December 29, 2008

on a happy face and a few other notes...

I'm kind of having an off-day. But I'm happy. I know, I know - just hear me out on this one. (I swear I'll make sense at some point. Probably.)

For one, I ran out of deodorant this morning, and instead of making a run to CVS to buy some new stuff, I'm wearing my husband's Old Spice deodorant. Gross, right? Every time I move my arms in a way to expose any bit of my armpit, I get a huge whiff of man-scent. Now, under normal circumstances, the presence of man-scent isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when it's Old Spice deodorant? On a woman? A woman at work, wearing a skirt and heels? I feel like a creep. I really do.

For another, I am wearing the same pair of nylons that I've been wearing for a week straight. Because they're the only pair that I haven't snagged into oblivion. Aaaaand apparently I only do laundry once a month now. (I'm not proud of this, but what can I do?) I haven't bought any new ones because I think that nylons are the devil, and get seriously bitter when I have to fork over $5 for a nice pair that will probably just snag within the first two hours of wearing them. Of course, this means that I either have to shell out the extra money for some new nylons, or just be filthy and wear the same nylons for a week straight.

So, really, I figure that if people haven't yet caught a whiff of my Old Spice deodorant, they will still probably be wondering about the smell of feet that seems to be encompassing my general area. (Okay, so, it's probably not that bad. But, still.)

I'm a disgusting human being, am I not? Ah, well. I've embraced it.

By all accounts, I should be completely grumpy due to all these shenanigans, right? But I'm happy to report that I am no such thing. In fact, I'm downright cheerful. Dare I say I have turned over a new leaf? I dare. Because I like to think that I have.

A lot of my mood probably has to do with boxing up all the Christmas decorations this morning. I tell you, I've never been so eager to take down a Christmas tree. When I was growing up, I remember us putting up our tree the day after Thanksgiving some years, and keeping it up until the New Year. It always gave me this incredible sense of emptiness, taking down decorations and boxing them up until the next year. I was always so sad to see them go. Now? I'm all, "Enough of the clutter! Enough of the holiday madness! Into the boxes you go! Farewell, dear decorations!" Although Christmas day ended up being quite lovely, this is the first year that I've been completely and utterly ready to wash my hands of December and just get started with a new year.

Having said that, after I took down the tree and everything, I felt freeeeee.

Also, my love affair with our new Wii and Wii Fit has continued quite nicely. Every time I turn it on, I feel so incredibly thankful and spoiled. Seriously, I'm not cool enough to have a Wii. So, I feel thankful, spoiled, and a little cooler than I actually am. It's a good time. And really? The Wii Fit is absolutely brilliant. My husband and I are seriously obsessed. If you have the means, I totally recommend getting it. (And no, they're not paying me to say that.) I think that these things are entirely too over-priced, but the Wii Fit is so incredibly delightful, that it's hard not to recommend it to everyone. And it's so much fun. It really is. I used it for thirty minutes this morning and am happy to report that I feel achy all over. Well, a good kind of achy. A post-work-out kind of achy. A kind of achy that makes me feel healthy(ish).

I'm attempting to come up with some sort of bloggy-thing for the New Year, and I've been thinking about that a lot, too. And although I'd like to make it sound like something exciting and magical, let's just say that I'm trying to come up with another way for all of us to be motivated health-wise. I've found that so many of us have the same goals and struggles, and I'm trying to come up with another way for all of us to encourage, support and advise each other during this coming year. Who knows? Perhaps this time next year we'll all be much healthier than we are now. (And if I happen to get a flat stomach during the process, then that will be nice, too.) It will be good times.

So, here's to a happy face, Old Spice deodorant and a new plan for the coming year. Weeee!

PS: I promise, a Christmas post will be here sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.


  1. Whatever you're planning, I am in! Anything that ends with a flat tummy works for me. By the way, I absolutely love your layout. Great job! And Happy New Year, if I don't get to tell you.

  2. Your idea sound great! Ill join in too.

    I completly understand what you mean with the christmas tree. I usually love the tree and christmas and all that. but this year? Not so much.

  3. I was also glad to take down the tree! Normally I want to leave it up as long as humanly possible but we took it down yesterday...what's that, like, 3 days after Christmas?

    We have an Xbox 360 but I'd totally love a Wii if only for the Wii Fit!

  4. We're planning our first big splurge in the next few months. On our list? Wii and Wii fit. After everyone talking about it, it's high time we get our own!

  5. Okay, I totally thought that Megan ^ was my Megan because I was reading the comments without the icon pictures, and we have a 360, and I'm thinking ... we didn't take down our tree? I'm confused...Haha, that happens easily. Anyways, we are taking ours down today too, and we are SO ready for the New Year! Count me in your plan!

  6. I'm in love with my Wii Fit! My hubby and I have a heated competetion to see who gets the high scores.

  7. I don't know how you managed to go the whole day wearing old spice! Especially if your husband wears it. Didn't you spend the whole day thinking that Jay was nearby and then realizing.. oh that's me. Lol. The Wii Fit is awesome. You're getting me all inspired to dust ours off.

    We did finally go to the gym last night. Whew I'm out of shape, but I managed to get in 2.7 miles.. though there were definitely walking breaks

  8. This is so funny because I had the same man-scent dilemma today! I found really nice shampoo and conditioner on sale at TJ Maxx and on the outside it smelled AMAZING. Well, apparently that smell was just the plastic container because it is totally MEN'S SHAMPOO and my hair reeked of man-scent all day at work today. Every time I turned my head I caught a whiff and, like you said, it's not bad... it's just wrong.

  9. I think it's really cute how you call them "nylons" (as opposed to panty hose or tights)--it's something my grandmother would always say and I dig it!

  10. LOL: A woman at work, wearing a skirt and heels? I feel like a creep. I really do.

    You are so cute.

    I am so glad you won that wii, by the way. You totally deserve something so frivolous (ack! why is that word so hard to spell?)

    And I'm getting married this year, so I am totally down with whatever healthy magic you are cooking up. xo

  11. Ohmygosh, I had to wear John's Old Spice deodorant one day last week when I ran out of mine. haha. Old Spice twinsies! Oh man.

  12. (long comment, sorry!) it's me, two nights and a bottle of red trekking through your posts. i laughed way out loud (literally not the LOL kind) on this one, the part of "creepy" because, i only wear my man's deodorant. why? because it's easily accessible, always sitting right beside his toothbrush (not in a cupboard in a basket, neatly tucked beside a bottle of myoplex). and you wearing nylons 5 days in a row? yeah, i wear my nylons out until they grow tears, because once you wash them? forget it, tear city. and you are $5 poorer every wash. savor the long wash load timeline. i'm right there with you.

    cheers. lovely to meet a californian who was far from cali, but now here and loving life. i blog infrequently for family but it's fun and part of my life. /end cheers.


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