December 31, 2008

on 2008...

Once again taking a cue from our favorite blonde, who has done this same type of post in the past, here is my own year in review.

I love doing these posts, because it's a great way to just browse through everything from the last year and highlight some of my favorite posts and experiences. I love looking back and seeing everything the last twelve months have brought me. It makes me feel more thankful, more hopeful, more inspired.

All things considered, I'd say that this past year was pretty great.

January: Jay and I hiked in the New Year at Joshua Tree National Park. We moved out of the apartment, found the perfect duplex and I finally opened my etsy shop. I wondered about being a career person (or not). I laughed at the girl who stole my parking spot one night because she totally looked like a banana. (No, really. She did.) Later that month, we were all moved into our new place, and I fell head over heels in love with a dishwasher and granite counter tops.

February: I continued making the duplex into our new home, decorating and organizing. I tried out some new recipes and made a list of my current obsessions. I hung the shelf of doom. I eagerly anticipated our second wedding anniversary, and looked back on our first two years together. I became my husband's go-to actress for his film projects and attempted to channel my inner Scarlett Johansson. (Which didn't go over as well as I'd thought it would.) I also came to the conclusion that doctors truly are silly.

March: I started thinking more about healthy living. I almost bought a dress that was basically a potato sack, and judged myself a little in the process. I shared photos of our anniversary at Disneyland. We had the most random thing ever happen to us one night, involving a pound on our door at 4:ooAM, Jay's car in the middle of the street, and a cop who basically accused him of being drunk. I wrote about my favorite childhood comforts. I perfected the LC braid.

April: I decided to try running (for the second time around). My scarf obsession started, thanks to an amazing deal. I learned a lot during a trip to Vegas. I joined twitter, and thus the obsession began. I realized that I am much more of a vacation eater as opposed to shopper, and laughed at some poor girl on the StairMaster at the gym. During the Film Festival my husband was volunteering at, I met the Australian peach and got to play a little game I like to call: I'm Going to Pretend My Husband Hasn't Seen Your Nips. It was fun. (But not really.) I also decided that getting an amazing new camera was something I really, really wanted to do. Very, very badly. And, hey! I won an exposaroonie challenge!

May: I started to feel all healthy and responsible as I started getting up early to go running, and we found ourselves a financial planner. I woke up one morning with terrible back pain. I found out that I had kidney stooooones. Jay graduated from UCI! Hurrah! I wrote and wondered about figuring it all out. A while later, I apparently still had kidney stooooones. But, then, good news: I bought a new camera! I also tried to get over the creepy-factor of my husband's sleep talking issues.

June: I returned to college to finish up that one last class, only to discover the campus had serious rabbit issues. I finally found my own, personal, runners-high. I participated in a class debate that made me want to cry. Target provided me with the most perfect of summer dresses. I judged that one girl in the fuzzy boots. I thought about a lot of things, and thus continued my quarter-life crisis. MY SISTER FOUND OUT SHE WAS HAVING A BABY! AHHH! (As a result, we were all very excited.)

July: Jay and I apparently became obsessed with the show To Catch A Predator. I had random insomnia and (what else?) baby fever. I bought some adorable shorts after realizing I had reached my goal weight! (And subsequently realized how much I hate the girls who work in the dressing rooms at Target.) Jay and I enjoyed an amazingly refreshing trip "home" to the Northwest, and took probably the cutest kissing photo in all of humanity.

August: I decided that walking around in my wedding dress all day was a good idea, and decided to share the story of my dress, too. I wrote a thank-you letter to Jay (because he's that amazing) and wrote about just how important of a role he plays in my life. Aaaaand then I was plagiarized. Which was lame. I enjoyed some shenanigans with one of the besties (what is summer for, if not shenanigans?). Jay and I took a day trip to LA, and rode the metro for the first time. I turned twenty-four, and had a ridiculous amount of people de-lurk on my birthday post! Yesss! Oh, and I officially ran four miles. Booyah.

September: We found out my sister was having a boy! I tried to get out of my crafting slump. I decided that I want to be a stay-at-home-wife. I sung the praises of etsy and good friends. I bought a shirt dress, even though I don't look like Blake Lively while wearing it. I wrote about blogging vs. having a "real" journal. The aviator sunglasses made me want to mack on my husband. (Still do.) I became slightly obsessed with the Twilight series. (Still am.) I lost someone I knew.

October: I realized how much I miss being young. After rediscovering an old version, I decided to start a new 101 in 1001 list. I video blogged for the first time! (Don't judge me.) I realized how much of a defensive driver I really am. I video blogged for the second time! (Okay, so maybe I judged myself a little that time.) Our neighbors decided to throw a ridiculously noisy party, and I discovered the joys of earplugs. Still, I tried to remember all the good things in life. (Playing around Disneyland with my family for a few days certainly helped.)

November: I officially fell off the work-out train. I decided that watching The Shining before bed one night was a good idea. (It wasn't.) I wrote one of my favorite posts about realizing my ambition. I voted. I met one of the coolest girls ever during my first blogger meet-up! I took some awesome portraits at the beach with a couple of my sisters. I ranted about the doctor's office and the dangers of $2 wine. We had a lovely baby shower for my sister, and the same sister and I got really pissed at Hanson. Jay and I took a much-needed trip to Vegas, and enjoyed every moment. I became way too excited about making my handwriting into a font. My parents and youngest sisters were in town, so we were able to spend Thanksgiving with them! (Sisters are awesome, by the way.)

December: I thought about the changes I need to make in order to be more true to myself. I actually won a contest! (Which resulted in a serious Wii and Wii Fit obsession.) I realized just how awesome the whole etsy experience has been, and felt even more inspired to work towards my goal of doing it full-time. I found a photo of Jay and I from when we first fell in love. I tried to get into the Christmas spirit, but it wasn't happening this year. I rocked the side-pony on more than one occasion. We took a wonderful trip to Arizona to visit my parents and grandparents - only to discover we apparently left our front door open entire time we were gone. (Nice.) I was very excited on Christmas morning, when Jay was able to leave work early! We enjoyed a lovely Christmas together with Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Grandparents and a lot of laughter.

And here we are now, at the ending (and the beginning) of a year. I can't lie, I'm completely overflowing with hope and anticipation for all that 2009 has in store. Here's to a year full of hope, joy and happiness!


  1. I love your new site, and I love your writing even more :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. I actually have a friend who watches Te Shining with her boyfriend every Valentine's Day. Weird right?

    Lovely post dear. Happy New Year!

  3. What a great post! Thanks for sharing, it was cool to see what you've been up to this past year. I love the wedding dress story! Because right before I got married I would put the dress on and just walk around the house. So fun!

  4. This is such a wonderful post - especially because I only found you in the summer, I love being able to peek into the rest of your year!

  5. What a fun little recap! Happy 2009!

  6. love the 2008 wrapup. happy new year!

  7. I just started blogging about a month ago. I came across your blog and as cheesy as it sounds, you are such an inspiration. Happy New Year to you!

  8. This was such a great post, I love peeking back at your year! Here's to a hopeful, happy, healthy 2009!

  9. Happy 2009, Wishcake! =)

  10. It's great to see what you achieved the past year! And it only inspires you (and me) more to get even more out of this year!

    Happy New Year!! xox

  11. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing and inspiring! Happy 2009!

  12. Happy 2009, sweetpea!

    I love the post =)


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