November 26, 2008

on some recent craftiness...

recent etsy goodies!

1. "merry" holiday note card set, $10.

2. heart magnets, $4.

3. pretty magnet, $2.50.

4. felt wallet with double circles, $15.

5. all you need is love, single card, $2.50.

6. personalized note card set, $15.


  1. I love all of your things!! I'm getting an Etsy allowance in a few weeks from the boy, I hope some of these are still available!!!

  2. Love everything, as always. I especially love the Merry cards!

  3. very adorable <3
    so glad you're getting a lot done! motivation is good.

    i haven't been feeling so motivated lately, meh. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  4. Beautiful, as per usual!

  5. I want that "pretty" magnet...SO cute!

  6. Oh,I see...cute, sweet, funny AND talented!? How is this fair? You are too much girl! LOVE the 'all you need is love' card. Reminds me of Moulin of my favs! Have a great Thanksgiving (:

  7. Very adorable! You're great!

  8. I keep eyeing those heart magnets, I am going to have to just do it and buy them. I absolutely love them! Such cute stuff.

  9. I love the wallets you make!
    They're always so great :)

  10. I like the "pretty" magnet! Cuuuuute!


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