December 7, 2008

on the Christmas list...

that one shelf.

the Christmas wish-list.


(These are just things I've been adoring for a while; I swear I don't expect them all under the tree & in my stocking! Except the hugs, of course. I want the hugs. I need the hugs.)

books & magazines:

Softie's: Simple Instructions for 25 Plus Pals, by Therese Laskey.

Living Out Loud, by Keri Smith.

The Girls, by Lori Lansens

Real Simple magazine subscription.

etsy goodies:

tough ruffles purse, from madebyhank.

i heart lists letter press sheets (in red), from simplesongdesigns.

monthly outfit calendar cards, from liztjepkema.

and then he kissed her print, from seasprayblue.

hannah earrings, from eliwill.

artsy & craftsy bits:

anything from Martha Stewart's craft line (at Michael's!).

book with simple sewing projects.

tripod for my camera.

Lomo Diana + Nightcap camera.


Across the Universe.

The Holiday.

30 Rock: season 2.

Friends: seasons 5-10.

et cetera:

anything pretty.

yummy tea of any sort.

dare I say chocolate?



  1. I want "Real Simple" and "Friends" as well. Those etsy things you pointed out are great!!

  2. umm wow that's a lot. Santa's going to have a lot on his hands.

  3. Excellent list, I need to get around to mine. Not that anyone ever really pays attention to my list...except one friend, one time.


  4. Oh...and the hugs are definitely essential.

  5. I have been lusting after Sea Spray Blue's "And Then He Kissed Her" for more than a year. I love that shop.


    great tea. i even had it sent to me while i was overseas.

  7. Ohh Across the Universe is my favorite movie. it was the first bluray disc we bought when we got the ps3 :)

  8. I told my mom I wanted homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas. Seriously, if that's all she gets me, I could die happy. :]

  9. Ooh, I love that I <3 Lists notepad. Letterpress is SO addicting, isn't it?

  10. That camera looks amazing! That's a great list - I hope you get all of it.

  11. Love your list. It's a great mix of items and I do hope you are able to get them =)
    I'm sure you will get a range of things at least. xox

  12. oh goodness, your list is perfect... I could practically copy and paste it into my own little wish-book. Even though I know you're not EXPECTING all these things, I hope you find yourself receiving some of them. That would be super. (at the very least, those hugs are indeed a neccessity)

  13. i absolutely love realsimple magazine!

  14. i seriously love 'the holiday', such a cute movie. and my friend got me a real simple subscription and i couldn't be happier, such a fun magazine to get.

  15. OH NO! More cool etsy links?? What are you trying to do to me lady?

    So, I am totally J to the ealous (that is not original, I stole it from Alexa who twittered it to me last week) about your awesome dawsome week with the tip and the Wii and all. You rock. Karma is your friend. Come to Nashville and sprinkle your fairy dust all around, K?

    Love ya.

  16. I LOVE Real Simple. But then, I love all house related things.


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