November 8, 2008

on some portraits from the beach...

two shells.
Just a couple treasures from the sea.

open arms.
This is my favorite photo from the day. I love it when the most perfect moment is captured. I can't look at this photo without feeling complely happy.

and this, my friends, is pure joy.
My second favorite. Because what is this, if not pure, unadulterated joy?

a bit of the sea.
Another small bit of the ocean. I think the chipped nailpolish only adds to the character, you know.

building castles.
Building castles.

Nikki is growing up entirely too fast.
When I look at this girl, I still see the tiny little girl with big blue eyes who stole our hearts almost ten years ago. She is growing up before my eyes.

Lindsay in the sand - her favorite place, apparently.
And how can you not fall in love with this little munchkin? Her toothless grin gets me every time.

candy war.
Did someone say candy war? A feisty one, that Lindsay.

jawbreaker, right?
It's a jawbreaker. Obviously. (Well, that, and Nikki is a drama queen.)

I want YOU.
I adore this photo! It seemed a wee bit bright to begin with, but after looking at it for a while, I've decided that it's just right. Again, I love feeling like I've captured just the right moment. (Note the candy on her chin. Just a perfect touch, no?)


  1. These pictures are great! It looks like you had a wonderful day at the beach!

  2. You take such beautiful pictures!

  3. Those are wonderful pictures! I still don't know how to take pictures and focus on one object and get the rest blurred in the background.

  4. Kerri - these are really really wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Great photos and a what looks to be a wonderful time at the beach with your siblings!

  6. I really love that first picture, how pretty!

  7. such great photos, you did such a good job of capturing your little sisters joy and fun at the beach.

  8. Gorgeous photos!!! I love the color and composition and everything. I agree with Sara, they totally capture a little girl's day at the beach.

    Nice work!

  9. Every photo is gorgeous! Good work!

  10. Those are beautiful photos!

  11. pretty sure this is the 80 billionth time i've said this, but you're family? too precious.

  12. These pictures are so fun and full of life! And who doesn't love the beach?! I wanna goooooooo. Your sisters are SO cute.

  13. I love your style of photography. They're always so airy and dream-like.


  14. Your pictures are amazing
    What camera do you use?


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