December 27, 2008

on the glorious day after...

So, yesterday was a remarkably productive day after all.

Considering it was the day after a very busy Christmas (which I'm happy to report ended up being perfectly lovely), I had told myself that I was going to do nothing all day but sit on the couch eating bon bons. (Or something to the effect of bon bons. Because I don't think I actually have any bon bons. What are bon bons, even? Who am I, and where have I been?) Anyway, I don't remember the last day where I wasn't feeling pressure to get something done. Cleaning, errands, laundry, various holiday projects, crafting for the shop, shopping for Christmas, etc. All I wanted to do on Friday was be a potato. And enjoy every moment.

(Because sometimes being a potato is a good thing, apparently.)

Having said that, I ended up getting more done than I figured I would. I think that it had to do with the fact that I didn't feel pressure to do anything. Any of the things I actually did were my choice. I handle things better that way, I guess. If I feel like I have to do something, especially when there is some sort of deadline involved, I'm all, "Noooooo! Do not want!" But I'm surprisingly productive when I'm able to do things at my own leisure. Which, I'm sure, isn't all that surprising.

Things I was able to complete yesterday:

  1. Clean up and organize the presents under the tree. (Obsessive compulsive much? I know. It's a sickness. Just ask my husband.)
  2. Organize the kitchen cabinets to make room for our adorable new mugs and some cute vintage-looking glasses that M bought me for Christmas.
  3. Take out recycling.
  4. Listen to Christmas music for about six hours, just to get it out of my system for the rest of the year.
  5. Discover that I haven't, in fact, gained seventeen pounds over the holidays. According to the scale, I've gained only 1.4 lbs. WHAT. Not sure how this is possible, but I'm slightly thrilled about it. Of course, I recently came across this photo and, um, yeah. I do not look like that right now. (I'm thinking that perhaps my muscle is just slowly turning back into flubber, and maybe that's why I haven't technically gained any weight? Who knows. It's still a good thing, I guess. Just weird. Very, very weird.)
  6. Mail out two packages.
  7. Order prints from Walgreen's of my favorite photo of us from this year (to include in our Christmas letter, which I'm apparently sending out entirely too late).
  8. Have a dance party in my car to Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" on the way to pick up photos from Walgreen's.
  9. Sing Taylor Swift's "Tell Me Why" at the top of my lungs in my car on the way home from picking up photos from Walgreen's.
  10. Use a corner-rounder on the photos before putting them into the envelopes, because apparently I can't not round the corners on anything. (It's an obsession.) Address, stamp and seal letters - feel a sense of pride that I actually completed a project, even though a wee bit late.
  11. Watch four episodes of 30 Rock. ("You're not my dad!")
  12. Use our Wii fit to find out that I gained weight since last using it. It actually had the audacity to ask me why. Now my Mii says, "I ate too much!" when I hover over yesterday's date on my fitness calendar. That's special. DON'T JUDGE ME, Wii! YOU DON'T KNOW ME!
  13. Search online for a tutorial on how to add a third column to my blog layout. An hour later? I totally have a three column blog layout. Booyah. (It took entirely too long to figure out, but if you're interested, here's the tutorial I found most straight-forward. You're welcome.)
  14. Play four rounds of Wii bowling. I caaaannn'tt stttooopp pllllaayyyinnggg.
  15. Feel completely energized, completely refreshed, and completely ready to take down the Christmas tree and greet the New Year.

So, yeah. It was a good day.


  1. The Wii Fit is kinda mean - it told my husband that he was obesse and made his little Mii fat. I couldn't help but laugh! But then again - I have no sense of balance according to it.....

  2. I love the three column look. Nice work!

  3. What a day!

    I kind of want to get a Fit, but I am terrified of the constant judgment and criticism! It might be what I need to kick myself back in gear, even though my building has a perfectly lovely gym...that I never use.

  4. i love u. and i want a freaking wii!

  5. Awesome, I'm jealous of your productivity!!

  6. I totally gave up on the Wii Fit for that exact reason! Why did I gain .000002 Lbs from yesterday? I had a glass of water, thanks. SO FRUSTERATING!

  7. Wii Fit is so mean... it told me I have the stamina of like a 48 year old lady... that just makes my 25 year old little body feel GReAT! :)

    I have been trying to make my blog three columns for over an hour... what am I doing wrong?! Which "template" are you using? I had minima, and it just kept saying over and over that I did something wrong... SO FRUSTRATING!

    Also... I LOVE ROUNDED CORNERS! But again, driving me nuts and I can't figure them out for some reason... you should do a tutorial... hint, hint. :)

    Love your blog, love your writing, love how just reading your stories and such brightens my day!

  8. yay! thats awesome that you got all that done! and I have been wanting a Wii and hearing you talk about it makes me want one even more! Its such a wonderfully addicting thing!

  9. Oh my gosh! The nerve of Wii Fit!! That's simultaneously awesome and horrifying.

    The three column layout is wonderful - great work! And I'm glad you're having a merry and productive post-Christmas.

  10. WOW! You were extremely productive for a day that was supposed to be spent on the couch. I'm quite impressed.

    Oh... and I think rounded corners are THE BEST! I have one in a scrapbook kit I bought years ago... and I use it on every thing I scrapbook. It seriously changed my life. So I understand your obsession. And feel it is perfectly normal. :-)

  11. I love the layout, and glad you had such a fabulous day! :)

  12. Ah! I love your blog.

    Gorgeous picture by the way.

    You were very productive yesterday! I just picked up pictures from Walgreens the other day. I was very pleased with them.

    We just got Wii hasn't been mean to me yet, but wow! I can't believe it did that to u!

  13. The more I hear people talk about Wii Fit, the more I want it. That means I'd have to get a Wii first.

    Stop tempting me!

  14. yay for a good, productive day :) moving on..heehee..i totally copy-catted you & used the little tutorial for the 3 columns! LOVE! :) so, thanks for letting me be a me too. oh, & thanks for making me addicted to rounded corners. heh. photobucket has a new little thingy i just discovered that let's you round the corners the easy squeezy way! yippeeeee!

  15. The blog looks wonderful! I love the background you added too! Isn't it great when a lazy day actually ends up being productive

  16. I get more done when I'm not forced to do things either.
    Haha, I love when the Wii Fit says "Step on!" and then you do and it says "Oh..." in that awfully judgmental tone.

  17. Should I be embarrassed about never having played Wii ANYTHING??

  18. The Wii is a glorious thing, is it not? Sounds like a great holiday!

  19. LOVE the new layout friend, great job!! i need to get working on mine..meh. love reading all your updates. I'm glad Christmas ended up being alright! talk to you soon! <3

  20. i loathe when i step on the wii fit and it's like "ooohhhh" like i'm too heavy for it. Jerk. It totally told me i'm 43, and overweight...but fiance is apparently obese so i didn't feel as bad :X

    love the new blog layout!

  21. good gracious you are way too productive, putting me to shame, haha.

    and man i am so jealous of your wii/wii fit, matt and i have been on a hunt ever since friday to no avail. but i'm determined and we will find one! haha :)

  22. You had a really productive day!

    I am jealous of your wii.

  23. OH! I've been wanting three columns too! Thanks for doing all the dirty work for me. Will check out the tutorial once life gets back to normal. (Still need to take down my tree... so it's still "the holidays" in my house. Enough. That baby is going down tonight. And by "baby" I mean tree.)


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