. mini felt wallet with tiny heart, $10.

2. lovely magnets, in pink, $3 per set.

3. home magnet, $3.

4. mini wallet with tiny button, $10.

5. mini wallet with double hearts, $10.

6. heart magnets, $4 per set.

I've been busy making magnet sets & mini wallets the last few days. My favorites are the new lovely magnets! They make me happy. I was wondering what to call them, and was at a complete loss at first. I mean, are they technically flowers? Circles? Will we ever know? I decided to refer to them as "lovely magnets" and call it a day. It works for me.

Last night I was up crafting until 11 watching some crazy programming on the Discovery Channel. Man, that channel is crazy pants. Who else comes up with a special called Paralyzed and Pregnant? It's good times. Anyhow, I want to have some large wallets up in the shop by next week, so keep your eyes open! Hurrah for crafty days!


  1. I LOVE the "home" magnet!! It's so sentimental and adorable. Great stuff. You and your shop are very inspirational for those of us with minimal creative skills.

  2. Beautiful work! As always!

  3. YEAH! I love the mini-wallets! Those are adorable.

  4. gawd, you just keep getting better and better!

    the new stuff is AMAZING.

    fantastic job, doll :)

  5. You and your crafty little self are so amazing. I love the new items, so cute!

  6. first off, super cute stuff in your store!

    second ... omg we were watching paralyzed and pregnant last night too, well mainly because megan is it was interesting to us.

  7. i wish i had your crafty ability!!!! Love your stuff!!! p.s. the last blog almost made me cry! So sweet! hehe! :-) I love reading other people's love stories.

  8. I can't wait to get my cute heart magnets! Yay!

  9. the stuff you make gets cuter and cuter every time you update your shop! amazing work my dear! xo

  10. Cute stuff, one day I will own something from you. :)

  11. ok, stalker alert! beep, beep, BEEEEP! i love you...& your blog...& your pretty hair...oh, & your etsy shop too...& i've been reading you for way too long not to comment. pshh, forgive me?! now that good ol' see sherm is doing a giveaway with YOUR wallet (score!!), i figured i should just out myself. phew, there, i did it. happy?! :)

  12. You make the CUTEST stuff!

  13. I can't wait for the wallets! YAY!

  14. Your crafts are adorable! The hearts would be so cute as a wedding favor or part of an invitation. The possibilities are endless.

    P.S. The lovely magnets look like little records.

  15. Super Cute Stuff!!

    PS I was hooked on your blog at, "Has the tendency to channel Monica Gellar"

    AWESOME! Me, too!! :)

  16. All your stuff is so finished, delicate, and professional! :)

    It always makes me feel inspired.


  17. I love those magnets too!! Adorable!

    I'm always so excited when you put new things in your shop. Not that I have money to buy them right now, but seeing all the cute craftiness you possess is inspiring and makes me smile,


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